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  1. I sat on the Deck 8 rear public deck all morn8ng at least 4 days on the first cruise. Only once was there a lady doing needlework and smoking. I just walked over to the other side and sat down. Didn't even know the deck was designated as smoking!
  2. We kept getting the whole stand. I discussed this with the Maitre who said she would bring it up at the meeting. My suggestion was place the tiers on each table and then come around with the trays. I also suggested they make smaller sandwiches...love the more dainty offerings.
  3. Are you perhaps confusing Lynn with me? I used to be on the Paul Gauguin Board and will likely be back on that board as I inch to my next PG trip. I never made any comments about smoking. I book less Crystal cruises now that they have this new cancellation policy and that is not to say that I travel on less Crystal cruises. I do only book when I am prepared to lose the cancellation fee. Have recently lost money for cancelling Viking and Regent as well. C’est la vie...win some lose some.
  4. Didn’t override anyone. Just firmly rejected her suggestion saying if there was no room we would go up.We were in before 1pm in any case.
  5. We were also herded to the elevators to which I firmly responded that we would check to see if there was room at Waterside and there was...
  6. Thanks for the responses. We will just be taking a cab to DD’s hotel and returning to the ship with her. She will be checking in in Barbados.
  7. The ship was freezing. I went to Umi Uma wearing 4 layers. Holmes would bring me a blanket to cover my knees in Waterside. You know it is cold when people are wearing outdoor jackets indoors! My cabin was a warm oasis for me DD said it was more a sauna. I avoided most activities and just sat on the balcony or the 8 th floor rear seating area and read my iPad. We complained about the temperature and it was fixed a bit but not enough.
  8. We too like Serenity's food in April better and prefer Symphony ‘s food overall. For the second cruise a number were on the excursion and people like us were on board by 11.00 strolling in to Waterside as soon as it opened.
  9. Nancy to be fair to Lynn they did shepherd people to marketplace on arrival. People who didn’t want to go up just hung out in the Cove for availability. We just walked in and asked if there was a spot and Paolo welcomed us. While we have sailed Crystal the last few years we do not qualify as regulars. Have sailed more on Regent than on Crystal and even more on Paul Gauguin
  10. I did see you at the Mozart tea and the regular high tea....so you went back? What does a lecture on the Caribbean or hurricanes have to do with American politics ?Hurricanes are very pertinent for Canadian investment so all your bank stock could be effected. I myself didn't partake of the meat loaf or cabbage rolls but they are the old and familiar and enjoyed by some including your husband and also by those who do 40 or 50 or 120 days on board. There comes a time on board when only the simple fare is appreciated. I have no problem with you stating your opinions but you need to align your facts. Was it my best Crystal no....but it certainly was a lot better than my Oceania one with its frozen tuna melt and grilled and blackened caesar salad. What constitutes luxury? This is the crux in many cases. We prefer the unobtrusive to over the top so luxury for us is great service and having our needs anticipated. So while Crystal has older ships and smaller base cabins the experience is still luxurious. To each is own... to quote the Crystal oracle Keith ....it is good we have choices.
  11. Can any one throw light on how b2bs are handled by Seabourn. We are planning to spend the morning in Barbados.
  12. Inside temp please. Unfortunately ‘ lovely’ is subjective... maybe reception will give you a reading of the temp. Many thanks. Arthritis causes my knees to seize up when it is cold . So need the information to pack accordingly. Visited the Caribbean a number of times but first time on Seabourn.
  13. Can you tell me how cold the ship is? Was freezing last week on Crystal and want to pack appropriately. We will be sailing in February.
  14. We are on Odyssey in February Seabourn newbies. How cold is the ship? Just off Crystal where I has to layer my clothing indoors. Also any tips would be welcome. Last few cruises on Crystal but before that in no particular order Paul Gauguin, Regent, Azamara , Celebrity and Royal Caribbean.,
  15. I know someone who did this sort of thing on occasion so likely that the company that supplies doctors and nurses will be able to coax some doctor to take the gig at a premium. Also the Crystal medical service is very basic unlike say rccl where serious operations can be performed with video conferencing from mount Sinai.
  16. Crystal could easily have their coverage extended to cover these doctors once their bios are forwarded. Shouldn’t be a problem
  17. Sad to say we are going home tomorrow. Was FaceTiming my DD today who returned home after a week and she was bemoaning the fact that there was no one to make her Belgian waffles and fruit for brekkie. DH was noticing how happy Crystal staff are yesterday. They are also extremely nice to talk to and love to engage about their homes. One young man who lives in Malaga was quick to tell me that next time I should enjoy the sardines as well as the Bocarones ( anchovies) in Malaga. Another Austrian young lady told us about the various Christmas cookies her mother and grandmother make. She won’t be home for Christmas but her mom will keep a tin of the cookies for her as she returns in January. Had a lovely farewell dinner at Silk. Must say the food there is closer to authentic than before. The crab hot and sour soup was to die for! Au revoir Crystal...till we meet again.
  18. Thanks for the offer. We likely have some in our fridge as well but haven’t looked. Was a general observation.
  19. The Ship has run out of Diet Coke, Coke Zero, fresh orange juice and avocados. Some Diet Coke was brought on in Grand Turk but not enough. i think more Crystal cruisers are booking later due to the cancellation policy. If cruises are sold last minute then provisioning is heavily effected. I myself have only two Crystal cruises booked when normally I would have had at least 4 and maybe gone on three of these.
  20. There is something about the wind and the waves that calls me. Makes me remember a poem By John Masefield which I learnt as a schoolgirl . No amount of obnoxious behaviour will deter me. All this and Crystal TLC = heaven! Sea Fever I must go down to the seas again, to the lonely sea and the sky, And all I ask is a tall ship and a star to steer her by; And the wheel’s kick and the wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking, And a grey mist on the sea’s face, and a grey dawn breaking. I must go down to the seas again, for the call of the running tide Is a wild call and a clear call that may not be denied; And all I ask is a windy day with the white clouds flying, And the flung spray and the blown spume, and the sea-gulls crying.
  21. I do not know whether you are referring to one of my comments but this is a very strange passenger mix for Crystal. The age demographic is all over the place as is the cultural or lack thereof vibe. One staff member told me today this group of passengers reminds him of another cruise line which also begins with a C. It could be that I have never sailed Crystal in the Caribbean where you tend to get a passenger who is here for some fun in the sun. My Crystal cruises have been in Europe, Asia and Africa which tends to attract travellers rather than tourists so my notion of what constitutes a Crystal cruiser is skewed. For example someone had left a plate and serviette on one of the ash tray stands by the elevator. Haven’t seen a food fight yet....wasn’t there one on Regent a few years ago? Maybe Travelcat will come by to authenticate that statement.
  22. That is why we sail Crystal and Regent and not O. The no’s get tiresome. Azamara on the other hand is very customer friendly and do all they can to make your trip special.
  23. We have lunched each day but 1 at Waterside. They do close at 1.30 but even that is stretched a bit so don’t know where this rumour of Waterside being closed is coming from.
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