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  1. Before you attach your shareholder's statement, blank out the number of your account. For anyone to take your stock they would need that and probably your PIN number as well.
  2. Yes, it is a new requirement and there is no way around it.
  3. You are lucky. My experience with Stockperks has been one problem after another. When I finally registered then got my stockholding verified I applied for the OBC as I had to. I was stunned to get an email saying that I wasn't eligible because I had booked a discounted fare. What??? I booked following receipt of an email from P&O that would have been sent to probably thousands of people. It wasn't specially discounted. I had to apply to P&O. Anyway, finally today after a couple of weeks, I have got the OBC. The amount of time I have spent on this was far in excess of $100 value. Not happy with the process at all.
  4. Our worst locally was 12 metres seas on the little Pacific Pearl. Another bad one was crossing the Drake Passage in a small expedition ship. I was literally thrown out of bed. I skidded across the cabin floor. Luckily I had no injuries except bruises but a few others weren't so lucky.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion of going to Guest Services. I hope my application goes through OK and I don't have to do that.
  6. You have to be kidding!! I emailed them around 10-11 days ago and received a polite response telling me to go via Stockperks. I responded that I don't have a smartphone and I don't 'do apps'. I received a reply saying that I would have to go through the Stockperks app. This whole process has taken many hours. Anyway, I have answered my initial question. We were out for a few hours, during which time I decided I would have one more attempt at the Stockperks app. As I mentioned previously, for the date of the cruise, it gave a month, date and year. When we touched these, pressed them or whatever, nothing happened. Although there was nothing to indicate that I should do so, I scrolled on the date (that was the one that was wrong) and it was like a spinning dial. I managed to get the date correct and complete my application.
  7. What a saga that isn't finished yet. First, the app wouldn't accept my Bigpond email so I finally switched to gmail. That worked OK. Of course, with the Easter holiday there has been a week's delay getting approval. It finally came through overnight. Stockperks is in New York. Now the next step. I have gone into the Stockperks app and put in my booking number (so far so good), then I have to put in the cruise date. there are only three options - April 5 2023, May 6 2024 and June 7 2025. I am not crazy - these are the options the app gives me. There is no way I can change the dates. Our cruise is 3rd May so obviously I can't proceed past this roadblock of the date of the cruise. P&O suggest I email Stockperks which I have done, but I am hoping someone on here might have had the same problem and found a way around it. Please help if you can.
  8. Agreed. If the port is in an undeveloped country AND a tender is required to get back to the ship, I would have only taken a private tour if it was a morning tour with planned return time of 1pm at the latest. I am not familiar with this port, but maybe being an island, the tour would not have taken the people terribly far from the port. Surely, if it get to (say) 1pm and it doesn't appear that you were heading back to the port, you would tell the tour operator to cancel the rest of the tour and head back - NOW. I read that the woman organiser said she told the tour operator they had to be back by 3pm. Crazy. That does not allow for any problems. She should have said they had to be back by 1pm, or at the latest 2pm.
  9. I have heard that they access the passenger's safe and give the passports to the Port Agent, but I haven't heard that they pack their belongings as well. I have never seen that happen. Keep in mind it would take at least an extra hour to pack up everything.
  10. I feel that the passenger who blamed the cruiseline for not following their duty of care, was 'red hot'. The passengers (and the local tour company) are to blame. The passengers said they told the local tour company that they had to be back by 3pm. Big mistake! If the last tender is at 3pm they should have told the tour company it was at 2pm. Although I feel they have a valid complaint that the ship wouldn't allow them to board when the local authorities took them to the ship in their boat. To refuse at that point appears that the ship's authorities were trying to make a point.
  11. Happy Easter to you also Les. I hope you are getting along OK. 🙂
  12. I would keep meds in the original containers if I was travelling in the Middle East and also many other countries. However, when I board a ship in Australia and the meds remain on the ship until I return to Australia, I haven't found it necessary.
  13. They don't have to have a smart phone or use the QR code. In January we were on a Princess cruise with my daughter and her family. I printed out the booking form etc and just showed that (that didn't look closely) to be allowed into the terminal. At the check in desk they had all the info on the computer system.
  14. A shuttle bus is what is required, not a 'public' bus that stops constantly at bus stops and takes forever to get to the CBD. Princess has a shuttle to the CBD. For two people the shuttle is a little bit cheaper than a taxi, but for a group of four, a taxi would be better. The problem could be that there are plenty of taxis at the terminal on turn-around days, but probably not many on days when a ship has a port call. Of course, a taxi can be ordered by phone. To get a taxi back at the end of the day would be easy.
  15. Where did you find it hard to get seats? Because you mention 'waiter' I suppose you mean the dining room. On our recent Coral Princess cruises we were allocated a table for our family group for dinner so we went directly to that table every night after the first night. For breakfast and lunch they always found a table for us without any delay. Also it didn't require a tip.🙂
  16. If the Princess tour is a disembarkation one, you would have your luggage in the bins under the bus. These tours usually end at the airport. Australia Zoo is a long way north of Brisbane so it wouldn't be easy to get to without a tour.
  17. I saw a problem a couple had who had booked and paid in advance for a taxi. There were much more than a dozen cabs waiting but this couple were told it would be another 45 minutes before their taxi turned up. Unless you need a maxi taxi (when you might have to wait a short while), I would just walk out and get in the first cab. If you are unlucky you might have to wait 10 minutes or to but most times, there have been quite a few taxis waiting for customers.
  18. You wouldn't be transferred at 7am. Probably the earliest would be 9am. Usually everyone is off the ship by 9.30 or so. Why not get a taxi? It would not be any more expensive (maybe a few dollars cheaper) and you can go as early as you want.
  19. It could be worth checking with the company you have the multi trip insurance with, to see if they cover cruises.
  20. That should be enough unless you became seriously ill and needed to be evacuated from the ship. Your call ......
  21. That changes things. I thought you previous mention of these amounts referred to the amount of cover you would have while on a cruise. US$50,00 would be plenty, but $1,000 could be risky. If one of you became ill on the ship, your bill would very quickly reach $1,000.
  22. I have been on a few cruises that called into New Caledonia in the last two years. Each time at check in I was asked if I had insurance. I pulled out the hard copy of my insurance details and an email from the bank to show that we were covered. They didn't really look at it. I feel that you should have a policy that covers cruising, but (as I said earlier) I would take the least expensive option you can find.
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