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  1. Put any sweet 16 cabin on hold with the rate and perks you want. Call your travel agent and have them verify that you do or do not qualify for the reduction.
  2. When you say winter 2022, do you mean the beginning or end of 2022. Big difference. Winter as in December 2022 won't be released until later this year.
  3. Maybe there's alot of availability, but you said there's only one suite? Maybe they're changing from 60 to 75 days out?
  4. As long as Kelly Hoppen is designing the Suite areas, it will continue. Atleast there is a bar. The retreat sundeck on the MClass ships does not have one. Curious to see the design of the suite cabins. I hope it's not like anything she did on the MClass.
  5. Just checked the internet price for my 2 upcoming cruises: 12 Nights @299 no discounts 7 Nights @243 no discounts
  6. You did the match correct! You will be coming out ahead $80 for your preferences!
  7. I'd take the Southern route with Barbados, St. Vincent etc...... Every port on that itinerary is great except for St. Croix, IMO. These are true caribbean islands. So much to see and do plus they are all different. There is no comparison between these islands and the ABC. The ABC is very underwhelming. Flat with a cacti desert feel.
  8. You can watch both webcams. Different views but both of Port Everglades in FLL. Ft. Lauderdale gives you a broad overview of the port while Port Everglades gives you a better up close ship view for sailaway. I usually watch Ft. Lauderdale until the ship moves to the beginning of the channel then I switch to the Port Everglades cam.
  9. I have pictures from before the revolution not after. From what I understand, the only thing that was done to the Suites were new veranda furniture, new carpet, new bedding and drapes. The furnishings were not changed. Hopefully someone else can chime in.
  10. These are the Summit large balconies. You said you wanted a quiet atmosphere so I posted the Summit ones. Yes. The sweet 16 on Deck 6 Forward Port and Starboard Sides. 6016-6030 on the Starboard Side and 6021-6035 on the Port Side. I would choose something on the Starboard side because of the Port side smoking and 6035 or one of the closest ones to that due to the theater. The C1 Afts are our favorite but pricier. Directly Aft decks 7, 8 and 9. These balconies are huge.
  11. We want to see lots of pictures from people sailing on her soon. TIA!
  12. It will not be unfortunately. 8348 is. The wider aft balconies are the 4th ones in from the S1 on the Starboard Side except for deck 12 which is the 3rd. That's how I remember it when looking at the deck plan. We all have crazy ways of remembering things 😁
  13. Harmony. I have not been on Harmony but sister Oasis and Allure. Have not been on Breeze but Dream which Vista is just an enhanced version of Dream Class. I would take an Oasis Class ship over a Dream/Vista class ship. I have been on the Freedom and prefer the Oasis Class. I also think Harmony will be better for the ages of the kids. More variety of things. Maybe it's me but I'm not a fan of the ABC itinerary on Freedom like most. I don't feel like I'm in the caribbean in those ports. I feel like I'm in somewhat in a desert. Aruba is also too commercial for me.
  14. We sailed the Eclipse together a few years back. We were in an S2 on the Summit this past April. The Retreat Sundeck will have a hot tub but no pool. There isn't a bar but they do have wait service for drinks and a small menu. It was hot especially when the ship was docked on the sundeck with little shade. We did find it very relaxing, and the service was excellent. I have not been on the Edge so I can't compare. I can't compare the entertainment but it was just ok on the Summit. The Summit will still have the retreat lounge with concierge, bar, self serve beverage cooler and a small area setup with snacks. You will have Luminae as well. If you've sailed SClass in a suite, I can give you a good comparison but not EClass unfortunately. Enjoy. We will be on the Apex later this year in a SV. I hope to upgrade to a Suite providing prices fall to a comfortable point.
  15. I would choose the Summit based on your preferences. The summit will be much more quieter and relaxing but in an elegant way. The Freedom will just have more going on with waterslides, flowrider, royal promenade and rock climbing etc. More of an active scene. None of that on the Summit. The Summit will have better food and buffet area. Another big plus for the Summit is the outdoor aft Sunset Bar and the Rooftop Terrace. You will also feel more at sea and like you're on a ship with the Summit. The Freedom will have a more inward feel. Freedom will have the better evening entertainment. I also prefer the Summit itinerary much better. Barbados, Antigua and St. Thomas will have great beaches. St. Kitts and St. Lucia are great islands for exploring. St. Lucia is so lush and tropical. The Freedom goes to Aruba and Bonaire which I don't care for but others do. They are very flat and desert islands. I just don't feel like I'm in the caribbean. Aruba is very commercial too compared to the other islands. Bonaire is a snorkelers paradise if you're into that.
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