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  1. Thanks! Do you shoot in manual mode? I've been shooting in Aperture. What size monopod do you use? These are a few I took today. I did have to lighten a couple up (in camera).
  2. I am used to point & shoot cameras. My husband bought me a Nikon D3400 and before I really knew how to use it he bought me a D500. I'm trying to learn how to use it but sometimes it's very frustrating (not knowing what settings to use and when). I mostly take pictures of birds.
  3. I recently got that lens also. What type of camera do you use? What type editing did you so?
  4. Golden-crowned Kinglet in our yard. Taken with my new Sigma 150-600mm lens (hand held).
  5. All your pictures are great, but I love your Puffin pictures!!
  6. Mallards flying away from our pond.
  7. Thanks. It sounds like it won't be possible after doing our excursion. Unfortunately our ship is not offering many excursions and not one like that.
  8. Is it pretty close to port? We already have an excursion booked but maybe this is something we can do on our own if it's not too far away.
  9. Taken through the kitchen window. A Hairy Woodpecker enjoying a snack (sticking his tongue out)!
  10. Is it pretty close to port? We already have an excursion booked but maybe this is something we can do on our own if it's not too far away.
  11. Thanks. Are those pictures cropped or did you get that close to the puffins?
  12. What type of camera and settings did you use for the puffins? Gorgeous!
  13. John recently posted that he won't be on the first cruise. He has to go home for the funeral.
  14. I wore my Nikon D500 with a Tamron 18-400mm lens onto the plane then sat it in my tote under the seat for the flight.
  15. cruises42

    Northern Lights

    We saw them 3 nights this year while sailing on the Amsterdam 8/25 - 9/9.
  16. I was able to get in tonight, hope that continues!
  17. It would be nice if I could log in and actually see the program!
  18. I've had problems logging in since they went to the new Rewards program. A few times I got in but most of the time I can't. It is so frustrating.
  19. Is anyone having trouble logging in? I type in my e-mail, password then the security challenge, hit log in and the screen just goes back to the log in screen (usually with the same security challenge letters).
  20. Thanks, that did work. I usually just log in on the main page (I can't do that again today) and read some of the articles. I very rarely go to rewards.
  21. Is there a new link to AARP? I tried logging in like usual but when I hit Log In it says processing and takes me back to the Log In screen.
  22. Having a great time, weather has been good too.
  23. We saw them a third night and I believe again last night but it was very faint. We asked at Guest Services and one person said she would put us on a list but another person there said there is no list.
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