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  1. +1. We did it once and it was horrible. Sick to think that we wasted a specialty lunch from our UDP for this. Never again.
  2. Anthem does not have a Suites Lounge so yes....D+ allowed in the CL on Anthem
  3. Don't feel alone ! It is all very confusing and it doesn't help that THEY changed the names of the suites. I was faced with a similar RoyalUp bid but it just doesn't make any sense to me to spend more money to move from 1 Star Class suite to another Star Class suite with the SINGLE exception of moving from one of the corner Loft suites on Deck 10 of Anthem to one on Deck 8. THAT would be worth a little extra money. Those corner deck 10 loft suites are REALLY tiny compared to the ones on deck 8 - definitely NOT worthy of Star Class, IMO. I learned that lesson the hard way. But for the most part, a Star Class suite is a Star Class Suite and to just throw money at a bigger suite with no other advantage just doesn't make sense to me.
  4. We are also on that sailing (12-1). Looking forward to it.
  5. You can also get specialty restaurant food delivered to your suite and I’ve even read accounts of people having specialty restaurant food delivered elsewhere on the ship, although I have never done that myself. There is no limit to the amount of food that you can order for delivery nor the number of people that you can serve. That can seem like a quasi-abuse of SC benefits (if you are serving people who would otherwise not be eligible for “free” specialty dining room service) but I’ve never heard of anyone being limited as to how much food they can order nor to whom the food may be served. We’ve been SC 6 times and the only things we have ever paid for were bottles of wine (for parties) and a $25 PP fee for the wine upgrade for Chefs Table. If you order an expensive wine by the glass you are supposed to pay for the overage but that has rarely happened for us - Only once on Anthem, as I recall. We have ordered the seafood towers and whole Maine lobster from Chops several times. It is my understanding (although I have never done it) that any upcharge item on the MDR menu would be “free” for SC.
  6. Thanks for the response. You are 100% correct. If we used a package that include parking we could not use points and if we used points and paid for parking it would defeat the entire purpose ($34 a night for parking !), so we’re going with the Best Western Plus as normal. I just can’t beat the price and convenience no matter how I try. Not only does it include parking but it includes shuttle service to and from the port so that’s where we’ll be - again !
  7. I'm looking for a Marriott property that will allow me to leave my car there for the duration of the cruise. We always stay at the Best Western Plus but want to use Marriott points this time. Not sure if any of the Marriott properties have the park and cruise option.
  8. A little for my response, but I think that’s a fantastic RoyalUp offer. IMO the OS is far superior to a GS. I hope you bid and get your upgrade.
  9. If you’re asking if you can order the upcharge options (like whole Maine lobster and Chops filet) from the MDR menu without being charge I believe the answer is “no”.
  10. We had Yen in B2B SC on Anthem in Feb. We thought she was wonderful. It took a while for her to warm up to us but by the end of the second cruise she was a buddy. We only did the bumper cars once. I thought it was very rough. The only dirty looks we got were when we went to the front of the line for North Star. We sat at the bar in the shade until it was our turn and then Yen took us to the front of the line to board. Honestly, I can understand why people weren’t happy. It was a long line and it was in the hot sun. It certainly is addictive we have completed 6 SC cruises and have 2 more booked each of the next 2 years.
  11. I’ve never been in a GS that had more than a coffee table and the peninsula unless you count the table out on the balcony. The only suite that has an inside dining table and chairs is an Owners Suite and some of the big Sky and Star Class suites on the O and Q class ships. In a JS or GS I would not advise trying to feed a big group. There is neither room nor facilities.
  12. My TA has suggested that calling later in the evening has resulted in a greater chance at getting one of the onshore reps. I haven’t tried this but she always does her casino -related business at night.
  13. My snail mail offer only had 3-5 night cruises on it.
  14. I have not stayed in this suite but I sailed with a friend who was in that suite (we were in 11730). Since these suites were created out of public spaces rather than being designed as cabins originally, there were some design trade-offs that they made in order to created these suites. One of the trade-offs was a rather low ceiling to accommodate the plumbing in the bathroom. Unless you are greater than 6’ tall the ceilings will probably be fine. If you are taller than 6’, you may have an issue in the shower. All of the ATS are a bit noisy during performances in the Aqua Theater. It’s part of the package. But once you close the balcony doors it’s not bad.
  15. If you are in a Star Class suite, yes.
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