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  1. Typically 2 formal nights or "dress your best"...usually on sea days. The rest of the nights will be casual or theme nights...white night, tropical night, etc. Some people follow the suggested dress code, others don't. Dress suggestions/codes are not really enforced. Wear what is comfortable to you...within reason. Happy Sailing! .. *
  2. Welcome to Cruise Critic. There are lots of wonderful and experienced cruisers here on Cruise Critic...you may want to add your ship and ports. Happy Sailing!
  3. We use flip flops. We even give them out to visitors when they visit/stay with us. They are light and cheap...from the $ store.
  4. twangster...thank you for the memories. The photos you posted of the OPT, your walk to Circular Quay, the train...all brought back fond memories. And wow! same as you, we got to the airport early...AND found the American Express lounge! Thank you for your review.
  5. Yes, there are. We do mostly DIY. It would help if you tell us where you are going. 😊
  6. Agree with Essiesmom. Other things to consider...what is your budget?...How much time/vacation do you have? Our first cruise was in the Mexican Riviera...drove to the port...7 days...ship: Song of America. We had no idea what we were getting into. We got addicted to cruising. Fast forward to today...yes, we've done the Caribbean, Western and Eastern Med, and Holy Land, and many more. For your first cruise, perhaps you can choose one near you, not very expensive, not much planning, not too port intensive,......and if you find out you like cruising, then you'll be like most of the wonderful people here on Cruise Critic...addicted to cruising...and addicted to Cruise Critic. 😊
  7. Feeling your pain Kangakid. We first heard about this rule when sailed on the Navigator in 2018. We met two families (with infants) who were told they had to disembark because of the 3-sea day rule. It was truly heartbreaking listening to them...not much they can do...it was for the safety of their kids.
  8. cgolf1...what are the early and late dining times in the MDR? Thanks!
  9. There are now signs on the wall at the baggage claim area saying "Rideshare"...we simply followed the arrow. There are now designated areas for Uber and other rideshares at each terminal. There was an airport employee helping passengers who wanted to use Uber...that was nice. (Effective October of 2019). At the Pan American pier, there is still no designated spot for Uber drivers. Those of us who used Uber from the Pan American Pier just walked across the street in the parking lot. It was easy to see our Uber driver coming in and we just waved him/her to us. This is the same if you take Uber from your hotel or other locations, to the Pan American pier...the driver will drop you off in the parking lot, across the street from the terminal. Some samples of how much it cost us: Airport to hotel...$9 Hotel to Pan American pier....$7 Pan American pier to Old San Juan....$5 each way. Pan American pier to the Bacardi Rum Factory....$11 going there and $12 going back. (We asked a local taxi driver how much it would cost to drive us back to the Pan American pier...he said $42.)
  10. Agree with ARandomTraveler. Just wanted to add, that there's a second muster drill for passengers who arrive late. Note: Uber is now available FROM the Luis Munoz International Airport. We also used Uber from our hotel to the Pan American Pier, from the Pan American Pier to Old San Juan and other areas. We found Uber to be reliable, safe, and the drivers very nice. The time we had a glitch was during our embarkation...we didn't realize that there would be two ships disembarking. This resulted in a major traffic coming in and out of the Pan American Pier. It took the Uber driver about 20 minutes to arrive, (longer than usual), but we made it to the airport in plenty of time for our flight. We were on the Freedom for 6 weeks. During turn-around days, the Freedom was "zeroed out" as early as 9:40am and as late as 10:20am (there was a family of 4 that they had to look for.) New passengers were onboard by 11am. The B2B passengers and the crew had the ship for themselves for about an hour. Happy Sailing!
  11. Seamus...Welcome to Cruise Critic. Perhaps you should try calling again...you may get a different person who is more helpful.
  12. Has there been any word from the Captain of Diamond Princess? On most cruises, the Captain is introduced as the "Master of the Vessel"...does he have any say on what is being done on "his" ship?
  13. Not sure...never waited long enough to see. I'll make sure to wait and time it next time. Note: When using the wipes on my hands, my hands would stay wet a while...from the time I wipe my hands, out the gym, walking down at least two decks, down the hall..........it may have been more than 3 minutes of walking before my hands were completely dry.
  14. The gym (RCCL) will have alcohol based wipes. We wipe down all the machines, before and after using them.
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