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  1. First, we all know that Mother Nature is unpredictable...that said, here's my 2 cents worth, The weather in May out of Honolulu is usually warm, typically in the 80's...then it will get cooler as you cross the Pacific...Vancouver could be in the 60's. We love the Ovation of the Seas and have done this truly wonderful itinerary. Happy Sailing!
  2. Crossing our fingers....Royal, please, come back to California.😭
  3. I forgot what I was going to say........Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! ☺️
  4. Just flat out not right...being yelled at...then wanting a tip... We have encountered many rude baggage handlers. We've learned our lesson. What we started doing when we arrive at a cruise terminal is to stop and take a quick break...relax for a few seconds...look and find a baggage handler that is genuinely working hard and not expecting/asking for a tip. We give that baggage handler our luggages, say "thank you", and a nice tip. Often times, he smiles and truly appreciates it.
  5. Yes, we've done it a few times. Many years ago, we had a group of 65 (yes, that's not a typo) cruise together on the Voyager of the Seas. RCCL accommodated our request for a venue to have a private party...RCCL even went as far as reserve a whole section of the main dining room for our group. Another time, we had a group of 22 (that only met onboard and became close friends), and again RCCL accommodated our request for a venue to have a private party...and much to our surprise, they even provided drinks....nice. So yes, it can be done. Happy Sailing! 😊 Note: The first was with the help of our travel agent...the second was just us politely asking guest services.
  6. Bob...I'm smiling...because before reading your post, I came up with $181/night. 😊 Not sure if I did my calculations correctly, but here's how I got my number. $2897AU dollars....is about $1993 U.S. dollars. $1993 divide by 11 nights is about $181. Still a good deal for a solo traveler...in my opinion.
  7. bonsai3s

    Asia Cruise

    Agree with JB...who is very detailed and accurate. Just a couple of random thoughts....It's really easy to get around Singapore. Taxi's are very cheap and it has an extensive subway system called the MRT. Credit cards are widely accepted at most restaurants, shops, malls....even used our credit card to buy tickets for "Gardens by the Bay". For Thailand...if you port at Laem Chabang...as JB stated, taxi's are available at the cruise terminal but are expensive and are "set prices". You'll find a board showing all prices for taxis. Most passengers visit either Bangkok or Pattaya. Bangkok is approximately 1 1/2 hour (longer if there's traffic) and Pattaya is about 30 minutes from Laem Chabang cruise terminal. If you plan on purchasing small items in Thailand, it's best to have some "baht"...you may be able to get it from the ship or better at an ATM. (Otherwise, you'll get the short end of the exchange rate when purchasing souvenirs.) Note: If this is your first time in Thailand...we would recommend Bangkok instead of Pattaya. I can write a whole page on why but let me just say this.........Pattaya is simply a "red light" district...nuff said. Happy Sailing!
  8. OP...feeling your pain. You should've gotten your FCC...not sure what's taking them so long. We received a couple of FCC's from a couple of incidents on the Navigator. The FCC's were emailed to us in less than 5 days. We used them on a couple of previously booked cruises. It was easy.
  9. No CNN on Freedom of the Seas out of San Juan, Puerto Rico...MSNBC, FoxNews, and BBC were available.
  10. On our recent Freedom cruise, we went to the casino and asked for $100 and was given a paper voucher. We then put the voucher in one of the slot machines and played a few dollars...we actually won a couple of buck!...go figure. We then cashed out on the slot machine and took the new voucher back to the casino window...we got cash back from the second paper voucher that came out of the slot machine...it was easy. Cost was 5% or $5...and since we won a couple of bucks...total cost $3. 😊
  11. On the Freedom...our 2 luggages were down the hall...we simply rolled them over to our cabin...no big deal.
  12. Congratulations! Happy Sailing. When you do receive your perk...our favorite is the free bag of "Wash and Fold"....one each per D+ passenger...5+ nights sailing. Note: With Celebrity's Elite...you also receive free laundry...nice.
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