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  1. Day of the week? Do you have TSA precheck? We live here and it really varies. We just booked flights for relatives for our upcoming Alaska cruise. We chose 1pm to be on the safe side. Ship transfer.
  2. Thank you! Less than a month to go!
  3. Gosh. Did you try calling your travel agent?
  4. Its hard to coordinate casino offers with other family members and/or friends who dont receive the offers. It doesn't sound like your cruise was on the list. Maybe it will work out next time. Enjoy your cruise.
  5. I would agree. Alaska has more "expedition" type attire. Caribbean, well, heh. And I have noticed better dressed people of all nationalities in Europe.
  6. We're on the May 5th sailing so good info. Thanks!
  7. Really? The duvet covers? Yikes! Yes...First convo I will have with the steward!
  8. File under: no good deed goes unpunished.
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