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  1. The OP will be fine with those dress choices. On some ships, they've been trying out a very casual dress code for one night only where shorts and tees are acceptable. If the ship is doing that, inquire about what night from reservations, or look in the fun times for a blurb promoting it.
  2. You never know.....I called the Diamond desk on Friday Feb 7 for a Conquest week long Feb 8 cruise. The Diamond desk told me the only categories open were guarantee OV and balconies. Now I already saw insides available online, so I thanked the Diamond Desk, booked a guaranteed inside solo for myself for $1250 on the Carnival website, which included port charges, Taxes and gratuities. About 4 hours later, I found out I was assigned balcony cabin # 6228. A bit too forward for my choosing, and over the theater, but since I don't get back to the cabin until after midnight, noise from any shows wasn't a factor.
  3. Could be that someone else cancelled FTTF or their entire cruise and when that slot opened, another FTTF lurker booked it a few seconds before the OP attempted to get it.
  4. In 17 years of cruising, I have not spent a penny on booze for myself. ZERO. I don't even order alcohol when I have free drinks coming my way via loyalty coupons or casino perks.. On occasion, I would pop for drinks for others.
  5. If we are dining at a table for two, which happens a lot since I turned Diamond, MDR dinner can average about an hour or so. If we are seated at a 6, 8, or 10 top with other couples, at least an hour and a half, sometimes 2 hrs. If the OP is concerned about time, perhaps asking those at the table to preview the night's menu on the hub app might shorten the length of the meal.
  6. I always accepted the long length of Carnival pax lines as "normal" until I started cruising other cruise lines. My experience is with about 40 Carnival seven day sailings. The embarkation, debarkation and buffet lines on Carnival are ridiculously long, compared to Royal or NCL, even MSC. On a January Royal Symphony sailing (6,000 pax), we did a walk off debarkation, and there were just 11 people in front of us. It almost felt like I was doing a Carnival Diamond priority debarkation.
  7. Many times, this issue was never a question with Carnival or any other line when boarding, but did arise when returning through Customs at the end of the cruise. USCPP agents were tasked with IDing any possible sex trafficking or child abductions and not having the same last name between a minor and an adult was a trigger to ask more questions. Now with facial recognition screens replacing many active agent face to face interactions, the likelihood of being questioned by an agent is minimal.
  8. Whenever I ordered the old previous method, I always got a diagonal cut toasted slice of french bread with the snails. I used that plus some softer bread from the basket on the table to soak up the leftover garlic and oil juice.
  9. My one roll on piece of luggage usually weighs between 25 and 30 lbs. I've used it for a 21 day B2B as well as a 2 month Australia/New Zealand/Cook Islands land vacay.
  10. Been to all these ports several times. Also stayed on Grenada at the old LaSource Hotel on Pink Gin Beach (now a Secrets) and on Antigua at Galley Bay and Cocobay Hotels. Good to see Carnival returning to these ports! I would go again, just not on this old Farcusized ship.
  11. The absolutely first ever maiden Carnival cruise hit a sandbar and was stranded within sight of Miami Beach. With the preponderance of electronic media, both professional and personal, and the immense #'s of cruise ship passengers today, there could probably be an incident reported daily.
  12. Thanks, that was exactly how my snails looked on the Conquest last week. Some type of eggy concoction around the little critters. I do prefer the previous preparation in garlic and oil.
  13. Last week on the Conquest, it was a small rubber luggage tag.
  14. Exactly! When there was a lot of negative hype about tourists deaths in the Dominican Republic, I waited until there were drastic price cuts and then booked an ocean facing honeymoon suite 4* AI hotel with RT air and hotel transfers for under $2500. Last week, I had a 7 day Carnival Conquest cruise solo fare for $1250 total in a balcony room last minute (booked 24 hrs. before sailing). More panic, more price drops, keep the false news going!
  15. It's all in the advertising and promotion . It's done in many different areas, like "no added sugar", "low fat", "blah blah free", etc. Sometimes when I compare the advertised "healthy" or "safe" choice, it is no better than the original, and sometimes even worse. Read labels and compare!
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