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  1. Apologies to all- we are indeed going to Costa Maya Mexico, not Costa Rica!
  2. Before we start a war here, let me say I'm COMPLETELY happy with how Carnival has handled this situation. We received an email yesterday stating that due to Vista not being able to achieve top speed our itinerary for Saturday's cruise of Montego Bay, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Cozumel has been changed to Mahogany Bay Roatan, Costa Rica and Cozumel. For our trouble, Carnival is giving us $50 PP OBC and a 25% Future Cruise Credit. If you're not happy with this offer, you can cancel with 100% refund. Our roll call has been agonizing for months now about what to do in Jamaica, and many had already decided to stay on the ship. And yet some of those same people are really upset that Carnival had to change our plans! I don't get it! I know that some had plans and this situation changed them, and for that, I'm sorry they're going to miss out on their planned excursions. But there's plenty of other opportunities to have fun. Make lemonade out of lemons, people! I personally am really excited because the 2 new ports are new to me! Never been to either of them, so it'll be something new for us! Plus we're getting OBC and now my DH is promising to let me use the 25% FCC for another cruise. Win, Win, Win!!! Also, they're saying that Vista is expected to get fixed this cruise, so it won't likely impact any future cruises! So for any of you sailing in the next few weeks, looks like you miss out on the bounty! Sorry... not sorry!
  3. You can sign in to complete your online check in (including selecting check in time) at midnight Eastern time, 90 days before your cruise... is that what you wanted to know?
  4. Gma & Gpa I had the same scenario- I was given 2 $25 mastercard gift cards... just today I bought 2 $25 cruise cash certificates for our S&S account, because I didn't want to have any hassle onboard. It worked perfectly...
  5. The coffee shop onboard does have a 'frequent flyer' card that they will punch each time you buy a specialty coffee from the coffee shop- Buy x # of coffees from there, get one free... but I don't have specifics since I've never gotten one. I drink the coffee from the Lido deck or MDR.
  6. I LOVE escargot.... but it's one of those delightful treats that I enjoy when I cruise or at a special landside restaurant... I would never make them at home, no matter how easy- it would take some of the 'special' out of eating it onboard!
  7. Okay, gotcha… most of the clubs will allow children in, so I doubt they'd keep out an adult who is 18! However they will not be allowed to drink alcohol... but drink soda, dance, have a good time? Absolutely. But to answer your question I'm not aware of any clubs that cater to just 18-21's... but you said they have one on Miracle, so I could be wrong. I've never seen one on any of the Carnival ships I've been on.
  8. None of the Carnival ships have a club for the over-18's... I have heard that sometimes they'll arrange a get-together of younger singles, but that's about it...
  9. Thanks for the link- definitely a good summary of the findings. As for the announcement that John Heald made, I agree with others that this is a lot of PR 'feel good' stuff, but it's also part of their agreement with the prosecutors, that they will work to resolve these smaller issues as a part of the overall settlement... so it's not all philanthropic on their part.
  10. Since you booked as Early Saver, changing your room is basically like canceling and booking a new cruise. So if you're before Final Payment you would forfeit your deposit, however much that was. If you're past Final Payment then you might be stuck with everything being lost. Your best bet is to call Carnival and ask them. I do know that sometimes they have some leeway with charges, especially if what you're doing is changing from one cabin to a similar cabin on the same sailing. Most here will give you advice, but Carnival is the only one who can tell you for sure. Also, if you don't like the answer you get, ask to speak to a supervisor. If that doesn't work, try calling back another time. Also, weekends and Monday mornings are not the best time to call them- they're super busy and beside the long wait you're less likely to get satisfaction. I'd try Tuesday or Wed morning. Just my 2 cents!
  11. Host Carolyn bumped this to Page 1 because there is another post about Carnival cutbacks and the OP's dissatisfaction with the Breeze and is threatening to cancel her Mardi Gras cruise.... She mentioned this topic and it started to overtake the original post, so Host Carolyn reminded people to post their comments about it here, not in that other thread.
  12. There is always a 'win' situation... either bring your own reusable straw (I'll be using my Tervis Tumbler & straw) or, here's an alternative---- sip your drink from the glass, and bypass the straw altogether! Problem solved! I personally think limiting the straws is a good thing, and there are a lot of moves that Carnival and other cruise lines can adopt to help the environment... none of which will make me stop cruising if they are slow to get around to them!
  13. Cool- thanks for the clarification! I was afraid something had changed since I last cruised... and I'll be carrying on a TON of stuff for our next cruise!
  14. @maryred To clarify, do you mean the limitations for wine & soda, or for carry-ons? I've never heard of any limitation on the number of carry-ons, as long as they fit, as you said, through the x-ray scanner and you can transport them, you can have as many carry-ons as you like. Sorry if I misunderstood.
  15. In spite of my pique at MEK and even though it probably is not ABSOLUTELY required, I'd probably follow your advice and get the letter notarized, just in case. My luck, I'd get that one butthole at DHS who would insist it needed to be!
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