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  1. Britannia is only formal on a couple of nights in the main dining room, which is easily avoided by eating elsewhere if you don't want to dress up; she is very large and has plenty of other dining areas. Other than that, she's a family ship, so there's nothing stuffy or formal about her. Sapphire Princess is smaller, but of a similar design (Princess and P&O have the same build of ship because they used to be one company- their Royal Princess etc is the same as Britannia.). I believe they still have formal nights? If you're going from Southampton, the majority of people will be Brit/Irish on any ship. There is a difference in tipping, if you're going this summer, as P&O has ended tipping this May.
  2. jocap

    Last minute cruisers

    Keep an eye on last minute deals on the internet, and find a local Travel Agent who might be able to spot something at the very last minute; keep a suitcase packed and ready to go! We met a couple in Spain whose friendly TA rings them within a couple of days of a ship leaving- they spend most of the winter sailing on cheap cruises round the Med!
  3. jocap

    Cruise Deals for Solo Travellers?

    The trouble with wanting the Caribbean is that there's not much of a less popular time in Dec/Jan, as that's when so many people want to escape the cold weather. As for less expensive times- here in the UK, ships have a bleaker time in Nov/early Dec; ships which are home ported have to keep sailing but not many people wish to sail local waters, except to the Canaries, so that's when we've picked up real bargains... Find a Travel Agent who understands ships, and ask for last minute deals to the Caribbean; join TA sites on the internet and look for the special offers. 🙂
  4. jocap

    Would you rather...

    We've been with Indy to Norway, but never been on a Carnival ship, so I can't help with the comparison... but certainly there was plenty for children to do on her- we have friends and relatives who go on her whatever the itinerary, because of children's facilities. Be aware that schools in England and Wales finish for their 6 week break in the middle of July; Scotland and Northern Ireland a couple of weeks earlier, so the ship will be very full of small people, because we cannot take them out of school for a cruise. This means that the 6 weeks does book up very early... I'm not sure whether RCI has a limit for children, which happens on some lines (safety, lifeboats, children's clubs etc). If you enjoy walking, then there will be a number of others who will come with full walking gear- some people walked to the glacier at Olden, which is a long stretch, but there's also transport there to take you part way. Norway is a safe, wealthy country, with plenty of walking opportunities.
  5. This sounds wonderful! Hopefully you'll get the right cabins- we often book with the line we're going with, or else with a TA who knows about cruising. You can Google the deck plans and see the size of cabins. We've not been on the QM2, but we've crossed the Atlantic both ways a few times; going west, the clocks have been put forward at 2am, so yes, you can have longer in bed... going east the clocks have been moved forward at noon, so you're not missing any sleep... there's so much happening on these crossings that it's easier to miss lunch and go to afternoon tea instead. Plus that doesn't happen on more than 2 consecutive days, so you hardly notice the difference. Enjoy the planning! 🙂
  6. jocap


    Venice- the ship might provide a (paid for) shuttle boat to St Mark's Square, but you'll be quite near the shuttle railway, which is cheap. As said, there will be tenders at Santorini- check out what you want to see and either take a boat round the caldera, or the cable car to the top. If you walk up the volcano, take water and be well covered as there's no shade. I think we once had a shuttle into town for Bari, but we found it was very easy to walk back to the ship from St Nicholas cathedral in the old town. The other ports- check what you want to see, and check the excursions if you want something different, such as a tour of Cephalonia. Enjoy planning!
  7. jocap

    MSC Seaside on TV Monday

    Channel 5 Monday Feb 18th, at 9pm... it seems to be over an hour long. The blurb says "Uncovering the work of an army of people who keep the huge vessel afloat". Ch. 5 seems to be THE cruise channel at the moment...
  8. jocap

    P & O cabin allocation question

    Yes, I've heard about this several times on P&O. When the final bookings are in, they will use an unwanted adapted cabin as an upgrade- most people prefer this because of the extra space.
  9. jocap

    Reading material

    We downsized a couple of years ago, and happily gave away so many items...but it was the seven tea chests full of books which upset me...
  10. jocap

    Reading material

    siHow it's changed over the past few years, when we would all be reading the heavy hard backed library books... yes, I used to donate my paperbacks, but now use a kindle instead. Once, on an NCL ship, my OH left the two most recent Lee Child's books on the donation shelf- they'd disappeared before he left the library. Now he uses his ipad.
  11. jocap

    Dress code

    We haven't been on C&M yet- looking at this summer- but I think it will be similar to Fred Olsen, Marella and P&O in that there is always somewhere other than the formal dining room where you can eat- we don't always go formal, but eat in the buffet or speciality restaurants.
  12. jocap

    Iceland Excursions

    Some passengers on our cruise had contacted the Iceland Travel Agency, and booked both the Golden Circle and the Blue Lagoon through them. We had booked with the ship, and saw these passengers at all the same stops... the main difference was that food was included for us, at Geyser, whereas they had to buy their own...and the price for a dish of chips was shocking for them, but amusing to us...
  13. jocap

    Shortest possible cruise

    We've been on many ferries with overnight accommodation- lived on board for 3 days on a Scottish one, once. The shortest time on a cruise ship that I know of is a Cruise and Maritime one which is on the Thames in London, and sometimes offers dinner, entertainment and breakfast for a very reasonable rate (compared to London hotels)- but you go nowhere. My shortest time on board was for the naming of P&O's Azura in 2010- on board for tea time, and out of your cabin by 8am.
  14. jocap

    Dublin city center to dock

    My husband once thought he'd walk back from the centre, but the traffic was so dense by the Liffey that he could hardly negotiate his way...in the end he flagged a taxi. As mentioned, the port is industrial.
  15. jocap

    Cruise Programmes on TV This Week

    The programme did mention that Princess take notice of Cruise Critic... but yes, I thought the TV cameras had something to do with it. The sail in to Sydney was brilliant, with the ship's path marked out with flares.