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  1. I completely agree with you. The extra charge is bogus. If we hadn’t been with friends, we would have skipped it.
  2. On a Anthem in Feb we did Chefs Rable. The meal was covered but we each paid a $25 wine charge
  3. We are cruising on LIB on 25 Aug. We checked in right at 90 days prior to cruise and today, just less than 60 days prior to sailing, we got a RoyalUp offer to move from an OS to the Royal Suite, which is still showing available online. So yes, you can still receive a RU offer after you have checked in.
  4. Just got the same Med. offer (H19DEST05). There is only 1 sailing on it...at least there is only 1 on mine.
  5. I wonder if this is Royal's way of fulfilling its original concept of overnight cruise + land stay combos. I think they originally had Coco Cay pegged with this concept but then after developing The Perfect Day, realized there is not enough real estate. If they can turn the Grand Lucayan into the land portion of this scenario they would halfway there already. Could this be a mission for the Cuba ships if they do not return to Cuba - to shuttle the folks to and fro ?
  6. Congratulations to your daughter. What a wonderful career choice.
  7. Sorry. I am not the person to whom you directed your question...but since this is a casino comp for you did you contact Club Royale about upgrading ? Even though their comp upgrades have definitely taken a turn for the worse, they will still give you a better deal than "retail" price. $2K to upgrade from a JS to a GS sounds like a LOT for a casino rate upgrade. Just wonderin'...
  8. Oh my gosh. So sorry. Nice to meet you, Barbara.
  9. We have been on 6 SC cruises and never have we been offered a bottle of wine....although I will also say that we are not big wine drinkers, either. Truly, I don't see the difference between drinking 6 glasses (or whatever a bottle holds) of wine or 1 bottle of wine. It's a full bottle no matter how you look at it.
  10. I don't think they would even allow you to book an A3 for 5 people. There is no way 5 could sleep in that room
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