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  1. I'm just going to say I'm D+ and see what happens. Maybe my nose swab would be shorter and wouldn't hurt as much. Plus my nose doesn't like to be violated cause unpleasant things may occur and then they would send me to medical.
  2. I watched an episode of Love Boat last night on MeTV while doing some chores. Not sure what that says about me. I did notice the women in the bikinis and sun dresses all had natural chests.
  3. My reminder of my final payment being due in August for Oasis in November came up on my calendar yesterday. Already did the L&S but it was still a little sad. Dogs shows still a no go in 90% of instances. There is a barn hunt in October at an open air arena near me so I may go to that. Dogs that go to shows realize something has changed too.
  4. Also my first ship to cruise on! The travel agent asked me what kind of cabin we wanted. I didn't know there were different kinds and said well I hope it has a window. I think we were down pretty low because I remember those waves being close to the port hole. Tiniest bathroom ever.
  5. As my momma liked to say: People in hell want ice water too. Never knew how many ways that phrase could be applied.
  6. Why not ask them for the premium drink package if we're asking. I'd be drunk as a cooter if I drank 6 drinks a day and I got the DP last cruise. Didn't bother with what the DL offered.
  7. I looked at the HAL board this morning since I have sailed that line. HAL has some of the most loyal clientele I've ever seen. Positivity to a "T" no matter what happens. Positivity really worked well for them when the woke up and saw their most beloved 4 ships had been sold and their cruises were pffft. It's all about the bottom line in the end.
  8. I cruise only one time a year. Too many animals to do it numerous times. But not having dog shows certainly has made me realize lack of dog shows isn't really that important in the end. It's more about the relationship with my dogs. I'm continuing to train (a little lackluster at times) but probably it will be next year before things go back to halfway normal. And then we'll all have to wear masks and cannot be in the building unless we are in the ring. That isn't a dog show to me. The people are a huge part of why dog people show their dogs. We want to hang out with our friends and discuss shows, blah blah blah. And it's the same for cruising. No use cruising if I have to wear a mask and sit on my balcony in isolation. I've never really been addicted to cruising but I sure enjoyed it.
  9. Never did any of that on there list. But I did make the mistake last year of taking a shuttle for the 10 minute trip to the port (how much longer could it take than Uber?). 45 minutes later he was still letting people out at other terminals. I was so angry at myself. Never again.
  10. I'm not a drink snob. But if I'm going to be making my liver work extra hard it's going to have to be on a better quality champagne than that served in the SL and DL. Last year was my first DP purchase. I got what I wanted from the bar and then went in the lounge. I really like having the DP.
  11. Be glad ya'll don't live in MS. The only place anything alcoholic can be purchased (besides beer and wine coolers) is the liquor store. And our state is the one that controls what is purchased and how much.
  12. For some it's about the "status" of a card being able to access the room, not what is in there. I for one sure don't see RCL/RCG (or whatever the proper name is) making lounges bigger so people can be at a greater distance. It appears for years their master plan has been to fade them out and I don't believe it's going to revert now.
  13. Maybe the DL perk will be 3 bottles of hand sanitizer. Seapass will have 3 masks loaded on it. They can't let us all get boozed up because then it will be mutiny on the bounty.
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