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  1. These two resorts share a propety line. It may not matter one way or the other but for some reason I think Bananarama is more kid friendly, honest to goodness I have no idea why save for they have crab races one evening every week and just before there are heaps of kids on the beach playing soccer or football depending on where you are from. :0) Then again your kids are young, maybe the sorta, maybe quiet of Paradise is a better choice.
  2. I think Maya a good choice but if you are stuck on the private driver... you don't have to visit a beach. Private driver means do as you please.
  3. Daniel Johnson's has sloth, does snorkel tours and offers transfers. One could contact them for time questions.
  4. Bananarama is one of the many reorts on West Bay Beach offering day passes. If you don't need a day pass ask your driver to drop you off on the road leading from West Bay Mall to the beach. It is located between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club. Once on the beach walk to your left just past Infinity's L-shaped pier and enter the water there. When done snorkeling choose any restaurant on the beach for food and beverage. No need to pay a day pass.
  5. Guest 2000

    Lunch stop

    While all the places mentioned above may have good food, I doubt any of the locals could afford them. When this question is asked on the TA forums, several of the expats reccommned the Sun Gas station in Coxen Hole, they have a small sorta deli counter they offer food from. There are also heaps of hole in the wall places in Coxen Hole. or Perhaps your driver has an Auntie who would be willing to cook for you.
  6. The fact that LFK offers photo ops for guests with a chained jaguar is enough for me to never set foot in the place. No reputable rescue would even consider such nonsense. Goodness only knows what sort of care is given behind the scenes, I have heard more than one sad tale.
  7. Yes, there are taxi at the port, yes you can arrange someone to come back, don't pay until you are back at the ship. Although, I would contact Anthony's Key, perhaps they have a list of trustworthy taxi drivers.
  8. There is no way to know what your day on the beach is going to be like. Some of that is about number of people but some of it is about perception, one man's crazy busy beach is another man's perfect party. I recommend you contact several tour operators, they are hungry enough to be able to sort out exactly what you want. Or Go to West Bay and if there are to many people in the water, hire one of the locals hanging out on the beach to take you out. Do keep in mind whether is a factor. Rainy season start sometime in October and ends sometime in January generally. Since the weather the world over has gone crazy historical averages may not be all that formative anymore
  9. For reference to the above Infinity Bay resort is on West Bay Beach. You are correct, the premier beach on the island is West Bay, think Caribbean postcard, fluffy white sand, crystal blue water. Daniel Johnson and Las Palmas are on the other side of the island, as a guess the sand is different. and because that's the windward side of the island there is a possibility you'll be fighting waves to snorkel. I have not been out with him I have snorkeled on that side of the island and you know waves. Because preference is personable it's difficult to know what to recommend. I will tell you that if I had friends visiting the island I would put West Bay on their list of places to experience. The easiest access to an area with no boats is right in front of Infinity Bay. One other thing to mention if there's a northern storm all bets are off on which side of the island to choose.
  10. Perhaps Infinity or Mayan, both of them have pools with I believe scooter friendly decks. Perhaps email them and or have a look at the pics on websites. I would be interested to see what your driver says.
  11. I would choose booking direct with a local owned and operated company. Would that be Cleve?
  12. If snorkeling is not a factor I recommend a new adventure. Mostly because I have an almost pathological need to see what's around the next corner, I mean why go back to West Bay you've been there done that. If snorkeling is a thing I think you'll be disappointed with that from Sol y Mar unless they offer a boat out to the reef.
  13. I believe it would depend on what sort of snorkeling you enjoy and how many people are in the water with you. Blue Channel can be a madhouse just like West Bay. I was not nearly as impressed with Blue Channel as some are due to its depth amd my perferance for sun filtered areas. I believe the average snorkeler would be happy as a lark in West Bay. If you decide that's not the case and you want to go elsewhere there plenty of guys with boats offering to take you elsewhere.
  14. Guest 2000


    Google says there is a vendor in West Bay... I have seen both the boat with guests and the guy walking the beach offering the adventure. Google also suggests shore excursioneer has an option to parasail but I bet it's with the basic best same company. They might offer transportation though.
  15. Ok, it just seems very odd place to put an adults only resort. Google says Ibagari is adults only. It is located between West End and West Bay...this make more sense to me. They do not offer day passes.
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