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  1. I've seen this as well as the C1 afts. They were always snagged first and if you didn't jump on it, you'd have to hope for a cancellation. My thinking is X is attracting newer clientele that is not aware of the desirability of these cabins. Many of the older seasoned X cruisers have moved on to other lines. Shhhh. Let's keep it a secret.
  2. DH used to love it in there especially on the MClass. Used to be his favorite venue for scotch and whiskey tastings too. Oh the changes throughout the years.
  3. We usually sail in Suites now, and they do not always come with the four perks included. Sometimes yes but sometimes no. Just clarifying so people are not misled. This is a topic that comes up alot and some assume that suites always do. We've had a few cruises in Suites where the perks were not included, but you could add them at an additional cost but for us it made better sense to take the discounted fare without anything. Royal Suites and above come with specialty dining, premium package and internet but this is entirely different from the 4 perks package. Celebrity likes to confuse you.
  4. Michaels Club used to be open to everyone years back.
  5. Yes. Since the Equinox has been partly refurbished, Michaels Club is now the Retreat Lounge. Same location just a little different in decor. More modern looking now as opposed to the dark, heavy feeling of before. The Retreat Lounge is open to Suite guests only. I say this because Michaels Club used to be open to all passengers but later changed to Suite guests only. I don't know which Michaels you are referring to.
  6. I might be in the minority here, but I base my calculations on the value I perceive it to be rather than the actual dollar amount. Examples: We do not need internet for 2. DH is the only one who uses the internet while on vacation and not everyday so we usually would not purchase it. We certainly can not drink the value of the beverage package. Too much alcohol for us and most days you are in port and not on the ship anyways. Even if you do save a little as opposed to the face value of the perks, it's usually not a good value for us. We usually figure the OBC and gratuity amount first. Gratuities we are going to pay regardless. We purchase excursions so the OBC will cover that. If the cost for 2 perks is less than those, we will usually go with the perks. For four perks, we calculate the remainder after OBC and gratuities and see if we will drink that amount based on our normal consumption of alcohol, water, coffee etc. If not, we will not go with the perks. If we think we will drink more or come out even, we will go with the perks.
  7. I don't have knowledge of this particular sailing charter, but from one who has had X charter 4 cruises on us, this is usually how it works. We've always been given a choice of other sailings with price protection of the the same cabin category as well as OBC. If you choose not to go with one of the price protected options, you still receive the OBC. Also a little surprised with the OP. They state they are Elite Plus (only 3 posts), but will never sail Celebrity again due to the Charter and their Elite+ status. We are only Elite. Almost Elite Plus and have had 4 sailings chartered on us. We still sail Celebrity. It happens. No surprise. We know this. I'm surprised the OP doesn't??? I know it's upsetting and a disappointment, but it does happen.
  8. We were on the Summit in a Sky Suite in April after the refurb. Honestly, I would not book another SS on the Summit. The furnishings weren't practical at all especially with the balcony furniture, and there is less storage space especially with drawers and shelving. Most of it is is cabinet space that is low to the floor. Less wardrobe space too but we made do with that. We fit everything but it was tight. I have a thread about the sky suite if you search. We used to love Michaels Club on the MClass ships, but with the renovation, the Retreat Lounge is something we would not visit again on those ships. The Retreat Sundeck was nice, but could definitely use more shade. We decided, even though we like to sail in Suites, that if we sailed another MClass ship, that it would be in a C1 Aft or a FV.
  9. My vote is for the Equinox. Great ports plus St. Vincent is a nice island that is not often visited. I have the Silhouette booked with this itinerary in December, and we are doing it again next December on the Equinox. My least favorite port on this itinerary is St. Croix, but I feel the other great ports on this itinerary outweigh it. As for the ABC's, they're not my favorite. I was so excited for my first ABC cruise and once was enough. I didn't feel like I was in the caribbean. Those islands have a more desert feel than a tropical one, and Aruba was too commercial for me. I'm sure you'll have a great time with whatever you choose. Good luck.
  10. We primarily cruise Celebrity and have taken most of our cruises with them. We have also cruised with Carnival and Royal Caribbean. Given the three we've sailed, Celebrity is our choice. It will be more elegant but relaxing. Food will be better as well. They also have longer and more varied itineraries. Celebrity's pricing isn't all that much more either. We have the Carnival Breeze and Celebrity Equinox booked for next summer. The Celebrity cruise is $800 more than Carnival, BUT we have three perks included (drinks, $300OBC, gratuities). Given that, Celebrity is a much better value. Plus it's 8 nights instead of 7 on the Breeze. Ports on the Celebrity itinerary are much better too. We're only doing the Breeze because we are traveling with another family, and they want all the activities for their kids which Celebrity doesn't offer.
  11. They had the ABT on my Equinox cruise in June. I liked it. The audience was large. The only thing I thought was the music didn't quite correlate to the show but still enjoyed it. I met people who booked that sailing just for the Ballet.
  12. Le Petit Chef is on the Equinox. Search for that. There a quite a few threads. There was never a Qsine. It was formerly Silk Harvest.
  13. No thank you, Celebrity. I'll pass on these!
  14. The wonderful celebrity website once again. I’ll call. Thanks.
  15. Yes. We've been able to order off the MDR menu. No problem on any M or SClass ship.
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