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  1. I've been on around 35 cruises, and if I would choose to go when they start up I'm sure all of my family would say NO. That being said, I personally don't want to be one of those doing the testing. I love cruising but don't want to take the chance of being quarantined in my cabin for 14 days so I will just wait it out for a while. I have several offers for comp'd cruises but I'm going to pass on them!
  2. We are scheduled to fly to Nassau on Bahamas air in July and stay at the Atlantis, but right now even those dates are on hold.
  3. Cruise was booked for August and NCl told them they couldn't transfer to anything from Italy for the remainder of 2020.
  4. NCL just contacted family member that had a honeymoon cruise booked for Italy and said no sailings until 2021.
  5. I hope they are right ,but will there be a vaccine by June? I'm sure a lot of people will roll the dice and hop on a cruise as soon as possible, and good for them, but I'm just not taking any chances until there is a vaccine. We have two infants in our extended family and I'm not taking any chances of contracting the virus and giving it to them. Haven't been in contact with any family for about 5 weeks now, and they all live close by.
  6. I think all cruise lines will leave the ships parked until there is a vaccine!
  7. agree 100%. I have several cruises I could book through club Royale and pay only port taxes and govt fees, but I don't feel like it will be safe to be in a crowded casino or dining room until there is a vaccine. I don't want to take a cruise with the possibility that someone may have covid 19 and we may all be quarantined. I love cruising and try to do 3 or 4 every year, but this is gonna make me rethink my vacations for quite sometime! jmo
  8. I think Royal is going to hang on to our money as long as possible!
  9. I too am getting a lot of compd cruises, but my gutt feeling is that it will take quite some time before any ships start sailing again. The cruise industry will wait until the medical field has a grip on this virus and a vaccine for everyone. They don't want anymore ships stuck at sea with sick passengers and all of the bad press that goes with it. Let's just hope they don't go bankrupt first!
  10. I agree 100%. Why take the chance of being stranded for several weeks. This isn't going away any time soon!
  11. I don't believe the cruise industry will survive until December. I believe it will take several months at least to begin to turn things around, and if the cruise lines survive, how many people that are now out of work will have the funds to go on a cruise any time soon. I sure hope they don't go bankrupt. Almost jumped on Carnival and Royal stock but my investment broker said he would be afraid to put money into either, unless I understood there is a big chance I may lose it all!
  12. We will be lucky if the cruise industry survives! I love cruising but a company can only get so deep in debt and survive!
  13. I was going to purchase Carnival and Royal but I just don't have a good feeling about either company surviving. No idea how long this will last nor how long these islands will stay off limits to cruise ships!
  14. I have all kinds of compd offers but I'm not booking anything until things settle down and the islands begin accepting ships again.
  15. Me and my fiancé were on this ship the week before you guys. We are Diamond with Royal and I am Prime with the casino so we got this cruise as a compd cruise. I thought the dining room food was a little better than the big ships, but as far as everything else, we were not impressed. We are big ship junkies!
  16. I too love the big Oasis class ships of Royal Caribbean. Years ago I only used Carnival, and I like their newer ships, and I think Carnivals casinos have paid back a little better. Went on Carnival Pride when it was new and loved it. Have also been on several Disney cruises and the food and service were by far the best of any cruise lines I have been on, but Disney has no casino and Disney is, well Disney and they are much more expensive. Never had a problem with kids running everywhere on Disney like everyone says. Only by the pools! It may be quite some time before any of the Caribbean ports are opened back up for cruise ships because of corona.
  17. Where will the cruises go if most of the islands are still shut down?
  18. Me and my fiancé are Diamond with Royal and also Florida natives. Hopping on a cruise in the past has been so simple for us. no flying, just a two or three hour drive and on another ship. Will be a long time before we do another. Want to know for sure they have a handle on this before cruising again, and who knows how long it will take for the different islands to open back up! Please stay safe everyone and make the right decisions.
  19. Was on the rhapsody feb 29 sailing. Everything seemed normal then. Main dining room food and service was wonderful, but the casino was small and would get very crowded and it seemed as if all of the smokers just stayed in there. I love to play slots but the smoke was terrible!
  20. If you are flying into Seattle you will also get to use port valet. They will take your baggage after the cruise, to the airport and you won't handle anything until your final destination. It is also free.
  21. We had a port side balcony and when we were on our way back to Seattle we sat out there and watched whales. Make sure to bring a good pair of binoculars. Mine are Nikon.
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