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  1. Their bread- YUMM!!!! I love the arancini app... For my main meal I usually have the chicken parm. I tried the meatballs but found them underwhelming... Not crazy about any of their desserts, so I usually skip it and head to the buffet to see what they have... fallback plan is softserve ice cream from the Lido deck.
  2. Have a blast sweetie! We'll be following, and we'll all be here when you get back!
  3. So sorry to hear that you not only have to cancel your cruise but that you have to have back surgery- been there, done that, not a lot of fun! Fingers crossed you make a full recovery quickly, and book that cruise soon!
  4. @chrcruiser the correlation between check in time and boarding time, obviously, is the earlier you can check in the lower the zone boarding card you will get, and therefore, the sooner you can board. As others have said, if you're prepared to possibly wait, you can always go to the port early and wait in the Early/Late Arrivals line, as @crzndeb mentioned. I've read where others were able to check in long before their actual time by doing this... I've also heard the opposite, that the Early/Late Arrival line was so long that they waited forever... So the answer is yes, you MIGHT be able to check in earlier, and therefore board earlier, than your scheduled time.
  5. I am not sure if the salad bar you reference is the same as the one on Vista, if so, I never saw a menu... it was just a collection of salad ingredients, you told the attendant which one(s) you wanted and they made the salad for you... if there was a menu, I completely missed it!
  6. I don't think there is anything that officially says you can't, but I would not... that's one of the reasons I'm always on the lookout for my suitcases- I'd rather they weren't just sitting there in the hallway somewhere without me around... too many bad things could happen. The other concern is, depending on how early you board, the cabin stewards often have all their stuff in the hallway (their carts, vacuums etc) and your suitcase could be causing a blockage... by the time they start delivering the suitcases, the stewards are typically done with that stuff.
  7. I would always opt for a room with a sofa... I'm a little bummed that my aft wrap on Freedom won't have a sofa, but I'll just hang out on the balcony instead... otherwise, I'd always prefer a room with the extra seating, even if it's not used a lot.
  8. We buy the wifi package on every cruise... never seen it go on sale. As for Cheers, what Joe said!
  9. @CruzerDeb the short answer is no, there is no place to leave your carryon until you can access your room, whenever that might be... I understand that if you're flying, carry-on can be different than a cruise ship, since you have to pay to check your suitcase on most airlines. But as others have said, there are likely things you shouldn't check, just in case. So as long as you have a large enough purse to put meds, documents, important jewelry etc in, then I think you could safely check your carryon.
  10. So to the folks who have said that you can always make reservations onboard, that's not always the case... this past June on our family cruise we made reservations for my DD & her hubby at the steakhouse while we watched our grandson. My daughter was concerned about the date/time for the reservation so I called the steakhouse and without telling them that we had reservations for another night, they said they were fully booked and weren't even taking backup reservations for any night anymore in the event of no-shows. I was really surprised by it, since they had the usual table in the Lido breezeway on embarkation day getting everyone to make a reservation, yet 2 hours later the restaurant told me, no openings. Period. Oh well... Now for a question about the new 'pay when you make reservations' system. If we make reservations for the steakhouse and pay in advance, can we still cancel or move it once we're onboard? I saw something online about 24-hour advance notice of changes, but wasn't sure how that worked, or if it applied to cancellations as well as rescheduling.
  11. Chia seeds- right up there with kale on the great big 'won't eat it' list! Add quinoa and you have the trifecta of inedible foods! (obviously, all my opinion only!)
  12. The only cabin I was ever disappointed in (but only to a degree) was 12007 spa balcony on the Magic... as others have said, it's not covered so it's very HOT in good weather, and totally useless in rain. But other than the limited use of the balcony, we loved the location since it was so close to the spa and we were able to take full advantage of the amenities there. Coincidentally that was the only cruise we had to complain about smokers on their balcony next to ours! We have an aft wrap on Freedom coming up this Thnksgiving, and I made sure to pick the deck level that had cabins above and below.... our first aft wrap and hoping it will be as wonderful as some say!
  13. Ditto the question! I've seen the Steakhouse Cooking classes that they offer free on every cruise, but I've never heard of a paid class! I would love something like that, if it was offered on other ships in the Carnival fleet!
  14. My grandson had a blue card last cruise... one kid with a gold card was actually bugging him about it. I explained what the colors meant and he was cool about it- he told me that it just meant that the other kid had a blue card once! He's excited that he'll get a red card on his cruise in May! So yes, there's nothing wrong with it, but OP should still follow up to ensure he's being credited accordingly.
  15. I was in a spa balcony on Magic years ago... the spa balconies on deck 11 were covered, those on deck 12 were not. I don't know if Panorama has spa balconies on a few levels, if so, you may be alright. If not, expect it to be HOT!
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