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  1. Aside from the pleasant prospect of a vacation free of science ignorant people, I am not keen on having to wear a mask everywhere I go throughout the ship. This is what will be required if they can't check the status of vaccinations. This may improve their ability to sail out of Florida but I don't think it is going to improve the chances of Joe Public wanting their first few post-COVID outings being back on the floating petri-dish (public perception, not reality IMO).
  2. no, 2 platinum in a cabin = 2 dinners.........not sure what they do with 3rd or 4th platinum in a cabin
  3. ha ha too funny on those lounges, nice. yeah I do think the Platinum benefits are a nice perk (haven't had my first cruise yet with that status, continuous cancellations like all of us) the shocking part is after doing the next 95 nights to Platinum Plus you basically just get a bottle of water (WOO-HOO!!), 5% more discount on shore excursions (never take them through the ship), 30 more minutes Internet (nice), a chance to potentially make "priority" restaurant/ entertainment reservations (uh, never had the need to do that before), and a dinner with officers (hmmm, not
  4. Since these are a latitude level benefit and you wouldn't have pre-paid the gratuities like those included in the "free at sea" packages, I suppose you just pay the gratuities in restaurant?
  5. Same just happened to me @Sailing12Away. I went to bed last night with 2 reservations booked, and each had a 10% discount applied. No 10% certificates left for use in my account. I woke up this morning and one (Gem) was cancelled and that 10% certificate wasn't returned to me (my CruiseNext certs were).
  6. I think at the time it was an ADDITIONAL 20% for latitude members off the sale prices if I recall it correctly. I kind of view that as just an additional "sale" at the time that may not be expected to be retained after cancellation. I did just have my Gem cancelled and they didn't return my 10% certificate.....so nothing like kicking you while you are down! If I had 2 reservations with 2 10% discounts applied last night, and they decide to cancel 1 on their own, I should get it back. I wrote in to make sure it wasn't a misunderstanding or system problem.
  7. Well that didn't last long...........when they return a 10% discount from a cancelled cruise to your account, do they extend it to the timeframe they are giving to others getting a new discount certificate for that cancelled cruise or does the returned certificate keep the old expiration date? Surely they don't give you back something that has little utility left since you made a good faith effort to use it and they are the reason it is being returned.
  8. Yeah that is some weak sauce not including it with the other cancellations.
  9. So I used my "10% OFF discount on your next cruise with us" yesterday. This comes off the base fare ONLY (what is displayed on the website under dates and prices) and doesn't apply to any taxes/ port fees/ service charges/ airfare/ ground transportation. I also had the problem where I couldn't apply my spouse's half of the certificate online and had to have the agent do it over the phone. Other than that, it worked fine. I do wonder how it will work if we decide to move up to higher room category - will the full 10% come off of our new base fare? I am a little worrie
  10. Thing is this is an unprecedented time and generally they are all not doing a great job. I think you should abandon any hope of teaching them a lesson or righting a wrong.........and the questions end up being (1) have you enjoyed your previous ship experiences and (2) can you get a similar or better experience for an equal or lower price elsewhere? As much as many of these things irritate me, I can't seem to find anything equivalent at a price that I can stomach and thus far, I have had great experiences (other than all this COVID craziness).
  11. Yeah a real shame and definitely shady. I talked to three different agents yesterday about something else and they all said it has been real slow and no bookings and hoping things will improve. Doesn't help when they price these sailings higher than pre-covid (in general) and then stuff like this reinforces a lack of stability that makes people hold off.
  12. Yeah anyone booking New Zealand and Australia for Feb 2022 is more of a gambler than I am
  13. Good to know. I have one from cancelled Jan 2021 Spirit and from cancelled Aug 2021 Spirit...and both applied to current bookings successfully. Should get one any day now for cancelled Jan 2022 Spirit (if my technique works). Yeah, I think the gods are telling me I will never set foot on that ship. I have to call every time I use the 10% thing though because they never let me apply the one for myself and my spouse at the same time online.
  14. So my sailing (Spirit NZ) is cancelled and I have a 10% coupon in my account now. Technically the Spirit hasn't been cancelled inside my account yet (shows BOOKED), so if I book something new now and use my existing 10% on it to get it out of my account, then they should issue me a new 10% certificate when they cancel Spirit on my account right? I called and asked an NCL agent and she seemed to think that would work as long as I booked (not held) before Spirit showed up as cancelled in My Account.
  15. Thanks so back to the incredible situation where they are paying me (deviation credits) to vacation longer, I would have never guessed. 🙂 What is the "secondary land package" that must be selected? Just a legalese way of saying "get your own taxi to and from the port?" Wish they just wrote some of this in plain 'ol dummy language.
  16. Yikes, I hope not. They want $100 each for my transfers, so that would be significant to still have to eat those. I was under the impression those were easily/ simply removed by calling and saying you would be getting yourself to the port.
  17. Are people seriously getting CREDITS (discount on their cruise package price) by asking to arrive earlier/ later? I find this incredible from their perspective as it is a customization and slightly more effort. Is it because they get more assurance people won't miss the ship and/or they save more than $25 per person because fares are somehow cheaper in small towns where the ship is the main thing filling planes on arrival/ departure days? So me and wife get this BOGO flight deal on our cruise and then decide to arrive 1 day early and leave 1 day later.....and get an additional $100
  18. Great thread and screenshot is helpful, I have a few more questions: 1) I have the 10% on my account but as part of making an initial reservation, it appears to only let me apply the discount against one of the two passenger fares? (we both were cancelled off the previous reservation) 2) If we apply the 10% on a reservation and then the price drops, do you think they will let us rebook at the lower price and keep the 10% off the new lower price? 3) If you have a 10% applied to a reservation that hasn't yet sailed, and then another existing reservation withou
  19. I think as long as you haven't made final payment, they have no reason NOT to adjust because otherwise you could just cancel and rebook. Past final payment gets to be more dicey.
  20. Yup agreed Joe public isn't paying these prices or in a rush to crowd onto any cruise ships which have been the center piece (unfairly IMO) of disease news stories for the last 15 months
  21. I wish they let you remove that benefit and take the "value" as a cruise deduction. Also just FYI, that transfer from the cruise to the airport is an added cost (ex. $90 each in Punta Cana) that is auto added to your fees when you take the promo air. I have heard you can remove it if you will get yourself to the cruise port (I have never seen a case where a taxi is not both cheaper and quicker).
  22. Is this air promo exclusive to NCL direct bookings? I've noticed the other places I normally look at don't offer it.
  23. Those T&Cs really give them a lot of wiggle room, and of course my likely bad alternatives are right under their limit @ 59.9 miles away (I fly BWI but could get IAD or DCA): For Domestic flights, Norwegian Cruise Line will book guests' airfare with a maximum of one connection when possible; air schedules permitting. For International flights, Norwegian Cruise Line will book guests' airfare with a maximum of two connections when possible; air schedules permitting. Norwegian Cruise Line reserves the right to select an alternate airport within 60 miles based on itine
  24. I haven't found any yet, but the closest I get to pulling the trigger is the Inside Sail Away fares so I am not paying extra for restrictive NCL airfare that I don't need (have too many airline travel credits I need to burn)
  25. The prices are ridiculous and not in the realm of what I am willing to pay (not paying double normal price for a cruise just to use a $250 CruiseNext cert). However, have you guys seen the articles on rental car and hotel room prices? Some limited availability travel industry things are driving prices higher. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rental-car-rates-soar-with-vehicles-in-short-supply-as-travel-rebounds/ In all cases, the rates will stick only if they are finding people to pay them. Guess we will see who blinks first.
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