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  1. I’ve worn my tails on numerous occasions on QE2, QV and QE (our QM2 trips have always involved flight weight limits.). On only one occasion have I been the only one. You may, or may not, be alone. Is that a problem? There was a thread a while ago on the subject. Do a search on the forum on “white tie” or “tails” and you’ll find a few photos.
  2. On QE (and QV) the Britannia Club cabins/balconies are the same size as most of the Britannia cabins/balconies. However the balconies on the deck 5 cabins on the in-step, directly above the lifeboats, are narrower than the others. I'm guessing that accounts for the reduced (minimum) size of the standard balcony cabins. I'm also guessing that the 470 sq ft Club cabin is the accessible one. Why they don't mention the equivalent for the standard cabins I don't know. Edit to add: The deck 4 cabins have deeper balconies than most.
  3. Some countries may well still have such restrictions, or could have reintroduced them by next year, so I'm not saying they're wrong. But what would happen if someone missed the ship at one port and it took them a few days to catch up with the ship at the next port, or the one after that? Would Cunard have cancelled the remainder of their voyage and deny them reboarding? I'm not suggesting this as a deliberate course of action as there may well be some specifics of the place you left the ship, the place you tried to reboard, or anywhere you travelled to or through between those two points, that meant the advice they gave you is actually correct.
  4. No. Not necessarily even you and the person you're trying to dance with!🤣
  5. Things change all the time but we always used to bring home half a dozen of the 20cl "Cunard Port for Two". I've just had a look and there's only four left, '92, '97 and 2000 (x2). I was really disapointed when they stopped doing these.
  6. It may be now, but I’m fairly sure I’ve seen a photo a few years ago with the room set up as a double with upper bunks. There was a comment that this was what they had requested but wished they hadn’t. Getting in and out of the lower bed was really awkward as there was nowhere near enough room to stand up below the upper bunks.
  7. We have come across two different captains driving tenders. Knowing the gentlemen involved they would think this a great idea.
  8. I've found a Joseph Toole, Trimmer, age 36, arriving in New York in 1923 on the Carmania from Liverpool. If that sounds likely to be him I can narrow the search using ~1887 as a DOB.
  9. You may find him on the 1915 crew lists at the National Maritime Museum. https://1915crewlists.rmg.co.uk There are also some crew lists available for US ports on www.familysearch.org (free, but you need to create an account)
  10. Which makes the second one Long Island Sound. I'm sure we can all see the similarities in the two pictures😁
  11. Well that second one looks familiar. I was planning on posting this photo at some point. Which, if I'm right, is of the same stretch of water.
  12. Currently in the middle of a spell of jury duty. I haven't concentrated so hard, for so long, since I retired. I'm knackered!
  13. There used to be a Back-to-Back discount many years ago. I think they called it a consecutive cruise discount, or something like that. We we decided to add a transatlantic crossing onto the end of a longer cruise. The new, discounted, price for both cruises turned out to be less than the cost of the first one. Having already paid in full, we not only got the crossing free, we also got a refund cheque for the difference! They effectively paid us to cross on QE2. Maybe that’s why it got stopped.😁
  14. And with the help of that not-so-subtle hint I finally got there. I hadn’t actually thought to check webcams for matching images. Albany, WA.
  15. Aug 22, I’m finding reports of a Great White attack off Cornwall. But I don't ever remember seeing nets there. 😁
  16. Is that a shark net? And does that help?
  17. No passengers. As @bluemarble said, this was even before her seatrials. I wouldn't count this as another port. My only reason for posting this is that these are the photos I was looking for away back in post #546 (2+ years ago). I remembered taking them but what I didn't remember was that I must have taken them with my dad's camera. Thus he still had the photos.
  18. I don't think this is going to tax anyone very much.
  19. I heard reports of a loss of £1M. As much due to mismanagement as lack of sales.
  20. Well done @ExArkie. QE2 was on a charter for "The Open" in July 2000. A further 28 ports submitted for the not-yet-seen list.
  21. I've found some more ports that are not on any of the lists so far. If the Google Forms is still active I'll submit them there. In the meantime here's a public domain image of one of them that I've been to several times but don't have any photos of. It was never this sunny when I was there. I don't think I'm giving too much away if I say it must have been a tender port.
  22. I think @bluemarble has it. I think that qualifies as a "new" port, if not a new port.
  23. Nor me. I've worn my tails numerous times on all three current ships and only once have I been the only one.
  24. As counter-intuitive as it might seem, head to the centre of the floor. You will be in the “calm at the centre of the storm”.
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