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  1. If I had been on this cruise, with 20 plus foot waves bouncing the ship causing damage to the furnishings and making it impossible to be out on deck or enjoy the casino, theater, dining, etc., I would not be a happy cruiser. Missing the major ports of all of Iceland would only add to my disappointment. I can empathize with those on board who had to deal with these horrid conditions. However, I do not condone the manner in which some of the pax expressed their feelings. In fact, those who crossed the line from peaceful expression to blatant rudeness and worse should be banned from sailing NCL (and possibly other lines as well). I do wonder if the cruise lines' alcohol packages had anything to do with how pax conducted themselves.
  2. My post said nothing about his employment. It was just a comment that he might recover from his injuries.
  3. Like all the diabetic obese pax who order multiple entrees for dinner in the MDR and overload their plates at the buffet? That kind of responsibility? Hopefully the guy who fell recovers.....but for the grace........
  4. The Celebrity dress code allows for some variety and is no longer as strict as it used to be for "elegant" night. The answer for why it changed probably comes from their customers requesting it. There are many things that used to considered de riguer for formal dress that we don't even think about today. Times change and so do attitudes and standards. Imagine the typical American woman of today trying to fit into a corset and a bustle dress with hat and gloves to match.
  5. La Romana - Day pass at a resort, great beaches, food & transportation usually inc. GT - Walk pass the crowds at MV and head down the beach towards Jacks Shack or other local vendor. Both the food and the sand get better the more you walk away from the throngs. Aruba - so much to do here, beaches, shopping, snorkeling, gambling, fishing. Curacao - some small beaches here, very good snorkeling tours available as well..
  6. The last time I wore my tux on a cruise was 4 years ago on Celebrity. We had probably done the dress thing 10 times or so before finally saying enough. We're on Celebrity next week and I'm planning on dress pants or dockers and a button down shirt for the 1st elegant night, dockers and a golf shirt for any other night. Perhaps if/when we sail on Regent or Cunard we'll go formal again. Otherwise my tux will remain home until the g-kids start getting married.
  7. Some workarounds I use as a frequent traveler on extended vacations prior to leaving: 1) I tend to re-order any recurring prescriptions as soon as I can, and that eventually leads to an extra month or two extra supply. 2) If my physician writes a new script for a new dosage, I build up an extra supply. {He has even replaced a daily 10 mg dose with a new order of 5 mg twice a day.} It also depends where we travel. I had a shoulder bag containing my meds stolen in Barcelona. I was amazed that I could get Eliquis and Bystolic without a doctor's order at any pharmacia. Got 60 days of one and 90 days of the other for less than my co-pay back in the USA.
  8. Eastern itinerary is usually easier from MIA or FLL. If you want to do a Southern, probably best to sail from SJU on another line. Otherwise, look for a Journeys cruise from MIA or FLL that can take you as far south as Barbados or Granada or the ABC's.
  9. True, but it is a start. One's other postings can be seen from your ID. Ask a 10 yr old how to trace your info. Just by being on line, most of us leave a trail of digital bread crumbs to follow.
  10. I have a little difficulty walking sometimes, due to advancing age, arthritis and stenosis. But I usually force myself to get some steps in by choosing a cabin midway between stairs/elevators midship. I find that most times the enforced walk helps me to keep moving, greasing the joints so to speak. They stay "rusty" if I don't move and then hurt even more, lending to even more inertia and weight gain. I lost 10 lbs during a 15 day TA and subsequent stay in Barcelona, but then got home, sat in front of my computer reading CC posts I missed while away, and found those same 10 lbs packed on again!
  11. Yes, different parts of the world have different traditions. Some countries still slaughter whales. I've been on boats off Samana DR that will try to herd whales and their babies between them for longer viewing opportunities. In Moorea we had a baby whale telescope our boat from less than 5' away since they are very curious, but Dr Michael Poole doesn't allow any tactile or touching interactions. In Hawaii, a whale boat operator has to stay a minimum distance from the mammals and may have to back away if a whale approaches too closely. What's normal and encouraged in one country can be illegal and dangerous in another and a conversation should include both sides for a fuller understanding.
  12. No one has mentioned Cable Beach yet. A 20 minute cab or bus ride from the port gets you to a great stretch of sand that has 3 hotels, restaurants and a casino adjacent to it. There are many snorkel trips available a short boat ride from the pier - Nassau is the only place where I spotted a massive 3 1/2 or 4 foot sunfish. Pearl Island excursions has a little bit of sun, sand and water as well as an included lunch. Less crowded and way less $$$ than Atlantis. I realize many cruisers are put off by the locals trying to get their attention and money, perhaps post Dorian their attitude may change, but the need for economic relief is greater than ever. Do some research and get past the immediate port area and you might discover a better Bahamanian experience.
  13. Is part of the conversation about touching whales concerning how this is frowned upon and sometimes illegal in other parts of the world like Hawaii and Tahiti?
  14. This thread has got to be one of the most informative lessons I've learned about cruising on CC, thanks mainly to Chengkp75. Amazing that data was actually exchanged, without any name calling, popcorn fetching and provocation that pops up in threads about dress codes, priority, rule bending, etc. Thanks!
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