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  1. If you prepurchase and find it is cheaper once on board,you can ask for a price adjustment. I always prepurchase and when it's cheaper on board I received an adjustment. K
  2. Hi vineyard view, yes, you can only pre purchase for whole cruise. Either call ship services or thru HAL website by accessing your booking. Single days can be purchased on board. K
  3. Vineyard view, we were posting at the same time..... yes, you can only reserve ahead of time for the whole cruise. Family cabanas usually go first. I booked mine in May for an October cruise on Nieuw Amsterdam. Totally worth it!
  4. If the retreat cabana is booked for the whole cruise, no refund is given if closed for a day due to weather. If booked by the day and it is closed I think HAL would gave to give a refund? You can't depend on being able to rent by the day as most retreat cabanas are booked before the whole cruise for warm weather itineraries. No children allowed in the retreat cabana, so no worries about that!
  5. Well said, sammiedawg. I agree totally! We had the lean years......college educations, weddings, etc., but now we enjoy Oceania with an occasional HAL thrown in with reasonably priced Caribbean cruise round trip from Florida when we are down there. You can't compare the loyalty programs. It costs a lot of $$$$$ to get those Oceania loyalty benefits!
  6. No, I'm not confused. I get that the WC counts for a lot. The point I was trying to make, is that 225 days is inaccurate and that the free cruise is not an inside cabin.
  7. Actually, the number of days cruised is not the determining factor when Oceania awards the free cruise. 20 cruises is the threshold for the free cruise. Cruises up to 24 days are counted as 1 cruise and the free cruise is a 14 day cruise, but you can pay a prorated amount to take a longer cruise. The free cruise is not in an inside cabin unless that is the cabin you usually take. It is in a cabin or suite that is most typically the category you have cruised. It doesn't include taxes. I have had 2 "free" cruises on HAL. Each were for an inside cabin that I added $$$$ to. On Oceania, my free cruise, if I live long enough, will reflect what I normally book.
  8. No worries, Nymich. The friendly fire (against HAL) on Oceania is mostly here on the message boards! I read some of these posts and wonder where they come from! You will meet tons of wonderful and helpful people on board the ship. I'm one that goes back and forth between HAL and Oceania and love both for different reasons. If you have any questions about O or comparisons to HAL, just ask.
  9. Okay, maybe not illegal, but certainly not tolerated, embraced or accepted. We travel with a same sex married couple and would never go anywhere they were considered offensive. I'll gladly pass on any parts of the world that apply!
  10. My reason for not wanting to visit st. Petersburg, or any part of Russia for that matter, is because of Russia's lack of human rights advocacy. It is illegal to be gay in Russia! i can't speak for the OP, don't know if that's his/her reason. Not only is it illegal to be gay, it is not safe! As for me and mine, we don't spend our money in those places!
  11. WOW! I just never thought to ask the butler for drinks. I was (mistakingly) under the impression that the drink package was not accepted for room service or butler service. Next time....
  12. Brilliant idea Ruth!!! never thought of shoe clips! I always just schlep the 20 or so pairs. Actually, my personal Sherpa does the schlepping. He knew what he was getting into 50 years ago.
  13. I love the way that looks. I also love a white denim jacket over a dress for a change. Go for it!
  14. How to take the tedium out of packing??? heres my take: I look at packing as the start of the journey. I imagine each outfit I pack, where I will wear it, etc. if it's a Caribbean cruise.... I play some reggae music to get in the mood If I'm going to London...I sip tea...pinkies out! maybe watch a movie set in my upcoming destination all in all, I really enjoy the process. I know, I know....too much time on my hands. ๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘™๐Ÿ‘กโ›ด๐Ÿพ
  15. I'm pretty sure it was reported that Neptune Lounge is not included in Club Orange amenities.
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