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  1. Another vote for Celebrity. Note: Someone please help...if I remember correctly, one of the Celebrity ships had a tennis court (a bit smaller than the regulation size)......or was that on another ship?...senior moment here.
  2. Don't forget...the old Pacific Princess...was the "Love Boat". Love, exciting and new... Come aboard We're expecting you Love, life's sweet as reward Let it flow, it flows back to you....the love boat. Soon we'll be making another run The Love Boat promises something for everyone Set a course for adventure, your mind on a new romance Love won't hurt anymore It's an open smile on a friendly shore... It's love, it's love, it's love.....it's the love boat.☺️
  3. That reminds me...if you decide to stay onboard, you will have access to your new cabin...after it's been cleaned.
  4. Depending on the number of b2b passengers: * You may have a meeting before the end of your first cruise. * You may get your new seapass card in your stateroom or be given to you by guest services. * Your cabin steward will usually know you are b2b (you won't get the disembarkation tags)...let him/her know and they usually are happy to move all your stuff for you. * Leave all your clothes in the hangers and pack all the loose stuff. And don't forget to empty the safe. * We usually plan on disembarking the ship early so we can enjoy a DIY at the port...you will be given your new seapass card and an "In Transit" card. You'll be able to use your new seapass card and "In Transit" card and bypass all the lines (except the security line...of course). * You may have a "special lunch" for b2b passengers...either in the MDR or a specialty restaurant. Very nice menu and if you are lucky, free wine. Note: This was our experience before the pandemic...now this can change post pandemic.
  5. Wondering how many were anticipating to reach Pinnacle this year? 😷
  6. Yes, feeling your pain... Cancelled b3b Allure cruises on March 8th...under the CWC. Still waiting on 3 FCC's. Told last week "You're in the queue". We were told to just be more patient and wait. To CoralC: We did ask our big box TA/Royal about our FCC voucher numbers because we'd like to use it...and they said: "We don't have the FCC's but we can apply them to any bookings now if you like". We declined not to do this because it would just complicate things. Hope you are right about the booking numbers as voucher numbers. Thanks.
  7. Our favorite CL was on our Ovation cruises in Asia...wonderful views from the aft Deck 12...it was big and almost always empty.........when we repositioned from Asia to Australia, then there were more visitors to the CL.😄 Note: The CL even had a restroom. Hoping they keep those Quantum class CL open.
  8. So very true...couldn't agree more. To tx121...we are exactly the same way...until an illness came our way........time to spend it...we can't take it with us...and yes, as rimmit said "LIfe is short"....corrected "You only live once".
  9. After our first cruise...we got addicted. We said "This is it...when we retire, we'll be cruising a lot more." Fast forward almost 40 years...now both retired and no cruising...sigh. Traveling for us, is a passion........going to the grocery store is now a significant event.😷
  10. Feeling your pain. Cancelled B3B Allure cruises back on March 8, 2020 under the CWC policy. Our TA ($1.50 hotdog combo) said 10 days for FCC's...then 30 days, then 40, 60, 90, it's now over 120 days...last week, Royal/TA said "You're in the queue."
  11. We sailed on the Vision back in November of 2016...Venice-Suez Canal-Dubai. The DL was so packed during HH that we could never find a seat. If I remember correctly, they did open the lounge next door for overflow during the canal leg. We did stop by the DL during the day and said hello to Vojtec (Concierge)...one of the best...hope to see him as a Captain someday. During HH, we either sat in the Schooner bar and listened to Anselmo Bolez (singer-pianist-sometime comedian) or up in the Concierge Lounge. The CL was perfect for us...there was a table for 2 that was close to the food serving trays....no one wanted to sit there...we didn't mind it. Noella was the Concierge, then MJ. Marcos, CL bartender from Peru, was outstanding. Note: grapau27 - whispering...we were able to get our premium "special" drinks...😉😉 wink, wink...no extra charge.😇
  12. As always, many thanks to some of the experienced cruisers here...bobhunter, islandlady. We were staying optimistic that cruising will resume...sometime in 2020...mistake. We continued to make final payments...mistake. We thought Royal would promptly give refunds...mistake. As I admitted on another post, we had "buyer's remorse" after making final payments.....and said this inability to think logically may perhaps be a bad side effect(s) of the pandemic. It took a while but it finally sank in...we are done for this year. Cancelling the rest of our 2020 cruises. "te veo el próximo año"...see you next year.😷
  13. I'd be the first to book...would finally love to meet Ginger and Mary Anne. 😁
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