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  1. You might find something on the new Transatlantic page? We've docked there twice, and I fell in love with it the first time- the 2nd was in a down pour, so we had a wet wander round Ponta Delgada. The islands are on the Atlantic ridge, so are volcanic; very green, with cattle wandering everywhere, followed by mobile milking parlours. 😁 Nestle have an enormous dairy because the air is so pure; the temperature is always between 16-26 C and everything seems healthy and clean. We took a tour into the mountains, to see the lakes, and the villages on the north side, where the prices were amazingly cheap. Not very commercialised, although there are some good shops in PD.
  2. Exactly. Perhaps she prefers to see the centres of civilisation dating back to the time when river travel was the only way to go, rather than just a few ports at the edge of a land mass.
  3. Forgive my ignorance, but have the paper £5 and £10 finished already? I haven't noticed any for ages.... must search down the back of the settee!
  4. I don't know if this is so for the Caribbean, but in Europe there's often a Tourist Information centre, run by the city/local council which can help- In Cartagena, Spain, there was one office right at the dock gate, who suggested a local taxi with an English translation CD which covered all the important sites, such as the Roman ruins. They're usually on line.
  5. I agree with all of this- in fact at our health centre there is a poster asking people to check with the practice nurse before going abroad... they can see if you are up to date with your jabs ( my tetanus was due, for instance, before we went to Egypt) and check your destinations with the latest information.
  6. Yes, my first P&O points were actually from Princess, but this was not long after P&O Princess was bought by Carnival. It continued for a few years; P&O stopped recognising Princess some time back, although Princess continued to accept P&O, but that has all ended now.
  7. I can't remember anything about cruise ships before we first sailed, other than when the Queen named the QM2, except the local paper mentioning the fact that a nearby Yorkshire mill was making the soft furnishings for some ships called "Princess". When I boarded our first ship, Sea Princess, I recognised most of the curtains, because we all used to buy "seconds" from that mill... But when we returned, Sea Princess had moved to Southampton for the summer, and had a Noro outbreak, and was refused entry to a port- perhaps Gibraltar- and that was the first news item I'd read about cruising in a national paper.
  8. The usual kindle and puzzle books we take on TA cruises, when it's pleasant to have a couple of hours relaxing in the cabin. I'll add a large pack of blank greeting cards+ envelopes, and a big pack of gel pens, to make my Christmas cards! 😁
  9. We used to drive the car on to a ferry in the UK, then drive around Europe. One time, after touring Germany for 3 weeks, we were exhausted, and the most memorable part of the holiday was the overnight ferry down the Elbe from Hamburg. Soon afterwards we saw an advert from a TA in the paper, offering door to ship transport- to the Caribbean! I fell in love with the ship- Sea Princess- but not so much the Carib; OH spent all his time in the sea; I preferred being on the ship or taking excursions. We sailed again just a few months later, to the Greek Islands, and now rarely take any other kind of holiday.
  10. Far be it from me not to welcome anyone to the Lake District, but a long journey up the motorway to Kendal, and a rural drive on a busy road to poor old Windermere- a town for day trippers- wouldn't be my choice... it has the lake, and a surround of mountains, but little of the real LD about it. The LD is a place for walkers and climbers, or people who are looking for peace... I don't think it's a good choice for a day. I would be more inclined to go to Chester, or even the guided tour of Liverpool itself. Come back again sometime, and visit us in the more remote areas... 🙂
  11. Well it says "New" on the heading! Channel 5, Friday Feb 14th, at 8pm - "Building the Mega Ships" Starts with MSC Bellissima. Channel 5 seems to like a cruising programme on Fridays- or else a different sort of Jane programme!
  12. If the ill passenger disembarked on turn around day, then there would only be the crew left on board, so some would be infected... How are they coping with the quarantine? It must be terrible to have to stay in their tiny cabins- and how many are allowed out to run the ship? Who's in the engine room, on the bridge, catering, bringing the room service meals? Won't the ship have to sail again to make more fresh water and release dirty water? Will there be enough officers to do this? I feel so sorry for the crew.
  13. Islands... I've flown into Santorini on a package holiday, and know that some of the people were going for the beaches, and never saw the caldera, on the opposite side from the airport. Going there by ship is a completely different experience. Also- driving on a motorway to Edinburgh or Glasgow is very different to sailing up the firths, passing islands you cannot see from the mainland- unless you take a ferry.
  14. I think many people do both- we've flown to the Caribbean and also to ports in the Med, but we prefer leaving the country by ship, especially when you can take what you want with you! As for the BoB - we must have been through it 20+ times, and I only remember it being really rough twice... which I enjoyed! Also, our preferred ships these days only sail out of the UK.
  15. If you're interested in the adult only cruises- apart from Viking and Virgin, the others leave from the UK, and nearly all go to Madeira for New Year's Eve. They leave the port in the evening, then anchor in a long line off shore to see one of the most fabulous fire work displays... I believe there were 8 ships anchored this year. One year the ships performed a musical using their horns, which is somewhere on You Tube.. 😄. I know this is very popular with people from this side of the pond. These adult only ships are main line, not luxury, but are very popular over Christmas and the New Year. They are also slightly more formal than other main line ships, so a jacket and tie is necessary on formal nights.
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