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  1. My offer only has short cruises with the exception of a couple out of Galveston. I've already done 2 in April out of Galveston so not doing any more. Will probably pass on these offers.
  2. I guess my complaint is the distance of the hump rooms from the aft elevator. You’re right - it is not a unique situation to deck 8.
  3. I am a bit ambivalent about the dinners at CK. I concur that the CK filet is among the best on the entire ship so if you are a steak eater, I recommend NOT missing steak night, whenever it is. The Concierge will help you with that. The other evening meals are not always great, IMO. We are somewhat pedantic eaters so when they try to get too fancy, they usually lose me. Breakfast is oh-so-awesome in CK. So much less frantic than in the MDR or Windjammer. The view is so nice and the service is usually very good. The food is standard breakfast fare, but the surroundings and low stress make it wonderful. I'll be honest. I have never eaten a lunch in the CK. I cannot assess that one.
  4. My only complaint about those deck 8 hump rooms is that it CAN be a long walk from the aft elevators. Since you have to go completely around restaurant row it can sometimes be a bit of a slog. It's really quiet on deck 8 behind the restaurants though....and you're so close to Central Park. I enjoyed the Deck 8 hump balconies that we have had even though I complained about the walk every time.
  5. Definitely don’t miss flying to get to a cruise. With any luck, we will be within 1.5 hours of the 3 major Florida ports before cruising resumes. Can’t wait !
  6. John, as busy as you have been lately, I’m not surprised that you aren’t missing cruising...yet.
  7. I've done 3 Empress L&S so far. I'm thinking about doing 1 more. All have been successful (if not stressful, in 1 case) but all ended well in the end.
  8. Cruise docs and luggage tags are generally available at 49 days prior to cruise date (7 weeks) but sometimes it can be delayed if you are using a travel agent or if you are using Air2Sea. We received our cruise docs for our upcoming NAV cruise (Nov 6) at exactly 49 days prior to the cruise although I still feel confident that this cruise will be cancelled.
  9. Add me to the brainless group. I have 21 cruises booked between Nov. 6, 2020 and April 10, 2022. I feel confident that the cruises in Nov and Dec of this year will be cancelled and perhaps a few at the beginning of 2021. I hope not, but I won't be surprised. As @twangster mentioned, I have gotten back every penny that is owed me from the 6 cancellations that have already occurred. I have gotten some incredible deals on Lift & Shifted cruises. I feel my risk is very low.
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised to find that this proposed legislation would include some type of liability protection for the cruise lines. Even though they are foreign flagged ships, they are American Corporations. I suspect that the cruise lines are looking for legal protection against liability suits.
  11. You betcha. I am looking forward to meeting you, too !
  12. Awesome !!! I completely agree that it was too rare an opportunity to pass up.
  13. I'm not sure ! It's been so long since I've been on a Radiance class ship I can't remember where the old CL used to be. It's 1054
  14. We just booked 23 May Serenade. We snagged an upgrade to the 2 BR Ocean View Suite (no balcony). I think it will be perfect for Alaska !! I don't recall ever seeing an Alaska cruise on the casino comp list before. This was an awesome opportunity.
  15. I have a different question but closely related. I booked an Empress cruise (12-26-20) and L&S it to a corresponding cruise on Symphony (12-23-21). Now I am thinking about tacking on a NY cruise on Symphony...but that would require rebooking the same 12-26-20 Empress cruise that I already booked and L&S. Would they freak out if I try and rebook the same cruise and then L&S it again ?
  16. Nope. We travel almost exclusively in suites and have since well before 2014 and never ever ever had or heard of a butler on a Royal Caribbean ship. Never
  17. All full suites (Grand Suites and above) can use the Suites Lounge and Coastal Kitchen. Unless things change post-COVID, JS can utilize the CK for dinner only. Full suites get complimentary internet.
  18. Concur with many above. The Wow factor of the CLS is pretty spectacular. This would be my choice unless stairs are an issue. The second (downstairs) bathroom is so nice. I would also recommend the water-facing suites. The suites themselves are the same but the water view is preferable, to me. The location and proximity to the Suites Lounge/CK makes the CLS so convenient and special. The ATS also has a great Wow factor. ...but the walk all the way aft every time you forget something becomes overwhelming. If you decide to try the ATS, I recommend deck 11 but not 12 or 14. The balconies on 12 and 14 are really tiny on Oasis (and Allure). @twangster made an excellent observation re: low head clearance in the shower. Since the ATS were add-ons for Allure and Oasis, they had to modify an existing space and the result was low overhead clearance in the shower to accommodate the addition of plumbing. If you are tall-ish, I would probably steer clear of the ATS on A or O. Frankly, I have not been in the 1 BR ATS on Harmony or Symphony so I really cannot comment on how they are compared to A and O....but it is my understanding that they are much better, since they were designed in from the beginning. As with all booking, I would recommend that you act as soon as the itineraries come out that you are interested in. The suites only get more expensive as time passes and you can almost always save by booking early. Just remember that the deposits on full suites are non-refundable only. Good luck. Once you go sweet, you can never go back !
  19. Excellent point. I have never priced that out but it makes sense. ...and * class IS worth it, regardless of your C&A status ! ☺️
  20. The first SC cruise we took was in a 2 BR ATS on Harmony (Feb 2017). We paid ~$5K but I think retail on it was right about $10K (casino comp upgrade). The prices have basically doubled since then. We now generally pay around $10K (on O class with a casino comp upgrade) with retail being ~$20K (depending on which suite you're looking at). The best price we have ever gotten on a true SC booking (not counting the L&S from Empress Royal Suite to a Star Loft Suite on Allure. That wasn't really a SC pricing...it was L&S good luck (and excellent TA work)) was Feb 2019 when we did B2B Anthem SC cruises. Both 8 days. The first one was ~$4300 total (Grand Loft Suite....casino comp upgrade) and the second one was ~$4K (also a casino comp upgrade). Personally, I find the SC suites on the O class to be more attractive (and bigger) than the SC suites on the Q class ships (with only Anthem as personal experience) but the prices are definitely better for the Q class SC suites than they are on the O class. I prefer the SC suites on Deck 17 of the O class ships b/c the others require long walks - both on the O and Q class ships....but the price difference can be very attractive for Anthem. One piece of advice if considering a Grand Loft Suite on a Q class ship. Stay away from the "corner" GLS's (8720 but especially 10720 and 10320). They are small and narrow. 8724, 8324 are excellent and 10724 and 10324 are smaller but still acceptable. I would NEVER pay SC prices for 8720, 10720 or 10320 again. For the most part, it seems that the Ultimate Panoramic Suite on Oasis is currently the lowest priced O class SC suite. I'm guessing that is principally b/c of the lack of a balcony and the fact that it is hell and gone from Deck 17. For the rest of the O class ships, the 2BR ATS is generally the most affordable.
  21. Yes. I shifted 2 from Empress. One went to a Star Class suite on Allure (Thanksgiving cruise) and the other was a JS on Symphony (Christmas cruise).
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