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  1. I'm curious which ship/ which bar? We've not had any issue with a shot for the coffee, poured in or served beside. As there is no limit on coffee for PBP, the time limit should not matter. Same for when we order both an alcoholic drink and a non at the same time - a drinkie plus a bottle of water or a pop. The restriction is supposed to be only on 2 ALCOHOLIC drinks simultaneously.
  2. Great! I must have missed it as I skimmed thru the posts! This is a wild thread!
  3. from the sale FAQ: Do all guests in the cabin need to have the same offer? A: Guests 1 and 2 must have the same offer. If the first and second guest have Best. Sale. Ever., it will apply to guest 3 and 4 by default. Guests 3 and 4 can opt out of this package by calling Princess to have it removed.
  4. I just looked at our August 2020 cruise. The website offers 2 prices "Best sale ever" with bev, grats & wifi included, and "best fare" which is less and presumably does not have anything extra. I have to do the math to figure out which situation is best for us and our needs. One question I have not seen answered is this: --the beverage package is assigned based on drinking age for ships ported in the US (21 get the alcohol package). For cruises departing Europe the onboard drinking age is 18. So for a cruise in Europe, would the package assigned to a 20 year old be the one that fits the cruises's rules? I know the fine print does not say this. I'm not looking for speculation or opinions please - just actual info from Princess if anyone happens to have heard anything. Thanks.
  5. Thanks so much! We live in Oakville and are boarding Crown Dec 27 for 10 days - we are glad to be getting away from our early winter! I'm impatiently counting down the days and your posts are a a very appreciated peek at our trip!
  6. https://wicnews.com/caribbean/dominica/asked-opposition-leader-party-call-calm-restraint-no-avail-says-roosevelt-skerrit-532424198/ “Prime Minister said that due to the violent acts by the United Workers Party, all cruise ship visits to Dominica have been withdrawn. “
  7. I can't find it right now but I recall another review I read here of the new splash area was that the flooring used is extremely slippery - their child fell a few times and lost interest -- so maybe consider water shoes to reduce slips and falls?
  8. We just tried to set up our accounts. Of the 4 of us, ( two cabins, two booking numbers) -one could not get it to work at all. -one of us kept getting errors for the passport scan before it finally worked on the 4th try -the other two it worked ok. Being Canadian we can't get the medallions delivered to us anyways so we will leave the incomplete account for the folks at the pier to figure out. When I went to the casino and games sections in Medallion it directed me to download the other apps. So I have 4 apps on my phone. I thought they had consolidated it to just one but I guess I misunderstood and they did not. Honestly, overall, so far I'm not impressed.
  9. Grand class ships - including Emerald - have "thermal suite". This is heated loungers (5 or 6), aromatherapy showers, 2-3 steam rooms with different aromas and features. It is usually open from 8 or 9 am until about 10 pm. They sell limited numbers of passes, plus suite passengers have included access, plus some spa treatments include thermal suite before/ after the treatment. Google for photos. Not sure about the gratuity. We bought once or twice years ago and I don't recall - staff tidy up and take towels out but thats about it. It may be that online All spa services have added gratuity and you may find differently if you book onboard. Spa has tours first few hours on embarkation day. You could always go tour and decide if its something you want to do. On Emerald: The outdoor "Lotus Spa Pool" is adults only but "included" (no extra charge). Royal class ships have "Enclave" which is a larger thermal suite including a hot pool inside. Similar access except it is not included for suite passengers on Royal class.
  10. They brew a cup at a time using grounds. At the buffet beverage stations. From dmwnc's pics of Royal If you look closely at the machine in the middle you can see the grounds container on the top of the machine. Regal has the same machines.
  11. Colo Cruiser is on Sky and reported that there is now liquid hand soap in cabins. So I tweeted Princess enquiring about this as I have a sensitivity in my family to most liquid soaps (hands get red and raw) and received a reply that bar soap is being eliminated fleet wide and I should pack my own. Just passing the info along.
  12. Thanks - based on the research I did, Publix will be closed. We are trying to find out if either of the drug stores along 17th St. will be open or another convenience store somewhere walking distance. If not, we will buy a few supplies at the airport for the one day before we go to the hotel. Or use their vending machines! I'm expecting that the little store in the embassy suites will be closed that day too with minimal staff on at the hotel.
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