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  1. I guess the QV book got lost as well? Haven't seen it for a few years either.
  2. Those were still the prices on QA Maiden, this month.
  3. I'm afraid not Bell Boy. It appears that while the food is free in the daytime there is a charge in the evenings! The cheese was $2.50 for a portion equivalent to canapes for 2. The oysters were $2.50 each. Perhaps part of the reason there are no free canapes in the Commodore Club, if they're charging for them elsewhere.
  4. A couple of small points I haven't seen mentioned. The 'do not disturb/please make up my room' signs are now magnetic. You just stick them to the outside of your door. There is a really useful nightlight, at floor level opposite the bathroom door. The casino isn't listed on any of the lift signs.
  5. Roulette: $5 min. Poker: $5 min. Blackjack: one table $5 min., one table $10 min. These are all on video displays so would change easily.
  6. Cropping, however minimally, seems to do the trick.
  7. 1: 2x blackjack, 2x poker, 2x roulette. Will check minimums. 2: Twice a day. Not sure what you mean by how many stewards. We’ve only ever had a single steward. I'm sure if they were unavailable for some reason someone else would cover but in 30+ years of Cunard cruising I've never known that to happen. 3: Yes 4: Depends on your check-in time and cabin grade. Probably Lido/buffet or Golden Lion.
  8. Queen Anne's newest crewmember has now taken up his position. His final training session. Try as I might I cannot get portrait photos to post properly from this phone. HH could you pls work your magic.
  9. I guess they're getting it ready for the cocktail parties.
  10. As someone that rarely uses the promenade deck on QE or QV I have no particular axe to grind, but here's my thoughts anyway. The promenade deck has a more consistent width without the very narrow bottlenecks that exist on the Vistas, so may be more suitable for those out for pure exercise. The lack of any view on 60-70% of the circuit may discourage those out for a stroll. And those that used the loungers are obviously completely out of luck.
  11. I got on at the top deck yesterday to be informed that the lift was going down. I thought, "I @&%£!* hope so"
  12. There are gates but no sign of a card reader. Though that may come.
  13. Especially when the alternative is two decks down, through the lido, and two decks up again.
  14. No, because that's also the Grills. You need to go down to at least 9.
  15. No, it's only the Centre section. The problem is getting from A to C without going through B.
  16. Tha Chart Room, Carinthia Lounge, Queen's Room, at least three of the outdoor bars and probably some others.
  17. I'm with Myles on everything here. Edit to add that the photo I have from below, looking up is a portrait one so will probably turn sideways if I post it.
  18. @tacticalbanjo I thought you would be easy to find but there seem to be quite a number of babies, infants and children on board.
  19. Things are improving. Slowly, but they are improving. Last night, night three, there was no queue to get into second sitting. The tablet/pad ordering system (used by the waiters, not the passengers) seems very hit or miss. Sometimes they're all using it, sometimes they're all back to pencil and paper, and sometimes it's a mixture. The food itself has been good, with the exception of a bowl of cold soup last night which was promptly replaced.
  20. We watched this and enjoyed it as well, and agree about the pillars. I can see this being a useful second entertainment venue. Maybe we shouldn't be comparing to the other ships but Cunard have invited the comparison by branding the ship as a Cunard Queen and labelling this as The Queen's Room.
  21. It seems I'm not alone in my thinking that the Queen's Room is not large enough. Tonight's World Club party is to be held in the Pavilion, by the pool.
  22. And then there's the bad news. The Queen's Room. A "Grand Ballroom", it is not. It's not just the dance floor, though that's bad enough. It's the whole room. It feels like a hotel function suite. I had written 'corporate hotel', but it doesn't even aspire to that. Think cheap wedding venue. When you walk in from the aft end the first thing you see is the bar (which does have bar seating!), it's the focal point of the room. And the size! A quick scan around today at afternoon tea, a port day and overflowing, suggests it has maybe a bit more than half the seats of QE or QV. On a ship that has 50% more passengers. I've tried taking some photos to illustrate but none of them really show the true picture. I'll keep trying.
  23. As you were seated several people, myself included, were asked if they would be willing to participate, I declined. There was no pressure and it wasn't done during the show.
  24. Along with liberal use of the ship's whistle!
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