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  1. AA does not let you get seats or change seats online until the tickets are paid for by Celebrity or any cruise line, however if you call Celebrity air they can book your seats prior to FP. Other airlines like United and Delta will let you change seats on their web sites if you have FF account with them. One airline to avoid is British Airways, we are booked in business class from Venice to Heathrow in September and they want $156 to choose seats prior to 24 hours before departure which is ridiculous. This connection from Venice was the only one that worked for us to get home after our cruise.
  2. I agree, I have several friends who are too much like your sister and I guess the remote chance one could get the virus and die is not enough incentive to get vaccinated. My two sisters are habitual anti-vaccers, however they both like me are over 65 and want to cruise again, so they got fully vaccinated in March.
  3. Wait a couple of weeks and see how many are complying with wearing a mask. It took a couple of weeks before most here in Texas did the same after the state mask mandate ended in mid March. Now two months later only a handful of local business other than medical facilities have a Mask Required sign on the entry doors and their number are going down every day. Local Walmart's reported today that they will no longer require masks. I would also estimate that only about 50% or less still wear a mask indoors and less than 10% outdoors. It takes a while to ditch the mask habit after a year of bein
  4. Did they actually enforce the masking or just have a sign on the entry that said they were required? Many stores here in Texas still have those mask required signs on the entry but they do not enforce them. I have not worn a mask anywhere for weeks, and nobody has challenged me on it at any business. Texas has had no mask mandate since mid March.
  5. A fully vaccinated friend tested positive for the virus and had no symptoms other than what he thought was his seasonal allergies. He only got tested so that he could go back to his office in his state.
  6. We would not be going to Oregon if we didn't have to go for a family memorial. I will not spend any leisure money or time in states that continue these ridiculous mask mandates in light of the CDC new guidelines. South Dakota is wide open and on our land travel list this summer, looks like we will have to bypass your state, unfortunately. I hope the citizens of Colorado remember which politicians keep promoting the ridiculous mask requirements in the next election.
  7. I have the same concern on flying both domestic and International. However at yesterday's press conference their was a reference to new transportation guidelines coming out in the next week or so from the CDC, so maybe this will be relaxed for the fully vaccinated. My bigger concern are the states like Oregon still requiring masks 100% indoor and outdoor, even when driving a car. Will these states now follow the science and drop their ridiculous masking requirements? We are going to Oregon the last week of June for a family memorial for my wife's mother who passed last year. Here i
  8. This is what I think will happen too, since the Oosterdam in in the UK currently with no place to go. Also the last published Eurodam cruise ends in Athens on Sept 12th which is when the Westerdam was to start four 12 night cruises between Athens and Venice, so we could get switched to the Eurodam. I would prefer the Eurodam over the Oosterdam as it is newer with more specialty restaurant venues. Some people on the Sept 12th Westerdam rollcall have been saying that HAL unofficially has already began switching them to the Eurodam, something my TA can not get HAL to confirm.
  9. Aug 1 is not in July so I hope you get to cruise. My TA and HAL keeps saying that our Westerdam cruise from Athens is still a go in September while the Westerdam is currently anchored in La Paz Mexico.
  10. My mistake I meant for HAL not Celebrity, thanks I caught it in time to edit OP.
  11. Carnival has canceled most cruises through end of July, does this include the cruises in July for Northern Europe for HAL? The reason I am asking is for a friend not on CC who is booked on the New Statendam in July from Amsterdam. Cruise giant Carnival extends cancellations for most ships by another month (msn.com)
  12. That is the same answer my TA got from Celebrity. I wish more would realize this fact, the CDC has zero authority for any cruise that doesn't use any US ports in a cruise.
  13. Dan, thank you I live in Texas too and I will no longer play the masking game. My wife and I are fully vaccinated and have seen no real proof that we should still wear silly cloth masks.
  14. Thankfully the CDC has no authority on cruises that do not depart or return to US ports. Hopefully cruises in non US locations like Europe will use more common sense. Why would any one want to take a cruise under some of these rebdiculous CDC requirements? This could be the end to US based cruising.
  15. Hawaii is a nightmare with their restrictions. Two weeks ago my fully vaccinated sister and brother in law flew to Maui Hawaii first class on American from DFW. They both got their required negative PCR Covid tests the day before departure and when they landed at the Maui airport they were told that although they had been vaccinated and got the correct negative PCR test, it wasn't from an "Hawaii approved vendor" like CVS and they wouldn't accept the results. They were given the option of forced confined quarantine at an approved hotel with no outside contacts for 5 days or turn around and f
  16. For now HAL is saying they will accept the CDC cards that vaccinated people are getting in the US. The bigger question will be if the EU will accept the cards in light of some form of electronic passport to enter the EU to board a cruise ship?
  17. This week HAL canceled all Med cruises through Aug 31st on the Westerdam and the Volendam. The Eurodam is being moved to Athens to do four, 7 day, cruises from Athens in August to end Sept 12th. We are booked on the Westerdam in September 12th but expect it to be canceled or switched to another ship. The Westerdam is currently anchored in La Paz Mexico. If you book anything make sure it is not done with a non refundable deposit, that is what we did on our Westerdam cruise which has now been rebooked 4 times. It seems HAL is making changes to their summer cruise schedules every week so all
  18. I called HAL yesterday about our Sept 24th Westerdam cruise and was told it was still scheduled, I told the lady I didn't see how it was going to, and she hung up on me. We had already booked the similar cruise for 2022 anyway as our back up. The CDC has no controls over cruising rules outside of the US, any restrictions are imposed by either the countries visited or the cruise lines.
  19. The Westerdam starts the Greek cruises on Sept 12 with 12 and 24 day itineraries between Athens and Venice. The Eurodam arrives in Venice on September 12th, so I could see it then taking on the 12 day Westerdam itineraries departing Venice on Sept. 12th. The HAL website doesn't, as of today, show any Eurodam cruises after arriving in Venice on Sept. 12th. For me sailing on the Eurodam is an upgrade from the Westerdam with more specialty dinning options and being a much newer ship.
  20. I find it very unsettling that HAL waits until after Final Payment dates to announce cruise cancelations. Yesterdays announcement said the Westerdam, July and August, cruises are canceled but nothing about the September ones. July and August cruises are already past FP dates so HAL can hope that they can give out more FCC and keep payments. We are booked on a September 24th Westerdam cruise from Athens, which isn't canceled yet, FP is mid June. I do not see HAL bringing the Westerdam all the way to the Med from La Paz Mexico for a few cruises in September and early October, so why not just ca
  21. My next door neighbor is a pediatric health care worker at a local Children's hospital and she got COVID in April 2020. She is in her late 40's and it was a very severe case of Covid that has left her with permanent lung and heart damage. She also got it again last December and it was not a very bad case, fortunately. She also was one of the first heath care workers to get vaccinated in January. She also was in Africa last month as she is a volunteer with Doctors without Borders. She has told me that she knows a lot of heath care workers, who like her, have some long term health issues from
  22. Since when does an American President care if an executive order is legal? Obama, Trump and now Biden have all done it.
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