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  1. 29 minutes ago, Av8tor said:



     Suggest you create a new topic for this problem here on MSC board and ask this using same language as this post.  I unfortunately don't have any suggestions BUT a lot of savvy MSC cruiser on here. I hope you get some help with this. It has to be so frustrating.



  2. 48 minutes ago, DaveSJ711 said:

    The New York Times published a lengthy article today about the debacle aboard the Diamond Princess. 




    48 minutes ago, DaveSJ711 said:



    Very interesting read.  With no "road map" to follow for a situation like this, they Japanese didn't have a clue really how to handle it but I do think Princess handled this well under the circumstances

  3. The road is much better than it was. My son lives near Oak Ridge and drives it all the time. It's narrow and you need to allow plenty of time but from Mahogany Bay it's doable..Great snorkeling and mangroves are lovely. Nice unspoiled part of the island

  4. Approximately 90 total doctors and nurses have been brought aboard Diamond Princess yesterday so passengers are anticipating they will now all be tested regardless of whether or not  have fever or symptoms.  Feb. 19 still date they are to be released from ship quarantine

  5. 1 hour ago, jimbo5544 said:

    Maybe I misunderstood.  Are there any ships other than the Diamond Princess that have had an outbreaK?  We were in contact with someone on Anthem OTS while they sorted that out.  They knew less than we knew.  Has anyone seen any regular posts from the Diamond Princess?


    Yes, a British man has been doing regular updates from onboard for a week

  6. 2 hours ago, Thorncroft said:


    Still not enough.  Everytime another case is confirmed on Diamond Princess the 14 day clock starts over again. Those people may never get off until every last one of them gets sick.  In about a month people will be faking symtoms or actively trying to get sick just to try to escape from the ship. 


    The folks on Princess ship in quarantine were told it would end on Feb 19 and as of tonight the gentleman who has been posting regular updates based on information they are receiving from Princess said the clock has not reset based on new cases....or at least not yet

  7. On 2/9/2020 at 9:40 AM, Nyjack said:

    Thank you all for the quick reply! The 30 days guideline makes sense. The only problem we have is that between my wife and I we take 20 prescription meds per day, some doses are 2 pills at a time, some of them are taken twice a day. We would have to take more than 600 pills (I feel like we’ll look like we’re running a pharmacy). For me alone I take 8 different meds, 3 of them twice a day. That’s 330 pills just for me! And my wife takes more meds than I do. We usually keep our meds in 2 weekly pill sorters each for 2 weeks. We will be arriving in Florida 3 days prior to sailing and staying 3 days after which, of course, adds to our needs. I wonder what is happening with the folks on a quarantined ship with their meds during “normal” times? 



    The passengers on Diamond Princess h.ave had their prescriptions refilled so to speak. They provided list of meds, confirmed, and supplies were delivered to ship yesterday to be sent to cabins

  8. 2 hours ago, Aus Traveller said:

    I report (without comment) that on the Princess section of this forum, some Americans are seriously suggesting that 'DT' should 'rescue' the Americans on the ship. They talk about Navy hospital ships etc. One woman said she wouldn't stay on the ship - she would jump overboard.


    The UK man, Mr. Abel whose videos were posted initially, is very balanced in his comments.


    Mr Abel is still posting, very informative

  9. On 1/30/2020 at 3:09 AM, SNJCruisers said:

    Freaking FB group got them all.  I'm an Allstate customer  for both home and auto, want to save 200 on my first Princess cruise and now I need to play the wait game.

    Doubly complicated because Cruisecritic no longer notifies me of any new posts on my followed threads, so I missed jbethel11's post.


    You can set up notifications here. Works for me?



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