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  1. So I have a question- I just did a mock booking for my cruise... I have a pretty specialized cabin- an aft wrap- and nothing shows up as available. The closest comparable cabin (aft view) is quite a bit cheaper than mine. I know that Carnival doesn't always list their full inventory on the website so my question is.... how likely is it that I'd find one of the aft-wrap cabins available if I called Carnival or my PVP? FYI I don't really use my PVP anymore because, besides being with Carnival for a long time, I found her pretty useless in the past to help with any questions or issues, so I decided to just book it on the website. In other words, I can't count on her to answer this question with any degree of certainty, so I decided to ask you all instead! I'm pretty happy with the rate I got, so I'm not too concerned if I never get a price drop... I just don't want to leave any money on the table, if you get my drift!
  2. I've never seen them serve the chilled soups in a tall glass! That sounds neat!
  3. So the bottom line for pre-existing conditions is- it depends. You need to read the details on the policy you're considering, but just understand that having had an issue/condition/medical problem doesn't necessarily meet the definition of pre-existing, so you may be okay. Buyer beware- make sure you read & understand the terms of the policy you're looking to buy.
  4. Most insurance policies have an exemption for pre-existing conditions if you purchase within a pre-set number of days of booking your cruise. For example, my DH is diabetic and has hypertension. I have to purchase insurance within 10 days of booking and then those pre-existing conditions are waived. But not all of them do that- if you go to a site like insuremytrip dot com you can see exactly how the various policies handle pre-existing conditions...
  5. Badly worded? Possibly- the 'IT' I was referring to was insurance of some kind, not necessarily Carnival insurance... but I agree with your assessment of Carnival's insurance- it is very expensive for what it covers, and you can do much better with other vendors, and know that you are decently covered.
  6. That could be what it was called- I've just never heard of it before, but it makes sense! I really like the plain vanilla muffins that they have on the buffet for breakfast... they taste like a really moist cake, with a sort of crumble topping on them. Also the custard puff pastries! Sorry I can't help with the recipe for the Glorious muffins, but I'll keep any eye out here in case anyone posts it- I'd love to try it!
  7. Ths thread has been around so long I've posted twice! 384 days to go- it's practically around the corner! (it was over 500 when I booked it!)
  8. I agree 100%! BB just doesn't go far enough. If they had a package for a bit more money that included all non-alcoholic beverages (including specialty coffees) I'd definitely buy it! DH & I don't drink so Cheers isn't worth it, just to get a decent cuppa joe in the morning!
  9. We loved the Magic! It is such a lovely ship!
  10. I'm not sure which muffins you're referring to- is Glorious the name of the muffin or a description??? LOL! Can you describe them a bit? I've probably had them, just not recognizing them from your description...
  11. A bit belated, but sorry for your loss. In some ways going so quickly is a blessing, as you know he didn't suffer, but at the same time, he was so young to pass like that. And as you said, how much worse it would have been had it happened the week earlier.
  12. I was one of those people for 7 out of 10 of my cruises... my thoughts were we're healthy, reasonably young and not going on risky excursions- what could go wrong? Save the money and spend it on other things... then, as I said, in 2016 my DH was very sick (he's fine now) but it made me aware of what COULD go wrong and we started buying travel insurance. My daughter just booked a family cruse for next year- she didn't get the insurance because she says they can't afford the extra cost... I asked her if she could afford the medical bills if something happened to them on the cruise? She's young and of course, knows WAY more than I do, so she's not listening. I just told her my friend's story so I'm hoping it changes her mind!
  13. Gotcha. My friend just flew out this afternoon to the DR to be with her stepmom and to try to expedite the release of her dad’s body. My heart breaks for her.
  14. You are most likely correct- however this being in the Dominican Republic I doubt it was the US Coast Guard. I don't even know if it was the local coast guard or some local medic flight that picked him up from the ship... all I can repeat is what my friend was told, that the cost for the medivac from the ship to the hospital, the initial 24 hours in the facility, the surgery and all the other expenses they had incurred at that point was $100K, with a lot more expected.
  15. We choose YTD for the flexibility... when we are at a table for two the tables are so close together that we're actually dining with 4 other people anyway so the thought of sharing doesn't faze us! However if we had preset dining and were sharing a table with others, we would at least let the staff know if we had plans for another night- as others have said, not a deal-breaker, just common courtesy!
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