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  1. Cervena Venison in Murano, it must be the best !
  2. Would anyone pay their Final Payment to MSC this year ? Can you trust MSC ?
  3. Your post is out of date the moment you posted.
  4. I wouldn't trust MSC one little bit. They change the rules to suit themselves and appear to have got away with their scam. No way would I trust them again........AVOID.......AVOID
  5. ...and that's after only 3/4 weeks of the lockdown. Frightening thoughts........
  6. mickey89

    November cruise

    You are being naive if you think MSC are honourable, they change their Contract T&C to suit themselves. Best advise is TRY to get your money back and then AVOID.........AVOID........AVOID.
  7. Best advice is AVOID MSC Cruises. Just take a snapshot of their reviews. Their poor rating SHOUTS out that they have problems......problems........problems. We will never cruise MSC again, great staff managed by plain idiots.
  8. Withdrawal...........just think yourself lucky you weren’t on RUBY or ZAANDAM. Cruising is the furthest from our minds.
  9. Definitely NO. Cruising without a vaccine is gambling with your life, we’ll wait.
  10. I trust it will be the last time as well. MSC are not worthy of loyalty, and I highly recommend everyone AVOIDS them in the future
  11. Hi Solent Richard........read your review with interest as we were aboard the Preziosa a month before you , 21st January. Our reflections were somewhat different although I would agree that Marie-Pierre and Summit were excellent, they were our butler and restaurant waiter as well. We were fortunate to stay in 15031 just up the corridor from you, next time try to get one of these large square cabins as they are 50% bigger than the one you had, we even had a sun lounger on the balcony as it is so much bigger. I would double check that your Virgin flight from Gatwick to Barbados was a charter. Our MSC / Virgin Flight was a Scheduled flight (VS029/VS30) as MSC this year were taking a block of seats not the full allocation. It is important as you will be able to claim Virgin Flying Club Air miles which we did, Premier gave us 8432 air miles (worth about £125). We cruised Preziosa last year as well and the difference was astonishing, for the worse. The quality of the meat in La Palmeriae was extremely poor and like yourselves we dined in Butcher's Cut where the meat was superb but boy-o-boy did we all suffer in the YC restaurant, even 'Summit' advised us not to have many dishes as the complaints were endless. The Gazebo you mentioned was erected due to the complaint about the food on offer at the One Pool during our cruise. You benefited from the change of YC Directors, the new YC who change midway though our cruise (Thierry Fnu) made many changes which improved the situation. The problem is you don't know which YC Director you are going to get, some are a disgrace to MSC. We also booked for Yacht Club 2021 and have subsequently cancelled, just not worth the money anymore.
  12. Looks like MSC.co.uk have jumped on the bandwagon, with UK Government approval. No refund will be legalised and you will become a creditor of MSC whether you like it or not :- https://www.independent.co.uk/travel/news-and-advice/package-holiday-refund-rules-suspended-abta-coronavirus-a9417261.html
  13. Why are msccruises.com offering REFUNDS as an option when msccruises.co.uk refuse to offer refunds for the same cruise ?
  14. It is becoming a trend across the cruise industry. They have cash flow difficulties and REFUNDS are looking unlikely and they are saying the exceptional circumstances allow for FCC instead of cash refunds. Initially refund were available but within days FCC became the norm. MSC have openly stated that the situations allows for them to change their T&C and refund will not be available. The only way will be the legal route.
  15. Which side of the pond are you? MSC are only issuing refunds to US bookings whilst they stiff their U.K. customers.
  16. You really mean.... wouldn't touch the World
  17. I just phoned MSC Customer Services and they confirmed that NO CASH REFUND would be given for cruises that MSC CANCEL. When I mention their T&C she said it was an extraordinary situation. On a well known social media site people are getting together to issue a Class Action legal claim against MSC. People who are directly concern would be advised to check it out. MSC can't be allowed to run roughshod against the T&C of their contract.
  18. Remember Credit Card Section 75 support is only available if your purchase was with the End Supplier. If you booked via a TA you're on your own
  19. Until they have an effective Vaccine cruising is definitely out for us, the second/third wave just can't be ignored and cruising has proven to be the worst possible place to be exposed, if we didn't already know it. The way MSC has reacted to future cruise booking is of deep concern, and my trust in them has been totally eroded. Celebrity at least was prompt in their actions and treated their customer with far more respect, MSC is definitely a cruise line we will not consider in the future.
  20. I am glad we have a Lawyer amongst us.....🤣 Maybe you can explain the ambiguity of 15.2, for simplicity I have attached :- 15.2 If the cancellation prior to departure is due to an event of Force Majeure and/or any unusual /or unforeseeable circumstances beyond MSC Cruises or the Company’s control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided by MSC Cruises or the Company even though they have exercised all due care, MSC Cruises or the Company will offer the Passenger the choice of: a) Receiving a full refund of all money paid; or b) Booking another Holiday Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of equivalent or superior quality at no extra cost, if available; or c) Booking another Holiday Package from the Company’s brochure and/or from the Official Website of lower quality, if available, with a refund of the difference in price.
  21. A contract is a contract that defines the legal requirements of both parties. If MSC cancel your cruise they are legally bound to refund as 15.2 (a) states. Failure to do so will result in legal action which they would be unable to defend. Small claims court are a cheap way to address your claim if they are so stupid to challenge. When passengers cancel they always make reference to their T&C. Whats good for the goose is good for the gander.
  22. Assuming you booked under UK Terms & Conditions you will definitely get your money back if MSC cancelled your cruise. Just look at - https://www.msccruises.co.uk/terms-conditions and goto 15.2 (a)
  23. If Celebrity cancel YOU will get a Full refund of all money paid - see celebritycruises.co.uk T&C - 5.5 (c)
  24. I wouldn't trust MSC from our recent experience aboard Preziosa. Read the small print and remember they can change anything they like, according to them, without notifying the passengers.
  25. msccruises.co.uk Terms & Conditions 15.2 says very clearly - If MSC cancel your cruise YOU have the option of a FULL refund.
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