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  1. You are probably correct. What concerns me is the chance of quarantine on a ship. Look what is happening to the poor individuals on Zaandam. I know they have to be frightened beyond belief. I realize I am probably being too careful.
  2. I have a one scheduled for November on Oasis. Have no plans to go. I may find another way to vacation. Maybe in a few years I'll go back.
  3. What will become of the $18 drink packages (no I didn't have one)?
  4. I only cruise once a year and, while I enjoy it immensely, I'll probably find other ways to get my entertainment.
  5. I certainly believe this will last more than a month or two as someone else said earlier. I have a good immune system but have relatives that do not. I'll cancel my fall cruise and enjoy life on the farm.
  6. Reservations for Oasis in November. Most likely will not go even though I will lose deposit. Just isn't worth the risk. Hubby is not in great health and I have to consider that.
  7. Saw on the HAL board a ship quit in AU. Some very elderly wondering how they will get back to the U.S. No doubt they will get assistance but it is probably still frightening.
  8. I feel for everyone who has a cruise in the next few months and cannot decide what to do. I wonder if spring break people are cancelling (family with kids). I cruise in Oct/Nov so all I have to worry about is hurricanes.
  9. Aren't you the very kind husband!!! We know your wife is at least 51 because surely she was at least 15 when you got married and your've been married 36 years.... I would tell the husband if the other couple and maybe he could go for a GS.
  10. I checked in to see about my Oasis cruise in November. Was going to see if prices were down below what I paid for my GS. Very surprised to see everything about JS sold out. And this is for a 4 nighter.
  11. If she wants to stay home I'd let her. Lord forbid if she got sick (from anything) you would get the blame.
  12. I drink a lot more lattes than I do booze. So is the next step that there will be no more D lounge at all? All they have to do is change a sign.
  13. Haven't cruised solo but have never cruised with husband. He's a great guy but I cannot imagine him being happy on a cruise. Sis in law and I have a ball. He stays home and takes care of the animals. Wouldn't hesitate to take a solo cruise should the occasion arise.
  14. Yes I mind it very much and it happened on Navigator this year in the month of October. I got my appetizers all at once. I didn't order dessert at the beginning because most of the time I don't want dessert. The wait staff did not mind at all. I also asked for savory bites and my waiter told me he didn't know what they were. I also didn't like prepackaged butter, lack of half and half in a creamer, and a few other minor downgrades. I absolutely know the waiters are harrowed but that isn't my fault; it is RCL's for doing this to them. This was all a surprise since, in my last three cruises, I either had CK or Luminae (Celebrity). But I sure didn't die from it. And, yes, I know I have other choices but the OP asked and I have answered. I'm going to see about different vacations after my Oasis cruise this fall. It just doesn't seem as special to me anymore and I do love the ocean (but not the beach).
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