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  1. The coffee is real. So that's an improvement on some lines. But I found it too strong. I just added some hot water. I had a bvg package last cruise. Love the Exploration Cafe.
  2. My preference is a smaller ship. My favorite so far is Oceania Marina. Eurodam is my second. I prefer her even though though the Vistas are smaller. Its a balance. I was on Explorer of the Seas last year. Its not even big as per RCI. But much too big for me. Some people are digging NCLs "Haven" or MSCs "Yacht Club" ship-within-a-ship concept. I can't see myself enjoying that. Edit to add - sorry...crazed puppy. There will always be a cruise line for me. Whether or not I can afford a cruise on it is another story.
  3. For Vancouver to Tokyo in the spring 2020 we were going to use Delta miles and fly business class. But the Flight Ease economy prices are very compelling and perhaps we could save some miles. How easy is it to upgrade to business class with miles? When does this need to be done? TIA
  4. Seattle port is quite efficient. We got to the port at around 11 and essentially walked on right to our cabins. I heard that there had been a short delay due to some late disembarkations.
  5. I was on Oosterdam in May. You will have a wonderful time. Lido Market Buffet opens a new station at around 10:00 pm every night with different kinds of foods. We had fun going up there late. Many cruise lines shut down their buffets at 9:00. The bow is open to all at Hubbard Glacier. Nice atmosphere. All the way forward Deck 4? The two women staffing the gym classes are quite good. Sign up for their free classes. Pinnscle Grill was quite good, and worth the upcharge. Have fun!
  6. Until people stop sitting down at the table, this will continue. Dockman was right. Walk away!
  7. I've lived in Northern Europe off and on. There really is a different culture of political activism in places like Denmark and Germany. It's not right or wrong, its just different. I thank GeorgeCharlie for his first hand perspective.
  8. CEO Richard Fain on tge most recent earnings call. He thanks you for "delicious yields." "Now as it pertains to our improved business outlook, I should first highlight the new buildings that our guests will be able to enjoy this year. First, we continue to enjoy delicious yields on our new ships from last year Celebrity Edge and Symphony of the Seas. We continue to find that our guest appreciate the innovation and the focus that's characterized, our new ship and more importantly they're willing to pay for it."
  9. Have all the gtys been given cabin numbers?
  10. Works the same ss the retail offers. I have not seen the offer yet. Our extended family has 5 amex cards. For example, only one of us got the Princess deal this past month so we paid off my mil's dec cruise with it. Waiting on the HAL ones. We used the last ones on our May cruise. As for transferring, I don't think the offer makes any difference. Good luck!
  11. Have you ever used amex offers? You need to log into your online amex account and activate the offer for your card. Once the offer is activated, you can book.
  12. So far it hasn't shown up on Blue. It almost never shows on Delta. I used someones link last time though.
  13. Oosterdam in Alaska was 5:00 and 8:00. Gah! We went with family and they insist on the earliest!
  14. My thoughts on HAL vs RCI. I've only sailed on one NCL cruise - on the Pearl - and didn't really care for it. But it has been a while.
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