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  1. After a bit of a Crystal break we booked a Regent cruise last year. Unfortunately Covid happened so we were left with an FCC. Just today booked the Explorer over Christmas and New Year. Went on Silversea last month and totally underwhelmed. Hoping to enjoy our Regent trip. Only 1 trip on Oceania many years ago and hated it. Felt service was poor, menu restrictive and staff were condescending. For example there was a Parmesan wheel in which they had small chunks in the restaurant. The Cruise director who was in front of us drew our attention to the wheel as though I hadn’t seen one. I had to go all hoity toity and point out it was aged a paltry 12 months whereas any parm that I buy is usually at least 24 months and more often 36 months. Never repeated the O experience.
  2. Hi bitob, I checked with the silversea representative who said “it isn’t officially cancelled” but of course things change all the time. I still haven’t seen those people again at salt bar but if I do I will investigate who told them. Also, the crew here are having a hard time following masking rules- most keep having to pull their masks up(open noses) or when talking to you pull it down. The passengers currently onboard moon don’t seem to understand both social distancing and proper mask wearing. We are thinking of canceling spirit at Christmas time to move to symphony due to general consensus here which is more to our liking and love for crystal product and staff. sorry again for going off topic and we are living through everyone’s crystal experiences and dreaming of uma uma.
  3. sorry to go off topic but we were just catching up on crystal news while on silversea moon. bitob- we heard from passengers here booked on the same dawn transatlantic they were notified onboard (two days ago) that your cruise is cancelled. If you do get to go on dawn, a number of the current moon crew are moving there to open it up and make sure you visit the salt bar and try cocktails from Carlos. I am happy with the masks for guests onboard policy considering this is how it is on moon.
  4. We feel for everyone on these crystal cruises and hope crystal can figure out a solution. We were tempted to book one of these cruises however it was lack of available options for Covid insurance for Canadian cruisers that pushed us into trying silversea for the next year and few cruises. RCCL Covid policy(included in the cruise fare for next couple of months) includes that evacuation if you tested positive. The same policy applies to silversea and celebrity cruises even if you don’t book the air with them and even refunds prorated lost days if anyone in your party tests positive. With our first silversea trip in august we were thankfully to see that the rccl brand stood true to their policy. Hope other than this small blimp that crystal serenity is how we remember it from 2019.
  5. When we booked our excursions this option came up as available. So we booked it. If it doesn’t go will just stay in our hotel. Been several times to Athens.
  6. Any feedback regarding the precruise Athens excursion. thanks so much.
  7. We will be on the August 17 th cruise and have a couple questions regarding the use of masks Do you have to use the SS masks only when boarding or at all times on board? if you are allowed to use your own masks are there any requirements about the type of masks to be used eg 2 layer, three layer, surgical etc. Are you required to wear masks by the pool? thanks so much.
  8. I really felt for you guys last year. We had done b2b in the Caribbean on Serenity and decided to go on Seabourn for two weeks in feb. So happy we did it as we had to cancel a few in the last 16 months. Going on Silversea in August ….fingers crossed.
  9. Looks like the Canadian contingent will be well represented!
  10. We will be on the Moon in August so eagerly journeying with you.
  11. Thanks so much. Just something to think about in the next few months.
  12. Roland we are also booked on the 2023WC. Where did you obtain your travel insurance? All the US carriers won’t cover us. Many thanks, miriam
  13. I had booked a similar itinerary last year on Regent Splendor but it got cancelled. We will be staying on in Europe (Paris and Malta) and then taking the Regent Canary island cruise before returning home. Will need some info from you on the Moon when you sail…including temperature and power outlets. I need a heated blanket for my sciatica . Thanks
  14. Last few years Crystal….before that Regent and Paul Gauguin. Silversea’s Covid policy won us over so we have three booked. The Greece one, Christmas in the Caribbean on Spirit and Dawn TA next March. But still will be on Regent next April and will be on Crystal 2023 WC. Back over the last 25 plus years …..everyone….Seabourn, Oceania, Azamara, RCCL, Celebrity and 1 Norwegian Cruise. Yes we do like cruising!
  15. Bon Voyage and have a wonderful cruise. We have just booked the August 17 th sailing…our first Silversea cruise and really looking forward to it. Missing the smell of the ocean and the sounds of the waves and just enjoying my morning coffee on my balcony.
  16. Our first Crystal cruise was a half cruise and frankly disappointing but it did have a great itinerary. Every one after that has been memorable. We are completely crystallized and enjoy the little extras on Crystal. The face that Evian is always in my room and a bottle of Jack Daniels in my daughters. In 2019 December, our last Crystal cruise, we were warmly welcomed and our favourite waiter Holmes was immediately told his ‘people’ had arrived! Just love the warmth of the Crystal staff. Unfortunately, we are unable to travel on Crystal during the next few months as their Covid insurance is not available to Canadians. Well, it will give us a chance to travel on Silversea and return to Regent but we hope to return to Crystal at least once before the 2023 World Cruise.
  17. When our cruises got cancelled last year we just rolled our deposits into the WC 2023. We have done a lot of the ports but Easter Island, Papua and New Guinea and the Andamans have been on our list forever so happy to do them all.
  18. Cannot wait to cruise but unfortunately may not have my second dose before the final payment so have to hold my horses. I booked Silversea for december but hope to go on Crystal before that!
  19. Smart casual for me...dreading formal.
  20. If we get our vaccines we will look at this seriously. Just need a bit of room service and a different four walls. Also love being on the ocean. Can sit for hours on the balcony feeling the ocean breezes with my iPad!
  21. Most luxury lines know your names before you board or as soon as you board....they have sheets posted below deck with names and photographs. Crystal for example has a sheet with your preferences....so I get the hypoallergenic pillows, my preferred Evian water and the like. My water in the dining room is the temperature I like....a pillow for my back and a blanket in case I am cold on the ready. Regent btw is casual and even Crystal has optional formal. On Seabourn you can dine on formal nights in the specialty or casual restaurants so that is not really an issue.
  22. I have been on both Regent and Seabourn and 13 times on the PG so perhaps my input being valid will put things in perspective. The ship...old ...cabins small except for B and above which are equal to entry level on Regent ships. The food in the Specialty restaurants is good everywhere else is nice but nothing special. Nowhere near Crystal for example. the Staff....I cannot say enough about them...just wonderful love them all. Service I will have to give Seabourn the nod with Crystal, Regent and PG equal. All this being said would go on the PG at the drop of a hat. If it is your one trip to the area you will want to have the best overall experience. I have written once before that the PG brings the spirit of the islands on board rather than you viewing FP as an outsider.Though, my next scheduled trip to FP is on the Crystal World Cruise. Dearly hope we can catch up with the staff onboard when we are in the area or I manage a trip on the PG in 2022...post Covid world. If you are going there would also you suggest you spend a few days in BB or Moorea. No better place to kick that jet lag.
  23. I have terrible Crystal withdrawal....would love to go on these cruises.
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