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  1. Thanks to the OP for the review and comparision. While I've only cruised Celebrity 3X, and Carnival perhaps 40x, Celebrity is my fav mass cruise line. It can be similar in price as Carnival, but one needs to be diligent in checking fares. Two of my Celebrity cruises were solo out of San Juan on the Summit, and those were infinitely better than Carnival's Fascination. I loved the Summit's adult only inside solarium, great place to relax a bit after coming back from an excursion. One little thing the OP failed to mention on cabin comparision is that Celebrity, as most other cruise lines, has sliding glass doors to the balcony. This eliminates all the door slamming I hear on Carnival, which makes for a more peaceful balcony experience. I'm glad the OP mentioned the glass shower door, which most other mass lines have, as opposed to Carnival's vinyl curtain. The final thing I'd like to add is that Celebrity has a greater range of specialty dining than Carnival which is a big plus for me.
  2. There were plenty of senior snowbirds on Florida beaches as well as spring breakers. Our local TV news had similar interviews with both, but the national news just carried the drunk breakers. During the 18 month long toxic red tide we recently had here in SW FL the local news usually ran a story each week about northerners who saw nothing wrong with the water and were adamant about swimming and sunbathing. They paid for their vacation and were going to enjoy it, why would we let a little microbe in the Gulf bother us? Idiots come in all ages and states. BTW, I am a
  3. These 5 stages have long been used to describe how people grieve the loss of someone close to them. It had been expanded to define how folks in early addiction recovery view their relationship to alcohol or drugs. It is not a linear progression, meaning that one can go through the first 2 or 3 stages, then revert back to the first one. This model also allows someone to be in 2 or more stages at the same time. I guess it can be applied to the loss of travel, even if tongue in cheek. I do believe that the severity of feelings that occur when grieving are hundreds of times more powerful than the loss of a week's vacation on a cruise ship. At least I hope so.
  4. I'm thinking that the OP believes we will have annual or seasonal COVID 19 events from now on since COVID 10 is specifically mentioned in most of his clauses? I'm inclined to think that while there might be a resurgence of COVID 19 sometime in the future, it's more likely the next viral threat or pandemic will be of a different nature than COVID 19 (or SARS, or EBOLA, or whatever). It may require different prevention and containment practices, vaccines and therapies to halt and treat the new danger Preparation for any pandemic infection can be helpful for whatever version the next infection takes
  5. LOL. They may still have Cratchit doing the sslllllllooooooowwwwwww passenger refunds, but fare charges are instantly tallied and appear within 12 to 48 hours on a consumer's CC Any company should be able to process electronic charges and refunds in the same amount of time.
  6. Not at all. Carnival just won't do something like a test because of the time, added personnel and extra cost involved. They will just sail without it.
  7. We cancelled our Legend cruise out of Dover to the Norwegian fjords this June. Very disappointed to do so, but it was the right call for us. I think we were about 93 days out from sailaway when I cancelled. We had a midship extended balcony which had sold out, but a mock booking the same day we cancelled showed lots of available cabins. Guess we weren't the only ones cancelling ahead of any announcement from Carnival.
  8. If the OP is saying that everyone must go through a 5 minute test for COVID 19, think how much longer the entire embarkation process will become. The ship will never be able to depart a home port the same day it started taking on passengers. Will NEVER happen.
  9. I would hope that the cabins get deep cleaned and sanitized when the crew vacates them. Since it is impossible to test all the crew, any who have the virus but are asymptomatic can leave the virus in the cabin after their stay. No one would know except the next inhabitants of that cabin. Yeah, it seemed like a real feel good heartfelt story, but sometimes in times like this, you have to peel back the veneer to get the real deal. I admire Captain Kate and fully expect that she has a plan to sanitize every cabin that her crew will have used.
  10. I cancelled a Norway fjords cruise yesterday since it was 92 days out from its sail date. I didn't want to wait for Carnival to cancel since that might come around 30 days out. Except for the deposit and an Amex promotion, I paid 80% of the fare with discounted AARP gift cards, and Carnival will give me that amount back in non expiring gift card. By being over 90 days out and having used gift cards for the fare I avoided the restrictions of a FCC.
  11. I've dined in the steakhouse often, probably over 40 times, and my waiters made me aware of the varied salt choices when Carnival "upgraded" to the latest menu format. So if I get a lazy or lightly trained waiter, I can tell them my choice without getting the presentation. I hope everyone is aware that you can also request different steak sauces for your meat entree. I usually get Himalayan salt with a peppercorn sauce. Mushroom and bearnaise are the other sauces.
  12. I called Carnival's Diamond Desk yesterday at 10:30AM and was connected to a live agent almost immediately.
  13. There's another thread where a poster tried to apply their new FCC to another cruise they had booked as well, but claim they were told the FCC can only be applied to new bookings. Perhaps a different NCL agent might say something else, perhaps not. It doesn't seem like info from the corporate top is percolating down to front line agents and the NCL web site quickly and/or accurately.
  14. We have already received a full refund to our credit card for a "non-refundable" stay at a Hilton Garden Hotel on 3/20. We had to explain that because our Egypt vacation with a return flight from Cairo to JFK was cancelled by coronavirus, we would not be anywhere close to NYC on that date. Explained nicely, and the travel agent we used to book the hotel contacted Hilton and the credit went through immediately.
  15. The one that can enter ports and avoid quarantine.
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