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  1. I understand the general ports in the Philippines rejected the Westerdam, However, can anyone share an explanation for why the Westerdam could not port at any of our numerous military bases in the Philippines and safely quarantine as the planes are doing at US military bases?
  2. I like the concept - but I don't want to go sit in on a presentation with a pre-recorded video - you miss the personalities and the engagement between the chefs and the audience. Hopefully the transition is just that and the live "local port food" presentations will be featured.
  3. It sounds like some ships are "testing" new menus and some still have the menu we've known and loved. I'm ok with changing menus. For frequent cruisers, It's always nice to see some changes - it's a fun time to experiment! And as HAL has always allowed in all their fee restaurants, you can order multiple appetizers and sides to fill the palette! Celebrate!
  4. https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/01/coronavirus-6000-tourists-lockdown-italian-cruise-ship-200130120822687.html
  5. Very true! A friend is trying to book through her personal TA And is being told on the 7 day and the 10 day is available. She’s quite frustrated she can’t get the 17 day booked right now.
  6. Candis and Steve from Bozeman Montana- our third Premier Sailing in a row! On for 17 days.
  7. No other itineraries were yet released. HAL is focusing on the Premier Sailing first and will undoubtedly roll the others out in time. Obviously they will be Baltic and the North!
  8. Just confirmed our Booking for the Ryndam's Premier (first) sailing with our PCC! Sailing from Venice to Amsterdam for 17 days departing 5/15/21 arriving 6/1/21!
  9. Just Booked the Premier (first) sailing through our PCC! Sailing from Venice to Amsterdam for 17 days departing 5/15 arriving 6/1!
  10. That posting has been out there for awhile. Since many of our PCC's thought it was going to be last week, HAL apparently had the common last minute tweeking to accomplish. The good news is, regardless of the date of booking announcement, we'll all be among the first to know!
  11. I am confident the Ryndam sailings will be released on a Monday-Thursday since the Personal Cruise Consultants don't work Friday - Sunday,
  12. HAL has two Inclusive Beverage Packages. The SBP - Signature (most common) includes all alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks from the bars/restaurants up to $11.00 - This includes most "call" liquors and drinks most cruisers enjoy. The Elite - EBP - takes the "call" liquors and wines up a notch to more of the top shelf liquors and a broader selection of wines. We always get the Signature Beverage Package because we order the wine packages.
  13. The Signature Beverage Card is discounted if you purchase it prior to cruising.
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