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  1. How about NCL advertising "free excursions".
  2. I don't get it. This is an island. They require anyone coming to the island to be vaccinated and have a negative test to be able to come to the island. No one should be coming to the island that has it. But now the cases are higher than they were 4 months ago. This Covid can jump oceans. Amazing. Maybe all the protocols are not all that they are cracked up to be.
  3. Sounds like you are good to go. Not sure how vax resistors in hospitals are affecting you.
  4. Brings back the memories of the 7/25 sailing. The buffet was very underwhelming. We usually like it, especially for breakfast, but ate more at the sit down restaurants on this trip. Ports are beautiful, enjoy.
  5. Wow. I am on March 20, 2022 sailing. I was on the first Jade cruise in July now may be on the first Jewel restart. Interesting. Sorry for those that got cancelled. I hope ours goes. Great itinerary.
  6. ? - All passengers and crew are required to be fully vaccinated. Who are these people who let you down? I am fully vaccinated and booked on the March 20 cruise. Ready to go and leaving the mask at home.
  7. Our March 20, 2022 Jewel to Panama Canal is still for sale. That is good.
  8. I am not sure how you get the offer and who gets it. I booked a cruise on Feb 10, 2021 for sailing on March 20, 2022. No offer or promo code for triple points appears on my booking. I booked a cruise in May for the July 26, 2021 sailing and I got the triple points for that cruise. Was it only offered for a period of time? I would like to get the triple points for my March cruise - any hope for that at this point? Any suggestions on getting it added or is it only at time of booking?
  9. It can be frustrating. We had NCL's BOGO flights to Greece in July. It wasn't bad but a couple on our ship lived in Atlanta. We had a connection on the way home through Atlanta. The folks that lived in Atlanta had a connection in Toronto. They missed their connection and had to spend the night in the Toronto airport. Really seems Like they should have had the direct flight to Atlanta. I guess the connecting flight was cheaper (sometimes this does happen).
  10. Thank you for taking the time to write such a detailed review. Maybe you answered this somewhere but was the cruise entirely mask free (while on board) and was everything open and back to normal as far as you could tell? No COVID protocols?
  11. Has anyone seen what the current mask policy is on board a Panama canal cruise? We are headed there in March and my wife does not want to go if we need to wear masks on board. I know no one knows what it will be in March but wondered what it is today. Is there any NCL ships doing the canal today?
  12. They will let everyone know what the protocols are 10-13 days ahead of time. Too late to cancel. You will not like it but too bad. Replay of cruise to Greece in late July. They will follow up with "it is our number one priority to protect our passengers and crew" speech.
  13. I have on reserved for the end of March 2022. Booked it 3 weeks ago. Have they all been booked up since then?
  14. All Carnival 98, 240,000, all Royal (including Celebrity) 50, 121,700. Almost exactly double. No multiples of 10.
  15. Actually I relooked at the numbers. I am not sure how accurate but it seems pretty current - CCL 23 ships and capacity of 70,700, MSC 19 and 62,700, X 14 and 28,500. No doubt CCL is bigger and has more bookings. MSC is not far behind. Both are 2.5 times bigger than X.
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