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  1. San Juan and Ft Lauderdale for us. San Juan you are already in the Caribbean when starting your cruise plus you get the best Southern itineraries. Ft Lauderdale is very convenient to the airport and if you add a pre or post cruise stay, hotels are in close proximity to the port and airport. 17th Street and The Strip has tons of restaurants and is very walkable. All that is needed is a quick and inexpensive Uber/Lyft to and from the port.
  2. I personally don't like the idea of the OBC and think the cruise lines offering this care more about not losing revenue than passenger health and safety. If a passenger chooses to sail, they do so at their own will and not because they were offered an enticement.
  3. My Oasis sailing has the CCBC Cabana and Pass @$2,000 exact. No thank you. The ship will still dock in CocoCay (weather permitting 🤣), I'll still sit on the beach and I'll take the 2K and go on another cruise.
  4. Unfortunately the Resident Rate isn't offered on sailings that are further out. We haven't hit the senior rate age yet so can't comment on that. We will be able to check that box off soon though 😁
  5. Just did a mock booking in a Sky Suite for a cruise leaving end of March. 4 Perks were NOT included with a Resident Rate! No change on that.
  6. I just did a mock booking for a cruise leaving end of March, and the 4 perks were NOT included for a resident rate in a Sky Suite. No change there and still not including perks for a Resident Rate.
  7. Correct. Those always came with the Royal Suite and above.
  8. I saw that too and couldn't find a reference for it???
  9. I should add that even if they monitor total capacity, Luminae is a small venue that is not conducive to large groups. When you start having tables greater than four, it creates a different noise level that impedes upon the intimate atmosphere usually found there.
  10. Another for a very bad idea. If parties are traveling together, then they should all book cabins where they can all utilize the same amenities. Inside-Concierge for MDR. Aqua for Blu or Suite for Luminae and Retreat. If not, make reservations in a specialty restaurant where you can all dine together. I should blame Celebrity more for allowing this to happen since they're the ones making the rules, but I'm sure this came about because of so many requests from Suite guests like the OP asking for others to dine with them and enjoy the same amenities. We were booked on a family cruise with 3 other groups of family members. We wanted a Suite but knew the others would not pay the price, so we did not book one since we wanted to all dine together. Never did it cross our minds to ask if they could dine with us.
  11. I like having the separate living area. It just has a little nicer feel to me. If you can grab a CS on the slant you will have a larger balcony. That would be the no brainer to me. Also where is your SS? A directly facing aft location would be great, but if it's under the OceanView, I would take the CS for that reason of having a better location.
  12. Congrats on the MoveUp. Concierge Class will not get you a preferred dining time unfortunately. You will have to inquire once onboard. FLL is so close to Port Everglades that I think it's better and cheaper to take an Uber than the X transfer. You and your wife can be in a car within a few minutes. No waiting on a shuttle and hoarded with others and their luggage. IMO!
  13. Celebrity would have to run a special with extra OBC for it to remain. You have to take the current promotional pricing. There is no way of knowing if this will happen before you sail, and if it does, there is no guarantee that there will be a CS available either. What class of ship? I can't tell you how to spend your money, but I would lose the OBC for the difference between the SS and CS if it were my situation. You will get extra CC points too.
  14. Is it me but these men don't look very comfortable sitting in those chairs? Thoughts? I hope it's more comfortable than it looks.
  15. It looks nice and bright compared to the old pictures I have. A few things I did notice is that the coffee table is very small compared to the old, larger square one. I miss the old wicker cushioned lounger on the balcony. That white couch is going to look very dirty very soon. I wish it was cushioned all the way around. Only one person can sit on the side wall part that faces the tv since it doesn't have a back. One small minor detail but the artwork over the bed needs to be centered or they need another piece of art on the left side. 😊 Other than those things I noticed it remains very much unchanged in terms of layout and they kept the same furniture design pretty much. Unlike the MClass where they completely redid everything and not for the better, imo.
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