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  1. I was on the island last week. Indeed all the road work between Coxen Hole and West Bay is complete.
  2. The walk maybe 4mins, maybe less depending on the length of your legs, how fast to walk and how many people you have to dodge. Snorkel gear is everywhere, locla on the beach and any dive shop will rent. I don't know the going rate but $10 sounds good. :0)
  3. If I remembr correctly where the Rum Factory is between West End and West Bay..it is worth a stop if only for the view and photo op.
  4. If by Viator you mean Bodden...I reccomend you email him straight away so he knows Loren is not doing his job. Bodden maybe willing to refund some of your money. I understand this will not save you tour. Good help is hard to find anywhere and Bodden needs to know Loren is not up to snuff. Out of Curiosity- where did your ship dock?
  5. There are heaps of dive shops and the odd local offering snorkel gear but I gotta tell ya I would not use a stranger's toothbrush you sure would not catch me renting snorkel gear in a third world country. See what the snorkeling steps from the sand at Infinty does for your, if your kids get bored or bothered by to many people hire one of the boat guys. Ask if they will guide you in the water. As far as prices...such things are fluid in the island. Per person prices. There is a local guy at Foster's by the name of Daniel, he is very kind. Perhaps walk up and ask him or it maybe possible to arrange with him through Foster's website...ya know what..I will ask him before I leave the island.
  6. Roatan was put on the map by the world class diving/snorkeling. I would focus energy there.
  7. Guest 2000


    I am not a fan of zoos and would spend time looking for credentials which reflect good acts. While I do not believe any of the animals are drugged I am not convinced these places are doing do for the good of the animals. Sloth nor monkey are native to the island, and island which is off the coast of a third world country. My guess is it is all money motivated, which is not to say that are doing good acts. The iguana place was the original, the family started it to save iguana from the dinner table. I am a big fan of seeing animals in there own environments, thus the trip to Rathambore, yes you run the risk of no interaction but at least the animals are free to do as they please.
  8. This is wonderful.. thanks so much for sharing. I may have to put this on my list of this to do.
  9. Tabyana and West Bay are the same beach.. West Bay Beach, the premiere beach on the island with soft white sand and crystal blue water if the weather is not acting up. Everyone and their mother's uncle wants to expeeince which brings out the local hawkers trying to feed their families. Even so, I love West Bay Beach. Big French Key is far to close to the horrible place called Little French Key. I have not been to Turquosie Bay but I understand the sand is hard packed much like Sandy Bay. There is something very odd about the sand at Fantasy Island, or was when I was there.. it seems fake to me... maybe the lagoon was man made as is the one at Parrot Tree. I know very little about Mahognay Bay. I think eveyeone pretty much as to make a choice... do ya want the caribbean postcard beach or do you want quiet? You could try Half Moon Bay, it is in the village of West End, ya might have to deal with town noise but it maybe heaps more quiet than West Bay. Sundowner's was offering loungers, food and beverage at one point.
  10. Just in case you were as confused as I was Woody's is in the village of West End off of Half Moon Bay :0) I don't really understand "on the west end".. west end of what cause it sure in not the west end of the island. :0) The island doesn't really have a west end do to the curve in the middle. I had not notice Warren's had changed names again.. it makes sense with a Eldon's on the hill and Eldon owning Sun Corp. Thank you for the information.
  11. Indeed at one point they offered taxi from the parking lot over the hill and out the gate. I can't imagion why they have stopped... maybe not enough interest. Wonder if it is possible to sort by special arrangment.
  12. As far as I know the loungers are part of the day pass which offers potties, showers and in some cases transportation. I don't think any place offers only loungers cause how would they police it? I believe the tranport including options are a very good value. I agree with Crewsweeper, with a party that large you would be better off contacting resorts directly.
  13. The number of people on West Bay Beach will be relative to the number of ships in port and the number of holiday makers staying on the island. There is also a weather variable. Another thing to take in to consideration is one man's crowded is another perfect party. Do to all these variables, perhaps hire a driver to get you to and from West Bay, this way you can walk along the beach to choose of any number of advertised resorts or the smaller spots which do not. If you wish, snorkle before you walk the beach in search of showers, food and lounger... you can always go back to snorkeling if you wish. If you tire of all that, ask you driver to meet you in the village of West End and hop a water taxi to get there.
  14. All three of these options will have loungers, potties and food. Both West Bay and Half Moon Bay are shealtered (calm water) as long as the weather is good. Half Moon Bay resort has NO beach but a ladder in to the water off their pier. The snorkeling is ok but one need pay attention to boats coming and going. The place is also in the Village of West End, if some of your party wanted to wander "town" that is an option. Infinity Bay and Banaranma are on West Bay Beach. Infinity is steps from the boat free reef snorkeling and they have a pool. Bananarama has no pool and one would have to walk down to Infinity to acess the reef snorkeling. Half Moon Bay resort maybe a bit quieter than the crazy that West Bay can be cause it is a bit out of the way. As I remember their lounger area is fairly small.
  15. From what I understand Little French Key had their animals removed... again. This thread on Trip advisor may give you some insite as to why.
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