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  1. Sorry; haven't read the entire thread due to our lousy service ~ just a bit here and there. Thought you were talking about issues other than the internet...
  2. Yikes. What kind of issues? We're booked on the 1st (of 2) inaugural cruises out of FLL on the 1st. Gladly, it's only a 3 night cruise so I hope we can manage whatever the issues are. For such a quick cruise, I won't worry about the internet and will simply use our phones!
  3. Not sure where the ship is now and think you're well behind us on your TA. We're currently on the Emerald TA and will arrive in FLL on Monday. Of course, we have Medallion.Net. Yesterday it was down for most of the day. Those of us who signed up for the unlimited access received a 30% refund to our accounts this a.m. due to the extremely poor service. Feel so sorry for the internet service manager....
  4. Sorry not to respond sooner but the internet on the Emerald has been down or veerrryyyy slow! I do know our place but it wouldn't work for you as there were only two twin beds in our tiny place. I'm sure you can find something as good as what we did. We loved our place and Copenhagen in general. Enjoy!!
  5. Makes sense to me. Tired of the expense of flying from place to place when some of these cruises make it easy to jump of for a quick stay in desired location. Thinking about looking into one that does So. Africa as I'm ready to do a safari there as well and can either make that a stopping point or mid-point. You learn a lot when you hit the road constantly - we're traveling about 6 months this year and keep learning on each trip! Enjoy your planning ~ found that is half of the fun!
  6. So...for the 2019 winter/spring WC passengers were offered the option to sign up for the 2021 WC since the 2020 had already been offered/launched a year earlier. People we know go every two years. What I am slowly learning (since we won't do our 1st until 2021) is that it is not uncommon for people to jump off during the WC; tour an area of interest; meet back up with the ship a week later at another port not too far away. It may sound crazy to some but I understand the concept as last year we flew to Barcelona for 2 week Med cruise; flew to Nairobi for 2 week safari in Kenya/Tanzania; flew to Copenhagen for the 11 night Baltic cruise spending time at the cities of embarcation for several days. That being said ~ there is a huge expense doing it that way & when I look at the track of some of the WC's it would cut out a lot of air travel which gets a bit pricey...
  7. I think we're talking about two different cruises. I talking about the one that starts in January 2021 out of FLL. I didn't even know they had more than one WC a year. 2021 will be our first!
  8. My cruise was basically the same and will keep my 3FF+specialty dining...
  9. Friends of ours who have done multiple WC's told me that they did book the 2021 while they were on-board the 2019 WC well in advance of release to the elites and then the rest of the cruising public the next day. We were able to book the day it was released and guess we should feel fortunate.
  10. We traveled from Madrid to Figueres (north of Barcelona) yesterday with a 10 minute stop at Barcelona Sants which is the same station you will use. No problems yesterday at all. We're heading back to Barcelona in the morning and hope to have no issues then either. We decided to head down on a mid-morning train as we're staying in Eixample.
  11. I expected something was happening there as I saw what appeared to be protests on the news and we were unable to buy train tickets from Figueres to the Santa station for the end of this week. We went to the train station and were finally able to purchase tickets from them last night.
  12. @marazul I've looked at your map several times at the affected areas and can not clearly find where we will be staying on Rambla de Catalunya 103 with respect to the most active areas. We'll be one city block from Casa Mila and I thought I had read somewhere that there were problems in that area. Also, we'll be arriving into the Sants station on Friday and am hoping there won't be problems there. We've been in Madrid for almost a week and have been watching the news at night and in the last few days saw what looked to be some nasty demonstrations around the Sants station. Can you shed any light for me? Thanks!
  13. Done Alaska twice on the Coral and loved it both times. Been on the Royal several times in Caribbean but wouldn't want to take it in AK. You'll love the Coral. Hope they have the same naturalist we did this past May. She was awesome!
  14. Just flew from Tampa to Lisbon 6 weeks prior to our cruise for $360USD. Flexibility is great. Princess allowed us to fly to Lisbon but the cruise departs from Barcelona! Love it. We use EZAir for all international travel.
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