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  1. Based on info on this thread I also contacted Erin, she replied that even though my time for (complimentary) nights had long passed she would honor it for a new booking. She said my TA would have to be willing to apply it to my present booking (January) and they were. I now have four free nights which sweetens a little the pain of flights from Europe to New Zealand which are way more expensive than the cruise! So thanks to you all for your positive posts here about Erin all we need now is to get a Bonnie back!
  2. We spent five weeks around Australia on the Regatta and I can assure you we wore shorts skorts capris swimwear etc on the ship all day. We have also worn shorts to the MDR and buffet at breakfast and lunch. It might not be that hot but do bring them. Have you considered Zip-off trousers we always have them with us, start off the day slightly cold then as it gets warmer make them into capri (if you have two zips) and or shorts. Happy planning
  3. John, you might find more answers here https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/80-san-juan-pr/ have you joined your roll call?
  4. We also loved both the 71 Nyhaven and The Admiral when traveling with my husband on business, but they are expensive. Last time staying pre cruise we booked the NH Collection Copenhagen which was good. We of course have no idea of your budget.
  5. If you want to check a cabin you can always pop over to the Azamara forum as their R ships are (nearly always) identical to Oceania’s. 7100 has got good reviews happy planning
  6. When I go on their site they tell me I have no booking, I always have to check manage my booking on contact form then add res nr surname and shipment date. see screen shots Hope this works
  7. Sometimes pictures say it all, this was our balcony 4156 on Nieuw Statendam. There were no lifeboats obstructing our view it was amazing, I managed to change to this one after booking a normal balcony aft(ish) on deck 4 couldn’t believe my luck!
  8. Just a heads up, when we were in Tokyo last October they were totally sold out but we kept looking online and on our last day pre cruise 8 places became available. While discussing the logistics/time etx they were down to 3! clicked booked the rest is history. So if at first you don’t succeed keep on trying.
  9. It seems more people want this Azamara Journey 4th January 2026 round trip Port Louis 16 days, its so popular
  10. If you are looking at the cruise starting on 4th January 2026 I suggest you do not wait long, this one is so popular and there are lots of bookings already.
  11. Yes first of all you walk through some (disinfected) water and then you get to dry your feet and the fun begins. Go with the flow!
  12. You are welcome just a tip, do follow their advise and wear shorts/trousers that you can roll up.
  13. Not sure if you have time but if you want something (else) completely different you could try this. https://www.teamlab.art/e/planets/ If they are full keep checking as they sometimes become available, on our last day precruise in Tokyo I looked and there were suddenly 8 available. While discussing with DH it went down to three so we were lucky. We absolutely loved this. Happy planning
  14. Just my fifty cents. I am no expert but to me it sounds like you will be going for an SS guarantee, is it not possible/cheaper to book with C.O. and chose the cabin you want. In some cases this option is cheaper but not always and it might not be available/possible on a world cruise. Happy planning with whatever you choose.
  15. We have never had any of the above problems requesting a shared table however we always stipulate max six preferably four. The reason being it is sometimes so difficult to have a proper conversation with a table for eight, and does take longer to fill up. If seated at one for four and nobody turns up they just take the cutlery etc away and we are good to go. In April on the Statendam she was filled to capacity (and then some) if you hadn’t shared in the Lido you would have starved! We just ask if seats are taken and sit down. Do however follow our buffet rule (unknown unfortunately for some, find a table first then go for food) we often see people walking around with a plate of food going cold looking for a table.
  16. Hi Miriam, I am not stalking you just saw your question and had an answer for you. We took their 4 x 4 afternoon tour organised by someone else on CC, there were four of us. I was slightly worried about motion sickness but I sat in the front and was fine. This tour is one of the highlights of our Africa cruise and I highly recommend it. https://www.sandwich-harbour.com/activities/half-day-sandwich-harbour-4x4-excursion/ Rosalyn
  17. Temperature (°F) Precipitation Port Date Avg High Low (Inches) Humidity Osaka, Japan Friday, April 11 58 66 49 5 76 Hiroshima, Japan Sunday, April 13 57 64 49 7 78 Fukuoka, Japan Monday, April 14 58 66 50 5 - Busan, South Korea Tuesday, April 15 56 62 50 5 71 Kanazawa, Japan Thursday, April 17 55 62 47 6 75 Kanazawa, Japan Friday, April 18 55 62 47 6 75 Aomori, Japan Sunday, April 20 47 54 36 3 - Hakodate, Japan Monday, April 21 45 51 37 3 -
  18. This should help. https://www.schiphol.nl/en/ as you have plenty of time if you are interested you can get a little bit of culture too! https://www.schiphol.nl/en/at-schiphol/discover/facilities/rijksmuseum/
  19. Even more off topic if you ever return to The Netherlands you can join a tour!
  20. Slightly off topic but a bit of history for HNY for those interested. https://hotelnewyork.com/hotel-new-york/history/
  21. Wow, thats kinda harsh, don’t forget they had to move because of a problem with their cabin, obviously involving packing/re packing etc. I wouldn’t just call this a “free upgrade” as if it was their choice!
  22. Hi Miriam, its been a while, When we were on Mindelo many years (2010) ago we did a 4 x 4 tour with this company. https://caboverdesafari.com/en/tours-for-cruises/ Glad to see they are still in business! we had a great time, I was worried about motion sickness but I was fine. I hope you get to see Mindelo our excursion was one of the highlights of our Mallora-Manaus cruise. Happy Planning Rosalyn
  23. Go for it we had the cabin with extended balcony on Nieuw Statendam and it was great never heard any noise. You must have got a cancellation because these ones usually go first. October in Europe? its a big place but weather in Spain Italy Greece etc should be warm to hot. Happy Planning
  24. We were there last year and had already visited Rottnest, we took a guided tour round the prison. It was very interesting and definitely worth a visit, nearly opposite was a farmers market.
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