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  1. Coral. Did it twice and would do it again. Been on Coral three times and still love it!
  2. Don't remember which side of the train we were on (think right) but we were able to see; no problem. Just enjoyed the ride and was happy to do it. Have been to ANC several times. 1st time I did a 10-11 day road trip before heading to Whittier for the cruise and covered 2000 miles by car in that time. However, I had a day stretch waiting for my 2nd travel partner and was happy to explore the city ~ look for things there that interest you. I went to the Alaska Heritage Center and also walked some of the city. On my 2nd trip there, my cousin and I rented a car and spent a night down at the Alyeska resort and hiked and took the tram to the top.
  3. Ours took 69 days after requesting refund 4/1.
  4. Have done both on different cruises and much preferred the train. Beautiful ride. I frankly didn't care how long it would take as I love trains!
  5. I received an invite. Elite with only the 2021 WC still on the books as others were canceled by Princess or I canceled in April.
  6. As usual, nada... So glad to be a valued elite....
  7. No. World cruise on Island. Went on Sky Princess for inaugural sailing ~ loved it & you will too! Positive thoughts, right?🤩
  8. Not sure if I was clear....my 1st world cruise. I'm elite with Princess. Last was Antarctica in December so if I don't cruise again; I have great memories of great cruises to places I never would have gone otherwise.
  9. Hard to anticipate how they're going to successfully launch from Florida for a long time to come if we can't get our number of cases to diminish. FL is the #1 hotspot in the world; especially Miami/Dade...Hanging on by a thread hoping for the best for the 2021 WC leaving FLL in early January but thinking that's just a dream that's going up in smoke..
  10. That made me laugh. So sorry but here's $15USD for your trouble....🤣
  11. Still nothing. If done alphabetically I should see something in a month or two. Wouldn't yo think that Princess would encourage their elite members to stick with them?? Sigh... they just can't get anything right at the moment...
  12. Didn't receive one either nor have I ever received the last minute sale email offers we signed up for years ago. Yes, I know they would not be sending them out now but just saying that I've never received them in the past......called several times to no avail.
  13. If you are saying that you requested to have your FCC's refunded and NOT put back into your account then count on it taking several months to see a refund to your CC. I canceled several cruises held with my FCC deposit of $100/ea. I subsequently called Princess to request a cash refund for 6 FCC's on 4/1. It took 69 days for the money to be refunded to my CC on file. BTW, the FCC's "fell off" of the Princess website within a few days of making the call for a refund...
  14. So happy to have received our FCC refunds today after waiting 7 weeks. It was a straight forward transaction with no higher math required but glad to get my $600 back. Good luck everyone!
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