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  1. Riviera & Marina - Deck 7 Pre-2025 Voyages jazznruby replied to FeelingCruisy's topic in Oceania Cruises Yep, the beloved B3s will be A2s. A year ago I booked 7008 for 4/25/25 sailing. New cats. and prices not shown for it yet; but deck plan for next year is showing the change. Once the 'secret's' out, as was the case with aft facing cabins years ago, prices always change to reflect the demand. February 23 9 replies
  2. Would love to know the name of the restaurant you were planning on for lunch. Will be on Vista with a stop in Civitavecchia in November, and hoping for a few hours in Rome. Enjoying your comments. Despite a few hiccups and knowing you're an O first timer, I appreciate your positive outlook. Thanks so much.
  3. That's always been the 'driver' for taking the 'deep dive' into traveling IMNTBHO. Have always felt that cruising is a great way to 'superficially' discover many places in a short window of time. If you see something you like, then ideally, plan a land trip back there and truly experience the place. As much as we love cruising, we've enjoyed our land trips as well. To conflate the two beyond that is pointless. And FWIW, in taking a cursory look at the new itineraries, it does appear that there are some new ports offered. (One that jumped out is Devil's Island, French Guiana. Never thought I'd see it on an O itinerary. We were there many years ago on an R ship with Princess. Will never forget it. Fascinating!)
  4. Wow, thank you for this! Will definitely try to book for pre-cruise April 2025. Looks fascinating!
  5. The $199/pp non-refundable deviation fee is only paid if/when an itinerary is agreed upon and accepted. No fee to 'initiate negotiations'.
  6. I agree that the 'benefits' of Cat. A fall short and dinner reservations would never be a factor for us; however, sometimes we book a particular category for one reason and one reason only (o.k. maybe two reasons)...location and space. Cases in point...the aft PH1s on Vista, Riviera, Marina with the big wraparound balconies. And O changing the beloved B3s with the extended, open on 2 sides balconies to A2s. Reason enough.
  7. Been in effect since last year. Must accept O's itinerary. Choosing your own flights etc. and arriving/departing outside the 3 day window still requires deviation fee of $199/pp.
  8. Yep, the beloved B3s will be A2s. A year ago I booked 7008 for 4/25/25 sailing. New cats. and prices not shown for it yet; but deck plan for next year is showing the change. Once the 'secret's' out, as was the case with aft facing cabins years ago, prices always change to reflect the demand.
  9. Contrary to what most on CC will tell you, I've used O air (not biz class) with great success. I've paid the deviation fee to get exactly the itinerary that I wanted, rather than taking what O gives you. And in all cases, since we prefer to fly premium economy, we've saved $$ significantly. While it's true they don't ticket until closer to departure, I've always received a ticket locator number shortly after booking, which has allowed me to do seat selection. Not sure if booking conditions are different for the UK, or if paying the deviation fee has made the difference, but that's been my experience. I'm about to book O air through my TA for November cruise, and will see if the process is the same as in the past.
  10. Thank you for this thread. My mantra for a very long time, especially with regard to cruising which we love and have been doing since 1995, is... just because you can, doesn't mean you should. We've been around the horn in South America (and yes, walked among the penguins) and loved it. We've been to Australia and New Zealand and loved it. We've sailed Alaska's beautiful Inside Passage. We've been to French Guiana and loved that too. But there'a a way to visit these more fragile areas without the ugly sense of entitlement that sometimes comes with the means to do it. The massive 'Monster of the Seas' and its ilk are abominations that should be avoided at all cost; but unfortunately will find their unwitting and uncaring audience. While the cruise industry has made inroads into being more friendly to the planet, they have a long way to go if these behemoth vessels are allowed to proliferate, unchecked. In the meantime, I applaud those cruise destinations as mentioned above, that have put a long needed stop to allowing their fragile environments to be further compromised and degraded. Do I feel conflicted sometimes about continuing to cruise, and travel at all, for that matter? You bet I do, but try to always do it without a sense of entitlement, and with careful thought and awareness of the consequences of my decisions and actions.
  11. Well, I guess the term has never really been definitively defined in a measure of time away (20 minutes? 30 minutes? an hour?), but I think most who've chimed in here on the subject would agree that anyone who claims a chair and then leaves for any reason other than for a dip in the pool or a trip to the rest room or a quick trip to the bar to get a drink is a chair 🐷. And who eats breakfast or lunch in 20 minutes anyway?
  12. You seem proud to be labeled a chair hog. 🐖
  13. You both new around these parts? 🙃
  14. We're on her end of the month for Carib. Not worried. 😎
  15. Well, I guess 'anything of value' is subjective; but why would anyone leave 'anything of value' in the first place??
  16. CAN I ADD AIR TO MY RESERVATION? Updated June 29, 2018 Yes, you may add air to your reservation when you make your initial reservation or up to 30 days prior to sail date for existing reservations. A change fee of $150.00 per guest will be assessed for guests who wish to change a booking from cruise only to include cruise and air travel after final payment up to 30 days. Air requests within 60 days of your departure date may be requested but not guaranteed. From FAQ on the O site. There's no way to research air options on the site. Have to go through TA or call O. Or find what you want and request custom air deviation.
  17. Cheeseburger in Paradise?
  18. Hard to tell if your comment's dripping with sarcasm; and dispensing with the old chestnut about 'assuming' anything, please assume again. 😜
  19. Shhh, now a rush on those coveted spots! 🤣 Some folks like to see and be seen. My husband admits he enjoys the pool "show". I do too, for that matter, but perfectly happy to find one of your 'out of the way' locations rather than stress about finding a pool chair.
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