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  1. It's funny when people who got vaccinated say " I did the research!! ", problem is, they are the "Research". Fact check that!!
  2. I remember a time when paper bags were destroying all the trees, so we all switched to plastic bags. Now the plastic is killing the ocean. We will never win this battle, we just have to dispose of our trash responsibly. Stop blaming everything on the product, if it was all disposed of properly we would have no worries. We all need to be held accountable for our actions, and proper disposal is a BIG one. IMO
  3. Your ship? Now who is being selfish? Please, get over yourself!!
  4. It's really hard to have "FUN" when you cant see other peoples facial expressions. That might not be a big deal to some, but it means a lot to me.
  5. We will NOT get the vaccine. So if they let UNvaccinated passengers on the ship, we should be there. Unless we have to wear a mask still, then it's a big NO. We wont be wasting our money to walk around a ship with a mask on. Just our preference, carry on.....
  6. Kind of hard to dance to "Grundge", unless they have a mosh pit going.....😁
  7. It's funny with all these vaccine threads. Some people on here think everyone wants to get these shots. I'm not sure of the percentage, but even if a good percentage of cruisers dont take the vaccine will there be enough people to fill the ships? I know some will say "take the shot or dont cruise". Well, that is why i posted the question i did. I think it will be impossible to fill the ships if its mandatory!! IMO
  8. No problem AP!! Message boards are funny, if you dont tell certain ppl your kidding or whatever, they just dont get it sometimes. But i knew you were kidding. I've heard the same thing about the crew when it comes to their meals. Good for them, they work really hard and deserve great meals. I just hope it gets back to some kind of normal cruising again. Not the "New Normal"...😷
  9. Probably some kind of REM meals in a pouch...😝 j/k
  10. Just wondering if there will be enough passengers that get the vaccine, to fill the ships. Not everyone wants the shots. We are one of them. If mandated, that will be a BIG problem. Just reading these boards, there seems to be mixed feelings about being vaccinated. They better think long and hard about it being mandatory!!
  11. The casinos in Atlantic City NJ uses them. Some use the trigger kind and some have you just walk through an inferred device. No biggie!!
  12. Pool hogs will never be a problem for you. Your an admitting "ipeeinthepool" kind of person....😝
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