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  1. In case it's needed in an emergency I have pictures of all my husband's prescriptions on my phone. Any time they change, I update the list. Nothing is a controlled substance but in the event that something happened to him, I'd have the whole list of everything he takes with me. I do this whether on a cruise or a land-based trip. Also, as others have said, he always makes sure he has at least 2-4 days extra of all his meds, depending on the length of the trip.
  2. I could be wrong, but I thought that @briarjumper was asking if Carnival has the Freestyle self-dispensing soda machines like they have on RCCL... not just the soda fountain guns you find in a bar- but even those are few and far between on Carnival ships!
  3. I know, right? I could understand if this was an isolated instance, but at least 6 people on different ships, different excursions, have posted about having excursions canceled without being notified! If this happened to me I'd be really ticked off!
  4. And yes, they usually put a Bottomless Bubbles sticker on your Sail & Sign card, but really, it's all in the computer, so when they swipe your card it will tell them that you have BB and not to charge your card... I lost my BB sticker once and they told me that the staff doesn't really look for that, since they have to enter your drink in the computer anyway.
  5. Several people have reported this same issue here on Cruise Critic and on a FB page I'm a member of- in each case that they reported, it was that the excursion was canceled and Carnival never proactively notified them. It was only by their digging that they found out about the cancelation... otherwise the presumption is they would have been notified onboard- I would hope!
  6. I read last year a Consumer Reports article about the various insulated mugs you can buy... they tested them for both hot & cold... hands down, the winner over Tervis, Yeti & others was the cheapest- Bubba mugs from Walmart...
  7. Wow! Like the original poster I'd be tempted to try to buy it again to see if it came up cheaper in the shopping cart!
  8. You might have seen me with a carry on and a small rolling suitcase- don't judge me (LOL!) since everything in both of those items are carry-on only- prescription meds, electronics like tablets & laptops, cases of soda... so what you didn't see is the big suitcase that I DID give to the porters! I drive to ports so amount of luggage isn't a thing for me!
  9. THANK YOU NEWMedicRN! I knew I'd seen something like this before!
  10. Ditto with our last cruise out of Galveston... apparently their computers onboard the ship went down, halting disembarkation, but the computers used for check in were working fine.... so the boarding lounge was full, and so was the ship, since they needed to stop disembarkation and delay boarding by about an hour.
  11. @jkzs I'm glad you were able to get the reduced price- I booked an 8 day on Freedom and it was only $99.95! I agree that it's frustrating to get different answers from Customer Service... if I were the overall Client Services manager I'd be requiring regular refresher courses for all reps, mandatory quizzes on standard topics and reviews of recorded sessions to provide feedback to the reps. A business is judged by its public face and with so much inconsistency in the quality of their CS team, it makes them look bad!
  12. Am I crazy or have I seen flyers in the room advertising some of their sleep shop items for sale? Like pillows, sheets, towels, bathrobes? Towels and bathrobes I specifically remember seeing on my last cruise, but I thought other items were offered as well in the past! @thesmiths if all else fails, maybe a post on John Heald's FB page would yield results that other sources wouldn't...
  13. Your signature indicates Western Caribbean so Cheers should be available... make sure you're logged into your booking, as someone else suggested... Go to Shop (beside Cruise Manager, Details and Planner) ot look on the first page that shows up Select Drink Packages Cheers and Bottomless Bubbles should both show up there. Worst case, here's the link someone already provided directly to Cheers: https://www.carnival.com/FunShops/item/SUM/cheers
  14. I have a funny story about a platinum bully trying to throw her weight around. I had FTTF and was waiting in the priority line at Guest Services, next in line to be served, with 5 or 6 in line behind me. This woman pushed in front of me and told the GS staff that she was platinum, and didn't have to wait in line behind all these other people! Well, I was about to lay into her when the GS staff person politely informed her that this was the priority line, for all P/D & FTTF cruisers... she sneered at her and waved her card in the woman's face, almost hitting her in the nose with it... she said I AM PLATINUM! The GS gal calmly said, 'Ma'am- so are they!' The woman turned to look at the rest of the line and all now 7 or 8 people were all holding up their platinum cards at her! She skulked to the back of the line, mumbled to herself for a bit and then just wandered away! All of us had a great chuckle over it!
  15. I don't remember exactly where you will see it (I have a great memory, it's just short 😁) but I suspect you need to activate the hub app once you're onboard, then you'll see the option to purchase the chat function.
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