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  1. Yes, I saw quite a few people arriving already dressed for dinner, but there was no way we were going to sit in the car for nearly 6 hours in our posh togs. Ambassador also refused to budge for us, which didn't give a good first impression (although I know that other lines seem to have poor customer relations shoreside too). Breakfast the next day was an utter shambles. We queued for some time outside the MDR, only to be told that they were only letting in people who had queued on the other side of the ship and we should go round and join the back of that queue. After a near-riot they did start letting in people from both queues alternately.
  2. I tend to agree. We have cruised mainly with P+O but have used other lines when it suited us. Every time, there have been things we have liked more and some we have liked less about the ship and the line.
  3. We allowed 5 hours to get to Tilbury from Poole - which was just as well as there was a significant delay on the M25. Picked our son up from Tilbury station just after 6pm and went directly to the cruise terminal. They allowed us in straight away, we joined the queue and were in our cabin by 6.50 - which gave us time for a cocktail before dinner. We had a good dinner but would be interested to hear what food is like usually (ie, was the 'festive' meal considerably better than the usual fare?). OH didn't want to see the show, so we explored the ship instead. Breakfast on Saturday morning was something of a shambles but we were hardly going to starve!
  4. Martha, I hope you enjoy your night onboard. 2nd dinner is 8.30, so we have our fingers crossed that we will manage to change for dinner. Don't think we have any hope of a nice, relaxed drink beforehand though!
  5. One's canny and one's illegal?? 😁
  6. I know that my friends were on Iona in July and they said many people were in formal dress in the Horizon as they gave up queuing for the MDR.
  7. We have now received an email from Ambassador saying that everyone should be off by 9.30, which is about par for the course.
  8. I've just received an email for Ambassador telling me that boarding times have now been assigned - we have been given 7.30pm, which will barely give us time to find our cabin before dinner, never mind change! It would be fair to say that we are not terribly happy . . .
  9. We are on an overnight 'experience' in December and are planning to visit a friend the next day. I'm assuming that disembarkation will be pretty much as usual - with most people off by about 9am. Does anyone know anything for certain please?
  10. We're on the 9th December (with our son and his girlfriend). It will give us chance to check out the ship, especially accessibility. Tilbury isn't great for us, but we are going to see our friend in Southend after we disembark, so it should work out OK.
  11. You might think that this is the best product for you, but not everyone is the same. I have found the bands to be utterly useless.
  12. I have my fingers crossed!
  13. Which date in Jan please? We are on Iona at the end of that month . . .
  14. We were scheduled to have our final formal evening on a port day (penultimate day of the cruise). As it happened, we were unable to tender due to sea conditions, so it ended up as a sea day anyway!
  15. We did our Randox tests this morning. I was able to use the app on my android phone. Had some trouble getting my test strip in focus, kept on getting a message to contact supplier. However, I eventually managed it and our certificates arrived about 10 minutes later.
  16. Megabear, I am so glad that your aunt will soon be home. Thank you for taking the time to update us, it's not as if you have nothing else to do!
  17. Friends reporting waits of 2 hours or more. Many people changed to fixed dining but they are now full, they say.
  18. I have friends onboard at the moment. They also report very long queues for freedom dining, to the point that it is virtually impossible to do anything else in the evening. Many people in formal gear in buffet as they want to do things other than queue for dinner. Other problems as already documented (showers etc). We are due to embark on the day they disembark and it does make looking forward to it rather more difficult.
  19. We have Randox tests and I have installed the app on my android phone. Does this mean that I won't be able to use this?
  20. The problem with this is that one person's 'must have' is another's 'waste of space'. We did take an over-door shoe hanger once but didn't really need it, so haven't bothered since. We have never felt the lack of magnetic hooks etc either. However, I do take a small tube of laundry detergent whilst other people are horrified at the thought of washing clothes on holiday. My essentials are medications, device chargers, travel documents and credit card/s. However, I don't travel light (we are within an hour of our nearest departure port) and tend to think 'put them both in' when wondering whether I should take A or B top/dress/shoes etc!
  21. Me too, restaurants and shops.
  22. All we can do is wait and hope at this stage.
  23. We have booked 30 nights to New York in September 24, so would like her to still be with the fleet then 🤞
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