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  1. This Quote from Cunard at least implies that 'Repatriation', and 'Emergency Evacuation' are not the same thing. "When travelling with us, your insurance must include medical and repatriation cover for not less than 2 million GBP minimum, including cover for emergency evacuations and full cover for pre-existing medical conditions in the countries you are due to visit." I read that as Repatriation being, as you said, from whatever hospital, in whatever country you were disembarked in, to a hospital in your home country. And Emergency Evacuation being from ship to shore. And Cunard require UK passengers to have insurance cover for both.
  2. Right in the middle of second sitting dinner. How many previous 'Maiden Voyage' and 'Special Occasion' sailaways has Cunard organised? I've been on more than a few and I don't remember a single one timed to exclude a large proportion of the passengers. Or is this an attempt to promote the benefits of Open Dining?
  3. That should also answer the service charge question as it clearly states, "No, service charges do not apply to cover charges." But then it also clearly states that Tramonto is included within the fare. So who knows.🤷‍♂️
  4. Our 1st cruise with her was in 1997. Long before she became captain.😄
  5. The initial installation of the app was a nightmare, but since then perfectly straightforward. I have just applied my initial uploaded statement to a second booking and within hours had both acknowledgement and confirmation emails.
  6. Either that or he really knew that that's what was best for the pieces of meat defrosted for that day. It wouldn't be my choice but you never know. It would tell me that I didn't want to order that steak.
  7. Unfortunately our time on QV has come to an end and we're now sitting at Sydney airport. Hope those of you still onboard continue to have a great time for the remainder of your voyage. We're back to living out of a suitcase and mixing our own martinis.
  8. Too late to edit but I should have said Monday breakfast, not lunch.
  9. I'm afraid I'm going to disagree with Roscoe regarding the vibration in the dining room. It depends on where you are. At dinner, at the very back of deck 3on Sunday and Monday, nothing. But at Monday lunch, on deck 2. Wow! The whole aft starboard quarter of the room shimmied and shook with every panel in the ceiling vibrating. It reminded me of QEII as she altered speed, and accelerated down the Channel.
  10. After 25 days and 3850Km around the North and South Islands of NZ our ferry to the West Island arrives right on schedule. Unfortunately so does the rain.
  11. That looks quite big, so might be a Northern Bottlenose? I'd like to suggest one of the east-coast Scottish ports, Invergordon, or maybe South Queensferry/Newhaven. The apparent weather conditions, dull and overcast, would fit there as well.
  12. As with all online posts the problem is in determining where the emphasis should be. Is the emphasis on "your" or "cabin"?
  13. The two are not mutually exclusive. We are currently here on a month long land tour BECAUSE we previously came here on a cruise.
  14. In 30+ years on Cunard I've only seen the 'always available' items printed on the menu a couple of times. So I think them not being printed IS normal.
  15. I imagine it will be the availability, or otherwise, of customs and immigration that will be the determining factor rather than any willingness, or not, of Cunard that will be the determining factor.
  16. Not sure why I think I know this one as I've never been there. I've checked Google Maps and it looks like a match for Hobart, Tasmania.
  17. Hi Folks, I should have come back to say that although installing the app was a nightmare, using it was straightforward (for me at least). My holding was verified quickly and the benefit applied to my booking. A couple of days later I got an updated Booking Confirmation. Probably worth mentioning for those not familiar with the process is that the Shareholder OBC is not specifically mentioned on the confirmation, but the total OBC increased by the expected amount.
  18. If I remember right QM2 was the first Cunard ship christened with champagne due to the tie-in with Veuve Clicquot.
  19. The primary bottle didn't break. But they were prepared for that eventuality, apparently it's not uncommon, and the back-up bottle broke as planned.
  20. Which is where QV was named and sailed her maiden voyage from.
  21. Deck 11 is the Grills Deck, so that will be no. Just Google "Cunard Queen Anne deck plans"
  22. Or even RPGs as Seabourn found out a few years ago.
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