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  1. I don't think the "average" RCL cruise customer is interested in "fine" dining.
  2. Me neither. But if they did and I accepted I would always think they would rather be anywhere rather than eating with a passenger.
  3. I'd rather do 2 balconies than a GS with 5 people on Navigator.
  4. The VA was really good to my uncle/dad. He lived to 100. I know there are lots of bad reviews of the VA but the practitioners doted on him when we went for his check-ups. He hated me going on cruises too.
  5. We don't actually "farm" anything but live in farming country. It's only 100 acres but it keeps a person very busy, especially with the animals. Since the horses are gone, we let a neighbor cut the fields and bale the hay. And this year I did a bigger garden. Just planted the fall broccoli and cauliflower. Every day is an adventure on a farm. I'm not sure I could have handled the virus stuff easily if I lived in a house on a lot or in a condo.
  6. I read all the bullet points, recommendations and plans. I don't understand how the cruise lines can physically and emotionally perform all of them. It seems to be an overwhelming undertaking. I doubt I will take my 2021 cruise.
  7. I go to many more dog shows than I cruise. The last dog show I was at my puppy was 4 months old. Now she is over a year old. Puppies really need to be exposed to the atmosphere of dog shows as they mature. I still train almost every day since it takes about 3 years to get a dog ready for the obedience ring. But sometimes I think I would be fine not to ever enter another trial.. So I do understand about getting accustomed to not cruising. Coasting for a while is a lot less frenzied.
  8. Just get a suite and it won't matter what level you are.
  9. Me too! But she did say "schedule" it. Doesn't mean we couldn't cancel. I'm going to miss that first day lunch if it goes away and it sounds like it is.
  10. I did the lift and shift. Same time next year. Just too risky for my family situation even if it does sail. I couldn't have gone.
  11. People that got that $18 drink package didn't get a L&S on that either. Or maybe they did?
  12. So who would be in the way of the hurricane IF they had an upcoming cruise? P.S. Celebrity is a great cruise.
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