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  1. The British cruise line Saga Cruises, division of the Saga Group, specialized to meet the needs of passengers aged 50 and up, is the first cruise line to introduce the requirement for all guests to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 before sailing. In a statement, Saga Cruises said that all guests must be vaccinated with two doses of the COVID 19 vaccine at least 14 days before boarding. “We have welcomed the news that the COVID 19 vaccination programme has started to be rolled out across the country, with many of our guests amongst the first groups of people being offered the vac
  2. Just a heads up for everyone - due to Covid - if you do need a passport or a renewal, the agency is warning citizens that the processing time is currently at least 3-4 months! And remember that your passport expiration date for most countries generally needs to be good for AT LEAST 6+ months more from the last date of your departure home to the USA from your foreign travel. So don't wait to renew your passport!
  3. Excited to see some ship movement! The Koningsdam and Westerdam are headed to San Diego and the Nieuw Amsterdam is in Los Angelos! Could HAL be getting ready to start bringing in crews in order to start their 60-90 day CDC test trials? The optimist in me hopes so!!!
  4. Beware the computers! As we rebook our numerous cancelled cruises, the computers are defaulting to the "new" formula. Just a heads up to be in charge of your own accounts.....
  5. In this case, no. If you check your printed copies, there is no....subject to change clause.
  6. So true about any future benefits. My frustration is with all our cancelled cruises. We always used FCDs. Just a heads up to ensure when you rebook you get the benefit of your originally purchased FCD.
  7. I do understand, but when you pre-purchase something, it does need to be honored. I have absolutely no problems with changes moving forward.
  8. The FCD's we have always purchased provide for the following OBC benefits (basically HAL is now cutting them all in half!): 3-10 days $50 11-21 days $100 21-50 days $150 51+ days $200 Beware and advocate for getting the benefits for those FCD's you purchased.
  9. We ALWAYS buy Future Cruise Deposits (FCDs) and continually use them for all future cruises. We have printed invoices showing the benefits of the FCDs purchased. What a SHOCK it was when we booked/rebooked a new cruise in the future only to find out HAL only gave us their ridiculously new/now and reduced rates they NOW offer vs what we purchased on many cruises past! BEWARE and advocate for what you purchased not what they want to offer NOW.
  10. This MAY and HOPEFULLY will change - but for now I've been told CDC is NOT going to allow guests to do back to backs from US ports (even on different ships of the same cruise line from the same US port) - strengthening their stand of 7 day or less cruises -not just the cruise line but the guest! WAY too much control IMO.
  11. Oh how I know - it's just random - we haven't received our January cancellations but received our February and March cancellations.....I know they're coming. It's just strange for sure!
  12. Some on this thread have said they have had fall cruises cancelled......
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