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  1. I am worried the Crow's Nest will be used by PW on our cruise next month on the Volendam. Last time we were on the Volendam in 2007 PW held their phony art auctions in the Atrium which was fine.
  2. We enjoy the Crows Nest on Sea days, its the perfect place to spend the day, a bar and specialty coffee close by too. We were really upset that Park West could monopolize this venue every sea day. It was usually closed from 10am to 5pm to other guests.
  3. We were on the Oosterdam in 2022 from Trieste and Park West closed the Crows Nest most sea days for their phony art auctions. Our complaints to guest services did no good.
  4. You need to understand a drydock does not necessarily mean any interior upgrades of cabins. Most drydocks are for required maintenance, safety inspections and at most some soft goods refreshing of the interior like carpets in common areas. I think we get too fixated on drydocks for complete interior refurbishments which are both expensive and time consuming.
  5. Much better cruise review, pointing out the flaws and the pros without making it a rant. Thank you, we will be on the Volendam next month.
  6. We were on the Koningsdam last November and the smoking in the whole casino was horrible. Smoke propagated up the stairwells near the casino and out to the shops. It was the worse smoking I can remember on any ship. HAL needs to step up like other lines and ban smoking in all indoor venues like the casinos.
  7. Our cruises post Covid have all been in the retreat. I had organized several private tours with other passengers in our Roll Calls and in ports with tenders we all meet at the Retreat Lounge and get escorted to the tenders by the Retreat concierges and get priority boarding.
  8. Its a CCL policy to cut down on plastic bottles onboard ships. Empty plastic water bottles have a tendency to end up in the ocean after being blown or even thrown overboard. I personally think it is a responsible and a good policy. We bring with us insulated stainless steel water bottles on any cruise or trips that we refill with water from cans, glass bottles or refill stations on the ships. We never use plastic water bottles on land either as millions of tons of them end up in landfills every year.
  9. On the Oosterdam in 2022 we had a similar situation with the cabin directly below ours with a guy smoking on his balcony almost nonstop. The first time I reported the guy, guest services security people came to our cabin first to see the guy smoking below us, then talked to the guy. The next day the guy was smoking on his balcony again and a call to GS got him another reprimand. After the 3rd time he smoked and was reported I saw him and his partner being escorted off the ship at the next available port.
  10. It also seems to settle, at least on Rotterdam, the question about fresh squeezed OJ being on the Elite BP.
  11. Make sure to keep that card in case any questions come up on the cruise.
  12. HAL is very consistent about being inconsistent. After reading this whole thread I am more confused than ever.
  13. We got lucky and snagged the very last aft facing cabin on our Koningsdam cruise last November We added CO when we booked and there was not a higher meta category cabin to upgrade to, so instead of the upgrade we got from HAL, $100 OBC which was gravy, we booked CO for the CO dining room which we absolutely loved.
  14. RCI is not part of the group that owns HAL, Celebrity which is part of RCI allows water to be brought aboard. Also Celebrity bev packages have no limits on the number of drinks both alcohol and non-alcohol per day.
  15. Our cruise on the Volendam next month is 100% sold out and I suspect we will see similar offers. We are in a Vista suite with a balcony and there is no way we would volunteer to downgrade to an obstructed OV cabin. Looks like HAL has oversold most of the Volendam Canada/NE cruises for the next two months.
  16. On the Koningsdam last November we got fresh squeezed OJ with our CO room service breakfast menu at no charge, it was also available in the CO dining room for breakfast.
  17. We will be on the Volendam next month with the Elite BP, will be interesting to see if this policy has changed.
  18. The aft facing verandah cabins are usually the first to get booked for the reasons you mentioned. Getting one with a CO upgrade is not very easy to snag.
  19. HAL only sells a limited number of CO per cruise, once they are sold out that is it unless they have cancelations of booked cruises. CO is even more limited in the Pinnacle class ships as the CO dining rooms are small and limited in capacity.
  20. I understand the debt problems, but in 2022 they had the same debt issues and were telling customers, like us, that the Marina would receive the same refurbishment as the Riviera received post covid. It just leaves a bad taste for our first Oceania cruise and is the same type of issues that caused us to leave cruising with other lines. If they are so worried about debt maybe they should cut down on all of the mailings they send out, we on average get 3 or more Oceania brochures in the mail every week that go directly into the trash.
  21. We will be in an A3 cabin on the Marina next March. When we booked this cruise almost 2 years ago, we were told by Oceania that the Concierge cabins would get totally refurbished before our cruise including adding walk in showers in the bathrooms. We are very disappointed but will not cancel our cruise, just feeling like we got bait and switched.
  22. I agree, we never eat dinner in the Lido, we want to be served and treated like we are in a fine dining restaurant. I have had the scallops in the Pinnacle Grill and agree they are not very good as I suspect they are frozen which ruins the taste and quality. We have 2 nights in Boston pre cruise, so I hope to find some good scallops there. We are staying in the Hotel Indigo next to Boston Garden. The only HIA that includes gratuities is the Early Booking Premium HIA promo, which we have since we booked almost 2 years ago for our cruise next month.
  23. I am with you on the HIA package. We are on the Volendam next month for the 11 day Boston to Montreal cruise. We booked early and got the Early Booking HIA bonus with Elite drinks, premium Wi-Fi and prepaid gratuities for the same standard HIA package price. Add in the shore excursion credit and specialty restaurant credits we will come out way ahead with this promo Premium HIA package. To @teacherman thank you for your review. You mentioned the poor beef quality but how were the other entrees including the seafood ones? Did you have a New England seafood night in the Lido? I have seen it mentioned and we are interested in trying it.
  24. If it was me, I would bring my own favorite tea just in case, it wouldn't take much room to pack. Not sure about HAL, but Celebrity cruises from the UK and northern Europe will provide a hot water kettle upon request to accommodate the large number of UK passengers. Good luck and have a great cruise on the fabulous Rotterdam.
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