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  1. Typically in my experience passengers with disabilities do not get preferred boarding... but if requested they can get help from Carnival personnel when it comes their time to board.
  2. Thanks for the report... we're on her in 55 days and I'm jonesing for anything I can read about the Vista!
  3. On our upcoming cruise we have 2 cabins- I'll ask the steward to make sure our cabin with my grandson has a towel animal every day, but let him know he can always skip ours- been there, done that. But I'm looking forward to seeing my grandson's reaction to them every day!
  4. I can't confirm personally but someone posted here a few months ago that it was $21 pp. Maybe a recent participant can confirm?
  5. LOL! I doubt the OP can make it by the time they cruise- but then again!!!
  6. I'm on a keto diet which I will TRY to not totally trash on our upcoming cruise... so I'll be bringing some nuts and beef sticks and other small snacks, hoping to fill up on that BEFORE I gorge myself on Guys Burgers and the gelato on the Lido buffet... but you know I'll be hitting those up occasionally too! Past cruises I've often brought a bag of Twizzlers with me (my secret- oops now, not soooo secret- addiction!). Never had an issue in my carry-on.
  7. Squadleader thank you for your reply. I have now read the entire thread, and yes, while some report that there appears to be a pattern of delayed embarkation after these charters, I also recall someone else said that Carnival has likely been trying to 'learn from their mistakes' and improve the process so the delays are minimized. It seems that with the other problems that were unforeseen, they missed the mark. If it was a simple matter of a booking note, Carnival could have saved the cost of $50 pp OBC, pallets of water for those waiting in line, the cost of shuttles and food vouchers for those who took advantage of them... while perhaps not monumental by their standards, these costs were not insignificant. So that reinforces my thought that all of this was quite inadvertent, and not blatant or intentional on Carnival's part. Are they blameworthy? Perhaps. Conspiracy theories aside, I don't see their actions as deliberate, when there was an easy workaround. As for those poor folks standing in line for however long it may have been, I will say that was their choice, especially when Carnival offered alternatives. Been there, done that... chose to stand for long times for different reasons in different circumstances- if I had a choice and I chose to stand there, it's on me, not on anyone else. Bottom line, to everyone who posted here, this has been good, healthy debate, and assuredly, no one is wrong, we each just have our own opinion!
  8. Ok so full disclosure, I haven't read this entire thread yet, but when I got to this post, I wanted to ask the OP if they had read the personal account of the person here who WAS ON the cruise? I specifically read her comments that said The gangway was inoperative for an hour There were issues with the luggage. While you could argue that Carnival was at fault for both of these things, I don't understand how a company like Carnival could have 'known this was going to happen the moment Tom Joyner chartered the ship'. I've heard your speculation, but I haven't read anywhere except the first-hand account from a person on the cruise that precipitated the issue and nowhere have I heard that the delays in embarkation were in whole or in part caused by all of the extra equipment necessitated by the charter. Typically equipment, like luggage, food and other items, are loaded and unloaded at the bottom of the ship, not the level that passengers embark and disembark! So if there were delays to people boarding, it should have had nothing to do with the equipment. So I'm going to respectfully question your statement that Carnival 'knowingly defrauded all the passengers who booked the April 14th cruise'. Getting people on and off the ship was delayed due to unforeseen circumstances and while I can understand why Carnival should be held accountable for that, I don't agree that it was done with 'malice aforethought' (sorry, not sure 100% what that means it just sounded good in this circumstance!).
  9. I agree completely with several others who posted here... anyone who states unequivocally that 'FTTF isn't worth it' or 'it's a complete waste of money' have no right to say that, any more than someone who might say 'FTTF is the best money you can spend on a cruiseship and you just have to buy it'! The value of the package can only be evaluated by each cruiser, and the OP was just trying to put something together that helps people understand what's entailed and whether it's important to get FTTF. If you're stating your opinion, and clearly say that ('it's worthless to me' not just 'it's worthless') then I defend your right to your opinion... but to state as fact something that everyone has the right to their own opinion on, well, that's not right.
  10. On our upcoming cruise I told my 10 YO grandson that he HAS to enroll in Camp Ocean, and HAS to go to the first night party... if he thinks it's boring or stupid or not fun or any of the other 20 excuses he's used on me to justify not going there, then he doesn't need to go back. But if he doesn't register, and meet some kids that first night, then watches them doing cool things like scavenger hunts, video game competitions, other fun things, it'll be too late. So I think you're smart to get her to go to the first party, then let her decide for herself if it's not for her!
  11. Like teknoge3k I love traveling with my smart phone... it acts as my boarding pass, my room key, my entertainment while traveling... BUT I always have a backup hardcopy just in case!
  12. Hey my friend! Glad to hear you had a great cruise! And you made it to Key West! I hope you gave it a big hello for me, and tell it I'll make it there next time (darned Harvey!!!) As for your next cruise, I'm a bit old to be your daughter or granddaughter, but can I cruise with you as your slightly younger sister???? LOL glad you had a good time. Can't wait for that Vista cruise in 62 days! I'll tell you all about it when I get back!
  13. Yeah- it was a group of Red Hatters- for those of you who don't know what that is, it's a group of ladies 'of a certain age' who get together to celebrate … whatever, wearing purple outfits and outrageous red hats (hence my avatar!) Normally we're a well-behaved well-mannered group of women, but that cruise was an eye opener for sure! Anyway, the head of our group was also the TA, so she was able to take care of the dining room issue before we boarded...
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