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  1. 2 hours ago, topfuelfan said:

    Just venting about our Carnival Cruise plan with a bit of a rant , 

    No communications with us about our planned August 2020 cruise to Aruba on the Magic.

    The only info is found on twitter.  My guess is 99% of people don't use twitter or know what it is for that matter.

    I would guess our planned cruise will not be anything like what we signed up for a year ago if it even sails.  Cruise ports closed ,  Loungers all missing, No shows or terrible ones slapped together, this that and the other shut down or extremely limited. Read NO FUN ALLOWED ! What are we supposed to think?  Would YOU go ??

    As we near the 90 days out mark I'm not felling it.  Good-bye summer cruise to Aruba. 


    Welcome to cruise critic and the crazy world of cruising and Covid.


    This particular thread was sent up as a place where people can talk about what's happening in their hometown, with their family etc, more infected non-cruise -related discussions


    If you will start a new topic on the Carnival board called something like "August 2020 on the Magic"  you will be able to get more input and perhaps find others in the same situation in early August. 


    Host Carolyn


  2. They just had first case of covid-19 this weekend despite lockdown which had just been eased. Lock down again. Island may not open for cruise ships till late fall. My son has home there, no idea when they can go back, were hoping July but now doubt it

  3. This has gone so far off topic, again debating stats from different sources. As we all know you can get a different set of stats pretty much site for site depending on what you want to hear. The status of states with homeports will affect cruise departures but arguing and debating statistics is not Carnival related. 


    So if we can stay on topic re how social distancing on a cruise will affect cruising on Carnival, will leave for those who have an expressed an interest in discussing that topic.  

  4. 18 minutes ago, Butterbean1000 said:

    This is small, sorry.



    Butterbean, is this the letter you are referring to??? A letter linked in another post looks like same info?? I don't want to clean it up till I know it this is the right one since one post says "wrong letter"??


  5. 1 hour ago, sparks1093 said:

    This thread 

    seems to have a lot of people posting the status of their refunds rather than just complaining about it (although at the beginning there was probably a fair amount of that going on). I'd start at the end and work backwards looking for refund info. 


         This above thread has numerous smaller threads merged into it. I go through regularly to try to merge general threads on refunds into this as well as merging questions re FCC and OBC into that larger thread. Try to strike a balance between merging general topics but leaving some with more specific questions and situations. Can't please all the people all of the time so try for a simple majority part of the time. 

        Been hosting here since late 1990s and this has always been challenging keeping threads sorted out!


  6. 1 hour ago, jimbo5544 said:

    Turks and Jamaica have announced plans to open May 15 and June 1 respectively at least for land travel according the the BDM from Sandals.

    My son lives there and can't go back to Roatan till probably mid summer...they were here when everything began shutting down. Will have to be tested here then quarantine there. But no cases there so it's worked so far, some cases on mainland

  7. You also have to take itineraries as a sort of mystery cruise at this point as Roatan and many other islands have not yet decided when cruise ships can return and restrictions such as masks, temp checks etc they will require. So what itinerary is listed now is really tentative except private islands


     This isn't specifically Carnival related but I hope you will comment on the Carnival excursions that you do pay for as well as others.


    During this weird time of no cruises, I'm trying to strike a balance between Carnival related threads and those that just relate to cruising where we can hopefully have good discussions without any politics or disparaging remarks ----in another words just hanging out as if we were on the ship sitting around the bar with a couple of drinks talking about what we like to do in different ports

  9. Tomorrow we are spending the day at one of our private beach islands! The sun will be shining, the bartenders will be pouring your favorite beach drinks and the sounds of the Beach Boys' Kokomo will drift in across the water.....Kokomo is the place you wanna go to get away from it all! 


    Which private island is your Kokomo??

  10. I'm changing this to say it's a trademark application which is a complete different entity from a patent. Did patent litigation for 20+ years and it can be confusing.  Basically this just preserves the name EMUSTER for what I'm assuming will be their new muster procedure. Probably be a rash of these coming as the lines roll out their new cruise experience

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