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  1. Out of the house at 3.30am; 3 hours to Manchester airport, 2 hours wait, 8+ hours flight to Fort Lauderdale and a long, tedious time in immigration. Arriving in our cabin on Sea Princess, we asked the steward where we could go for a cup of tea? She spoke into the phone... Two minutes, someone arrived with tea, which was placed on the balcony, where we sat and watched a harbour porpoise frolicking, and saw bald headed eagles overhead. That was our magic moment. 😊
  2. It sounds ideal... we love canal boat holidays, and this is even better, with such fabulous food on board.
  3. I can't remember where I read it, but I thought I saw that MSC had set up medical facilities in the ports, so I presumed that anyone who tested positive would be removed from the ship by people wearing PPE and have treatment on shore, at these facilities.
  4. I remember this name - 2 males, and the theatre's screens showed their hands as they played. This was on P&O Ventura in the Caribbean, and the duo had to leave the next morning to take complicated flights to the far east, to a Cunard ship doing a world cruise
  5. We live on a park for the elderly, and I don't think that many people have left for a night elsewhere since lockdown. The most daring thing we do is going to local shops via vast loops of country side, so that a nearby village shop trip might take an hour and more just to collect bread and eggs. 😄 We've noticed that younger family members come and stay in self catering cottages rather than staying with their elderly parents. And now that the UK covid figures are growing again, I don't think many of us will change our ways.
  6. We've just received notice from our health centre about the flu immunisations, that they're asking for vulnerable/shielding/over 65s to make the first appointments, and they said that there's different types for different age groups.
  7. Have a look at the Greek Cypriot line, Celestyal- one of the few lines to have bought a ship in this pandemic! They cruise around many of the Greek islands, some untouched by most cruise ships.
  8. Hunting for the coins hammered to the wall at the sail-out ceremony.
  9. When it's too hot for me to go ashore, I buy a coffee and a slice of Victoria sponge to go, and find a shady spot on deck all on my own, for a bit of peace. If there's a Sunday service, we go and join in the prayers for all seafarers everywhere, which ends with the sailor's hymn: "Eternal Father, strong to save."
  10. The easiest ones were Malta and Sharm el Sheikh, but that was probably because we were going from chartered aeroplanes straight to small ships, so very little waiting. If I could step outside the door tomorrow and find myself in a port... I'd choose the Azores, or Cadiz, Cartagena or Lisbon. We like places where you can be straight into the centre, and where there's plenty of history... so that's two in Portugal and two in Spain.
  11. Yes, we've been through storms when all outside areas were closed off (as Wowzz mentioned, mainly in the Bay of Biscay), when we were glad to have the use of a balcony. There's usually a back bar with an outside seating area left open, but high up near the top of the ship.
  12. My guess is that Celestyal and Fred Olsen will do well... Celestyal has bought a Costa ship, and Fred O has bought two HAL ships, and all three are being refurbished ready for spring cruising. Small, mass market, not very expensive, and not owned by the large cruise lines.
  13. Just once- a month's cruise UK-Caribbean-UK, and on the return journey many, many people, including us, had a really nasty cold. We remember it because the on board shop sold out of decent tissues, and was telling everyone to ask their cabin steward for extra boxes. That's the only illness I remember on any cruise which are usually 12 days to one month.
  14. 🤣 TWO!! 😉 Almost didn't post because I couldn't get the site to work... eventually discovered that I'd been signed out... that hasn't happened to me for ages. Yes, the 2nd world war... my mum could quote the whole poem .
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