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  1. Having a great time, weather has been good too.
  2. We saw them a third night and I believe again last night but it was very faint. We asked at Guest Services and one person said she would put us on a list but another person there said there is no list.
  3. We are on the Amsterdam now and asked to be put on a list and they said they do not have a list and will not call. Luckily they came out early (before 11 PM) and the captain announced it (2 days in a row)!
  4. Just saw the Aurora Borealis on our cruise! Any help with camera settings for Nikon D500 would be appreciated. I had no clue where to start so I didn’t get any pictures.
  5. Anyone have recent experience getting dropped off in front of the terminal using Uber?
  6. I will be on the ship and all our small boat excursions. We are taking a small plane from Anchorage over Denali so I really needed help with glass.
  7. For the swallow picture it was F5.6, ISO 2500, 1/6400 and 155mm. For the bluebird it was f6.3, ISO 2500, 1/6400 and 400mm. How do you crop in camera? On the D3400 you just zoomed, press i, trim and done. That is not possible with this camera. I have never used any software, I believe we may have something on the computer but I don't know what it is. I will have to get into that but for now I'd like to crop in camera. I have been deleting in the camera. I use Snapbridge so the photos will download to my iPad and phone and the computer (icloud). I can go in and delete from iPad or phone but ones that go to the computer are still there and then I would have to delete them separately. I do have a lot that I delete. Do you think P mode would be good to use for Alaska scenery? Also any hints about taking photos through glass?
  8. Nope, not near the coast...Northwest corner of the state.
  9. The numbers did go my way this week Belle. I lost 2 lbs. Congratulations to all the losers. Very hectic week for me getting ready to go on the cruise.
  10. We are on this same cruise. It is our first HAL cruise. We got the offer for $15pp/pd and took it.
  11. Thanks everyone for all the information. I will try to get out and practice but I have so much to do the next few days before we leave for our 14 day Alaska cruise. It is extremely frustrating that I don't have more time to work with this camera. I hope I can get some decent shots. Any tips on settings for wildlife viewing (whales, sea otters, birds) and landscape would be appreciated. We will be getting internet service so I'll have access to all the above information you gave me. What exif information were you most interested in seeing kenevenpar? Also can you crop in-camera? I really liked that I could do that with my D3400. The reason the swallows take up such a small part of the frame was because they move so fast and erratically that when I was fully zoomed in at 400 most of the time I just got a picture of the pond and no bird. So I zoomed less to get the swallow actually in the photo. If I am using S or A mode at how do you decide what to set ISO at?
  12. Not sure if there are any camera clubs in my area. Will have to check it out.
  13. Thanks, I appreciate your help! Yes, the autofocus was the one with 4 boxes in the viewfinder. How fast do you think I should try for the shutter? I'm not sure how to access the exif data (the instructions I Googled didn't match up with what I was seeing). I thought that if you used shutter priority the camera would automatically adjust aperture and ISO. I found that all my shots were really dark so I changed the ISO. Is that the best thing to do? I will give Aperture mode a try.
  14. Please help! I can't seem to get a clear picture of anything. It's also not clear when I look through the lens. Also, especially if you zoom in on a picture everything is very grainy. Both these pictures were taken in S mode, AF-C , Group-area AF, shutter 6400, Auto Iso. I clearly have no idea what setting to use. There is a swallow flying over the pond about to catch a bug (right side of photo).
  15. How's the pizza on the Amsterdam?
  16. We will be on the Amsterdam. I looked at the deck plans our TA sent us and on HAL's site and could not see a difference in any of the balcony pictures on deck 6. How can you tell?
  17. I tried practicing these today. So far I didn't have good luck with smooth release (my shutter seems to be so sensitive, I start pressing it and it takes a picture when I'm not trying to). Didn't do that well with sniper mode either but I'll keep trying. A lot of times I'm trying to take a picture of a moving bird so I'm reacting quickly and moving the camera along with the bird.
  18. I'll have my new D500, my husband will have the D3400, and we'll take our Panasonic P&S and an underwater camera (in case it rains a lot).
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