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  1. BND...my mistake. (Getting old and not reading carefully.) The two sailings on the Adventure that had itinerary changes are: May 15th and June 4th sailings.
  2. Same as the May 15th sailing...the May 21st sailing on the the Adventure had itinerary changes.
  3. Our May 15th and May 21st sailing on the Adventure had itinerary changes. We received emails from Royal giving us 3 options. 1. Keep the sailing and receive OBC...$250 for inside/oceanview/balcony or $450 for suites. (Of course, they may/will cancel this sailings anyway...but it sounds nice.) 2. 125% FCC 3. Full refund
  4. Thank you for posting. We got our refunds today as well. (Well, it posted today but it said it was credited back March 26th.) We have been checking every day. We cancelled 3 cruises on March 8, 2020...so it took about a month. Thanks Royal. Our refunds were for our cancelled Allure sailings, May 31, June 7, and June 14. A bit of bad news. After adding up the amounts (carefully and a few times...we're old and we have to be careful.) the total was short: $206.72 We'll have to call our TA again....hey, at least we got most of it back.
  5. We will never forget our mixed table on our very first Royal Caribbean cruise. Song of America, Mexican Riviera, 1998. Table for 8...shared with the most wonderful British couple, Lyle and Elaine. We learned so much about cruising from them and exchanged Christmas cards for years. The other four seats were taken by the Assistant Captain (can't remember his real rank but he introduced himself as "Assistant to the Captain"), and different entertainers who rotated each night. Fond memories and now we know why we had complimentary wine and drinks every night. ☺️ Oh, and the personal stories told by the entertainers and the Assistant Captain...priceless.
  6. Sigh...yup...and the line will be much longer...social distancing in effect. Just how exactly will social distancing work if and when passengers get onboard?
  7. Would've been in Fort Lauderdale yesterday...but planted trees at home yesterday. Would've been boarding the Adventure today...but enjoying the rare rain dropping in California today. Happy Palm Sunday to all.
  8. We were supposed to start TODAY...on the Adventure. B6B, Fort Lauderdale roundtrips then to Bayonne ending May 15th. These were ALL cancelled by RCCL. We booked another B6B on the Adventure...starting May 15th and ending June 26th. All from Bayonne. We have to fly to EWR. Note: RCCL already gave us the option to cancel on the first two sailings...so hoping you're right and we can still sail in June.......bigger sigh.
  9. JAMESCC...truly hoping you're right about June. We have sailings out of Bayonne...will EWR even be open?...sigh.
  10. Exactly! We said the same thing to our TA and RCCL and all they did was laughed...and agreed. They take it quick but take time to return it...now getting suspicious we may not see the refunds. And did they just move the goalpost? We cancelled our family sailings on the Allure (May 31, June 7, and June 14 sailings) on March 8, 2020 under the "Cruise with Confidence" policy. We were told the refunds and FCC's will take 7-10 days. Then we were told it would be 30 days. Then last Friday, we were told: "Yes, it would be 30 days...but from the dates of your sailings". Really???????
  11. Military vets should be exempt...I can name a number of reasons why...but imagine telling someone who served in the Navy..."You can't cruise"...hmmm.
  12. Ours is the Renaissance R4, South Pacific sailing, 2001. Wonderful ship, great crew and food, and breathtaking scenery...made lots of friends, fond memories...sigh. (We still have the key chains and fanny pack we won from trivia...regrettably, Renaissance Cruises went bankrupt.)
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