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  1. DarthCruiser, We r booked on the Splendor 2022 Rome to Miami!!!
  2. Regent sent out a letter. It was forwarded to me from a friend. They stated that due to the current issues in the UK anyone who cancels 60 days prior to the cruse will be refunded. Final payment for the September 11 cruse was May 14th. We will make a decision prior to the 60 days in order not to have penalties. Very annoying! They wanted our money!!!!
  3. We have been using the same TA since 2003 to book our Regent cruises. She responds immediately when contacted. She has been on every Regent ship. She has helped us get reimbursed for medical expenses during two cruises. Needless to say it’s important to us to have someone like this to do business with.
  4. We always book ourselves. American Express Travel has hotels worldwide. We use there listed hotels whenever we can. We also book with Marriott. Best prices are on hotel website. Sometimes there are special offers available. You need to do your research before booking a hotel.
  5. MrLevin: We live 350 from Miami. We fly down to board a ship. We would be ok with flying to Atlanta and then taking a flight to a Caribbean port in order to do a Caribbean cruise or flying into a Mexican port to take a cruise. Not a big deal.
  6. If the cruise lines pull out of using US ports they will create new itineraries using ports like Cozumel and some Caribbean ports to sail from. It won’t be difficult... Crystal and Silver seas have already done this.
  7. Regent had been using the Marriott Hotel in Copenhagen. We have stayed there twice... not with Regent. Basic Marriott hotel. For a more upscale hotel The D angelterre is really nice and better location. Be sure to make sure if it’s air conditioned! The Marriott is.
  8. There are 27 cruise ports in the US. It will be interesting to see what the cruise lines decide to do.
  9. Crystal Cruise line is skipping Florida. Look at all the Caribbean cruises scheduled this summer leaving from other ports.
  10. The F2 is the best value. I thought the Penthouse was claustrophobic. Too much stuff in there and very dark.
  11. They were using The Four Season Hotel.
  12. The Port of Miami is the busiest cruise port in the world. Millions have been spent to develop it. Millions of dollars will be lost by people flying elsewhere to embark. The hotels and restaurants in Miami benefit from these cruise passengers. It will be a real shame for any cruise line to suspend departures from any of the USA ports. Enough from the CDC already!!!
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