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  1. We usually go to Chops for lunch for some $$$ savings. Same food and not crowded. I stopped at a Burger King for a light lunch....one small fry, one regular cheeseburger and a small shake....the cost was just under $8. Yikes !!!
  2. The Dec. 12, 2022, 11 night Caribbean cruise has disappeared from the Constellation roll call listing. Cancelled? Something else?
  3. Due to all our cruise cancellations, we ended up with a pile of FCC's. We decided to go on Constellation on Dec. 12 out of Tampa. We are aware of being treated to Blu for breakfast and dinner, but what else comes with Aqua class on this smaller ship?
  4. Go for the lunch. Less crowded. Same great food. Lower cost.
  5. We called the next day after the ship change. We got a similar cabin but not the one we originally reserved. We were not too happy about that as we had picked the original cabin because of the flow of traffic. The new cabin is OK, just a tad bit below what we wanted.
  6. I'm just tired of the pre-cruise testing. I'm not sure it does anything. Most testing facilities are charging about $250 to test both of us. Another expense to cruising.
  7. Don't worry, it will go lower....as will everything else.
  8. Hello everyone. We got AQ for our Constellation Dec 2022 cruise. It came about due to all the FCC we accumulated. We have never cruised with Celebrity, let alone in AQ class. We have a question....what is the dress code for breakfast and dinner in Blu?
  9. Yes. The phones we have more stuff than we can deal with. We take a photo of our vax records. We can connect to RCI or Celebrity via WIFI. But...we still do old fashioned paper copies for our boarding docs and vax records. We have seen people having trouble in the terminal bringing up stuff. I think it is all the steel around.
  10. We use TracFone. You can buy a nice 4G phone for about $50-$75. We do not use our cell phones all that much which makes our cost low. You can buy time, minutes and phones for TracFone via discount stores, grocery stores, online or direct customer service (sometimes you can get a best deal from CS). All toll, each TracFone costs us about $9 a month. Service has been excellent for us.
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