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  1. The water taxi guys got themselves sorted out, perhaps the land taxi guys will follow suit.
  2. I would think getting sick or not would be more about how the food was prepared and how clean the people doing the work are. Also your immuine system comes into play. I doubt anyone here can tell you if you can eat the food offered or not. What I can tell you is I have been visiting the island for over 20 years, in that time I was only sick once in 2003. I believe it was food posioning because I was very very sick and then I was fine. On a related note ~ I only drink bottled water when on the island.
  3. Holy Hannah, if that was 15us round trip for a random taxi. That is an unheard of price. Now then if it was per person from Coxen Hole.. that makes more sense. If it was sorted though Henry Morgan.. maybe but still. I had a cabbie tell me it was going to cost 7 dollars to get from West Bay Mall to Foster's. Yes, a distance I could walk in a matter of 15 mins.. and that guy wanted 7 dollars. He could clearly see I was limping and in pain, yet he still wanted to fleese me.
  4. I agree whole heartedlly, if you take a random taxi sort out round trip cost and pay when you are back at the ship.
  5. West Bay is the name of the whole of the beach. If you do not need a lounger, potties or showers no need to pay a day pass. The sand, other than that which the resorts have claimbed, is public and free. If you decide NOT to pay a day pass there are only two public acess points, one is via water taxi from West End, they will drop you anywhere you like along the beach. Or you could have your driver drop you at West Bay Mall and walk the road between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club. This seems a fair choice if you have a private driver.. if not I truly believe the better choice is to sort a day pass with transport included.
  6. If ya notice the 20ft sign then the odd shape above it that is deeper inside the dotted lines. One year I was down that whole space was covered in starfish and sea urchins. I stopped counting at 200. Definitely worth going back. :0)
  7. This map shows where the channel though the 1st reef is directly in front of Infinity Bay Resort. Note the green flags in front of Infinity. I believ I saw a post the otehr day which said there is a rope in the water to help guide people out.
  8. The website ---> HERE doesn't say anything about pigs. There is an email adress at the top of the page of you want to contact them.
  9. If you are speaking about Paradise Beach Club on West Bay Beach. Yes, there are at least two vendors on West Bay offering Wave Runners, or there was in the middle of last month. One groups in between Paradise Beach Club and Bananrama, Ya can not miss them playing in the water.
  10. Roatan Beach club is on the same side of the island as West Bay. Satalite views show sand, I doubt water shoes will be needed. Ahh then I found pictures. ->> HERE There are places on the island with mucky shallows, it is difficult to see if this is one of those places.. also.. horses in the water? YUK!
  11. Hire a provate driver to take you amy place you please. If you wish to see sloth before you snorkle.. do that. Or Daniels is said to be doing snorkel boats these days. I have no idea if they have a boat or boats large enough for your party. Me? I would skip the sloth all together ( due to them not being native to Roatan) and go on an amazing adventure with Free Radical. Roatan is ALL about the reef.
  12. There are heaps of dive shops and several locals offering snorkel gear, it should be easy to locate fins.. as a guess the pirce maybe $10, as a guess.
  13. I agree with prearragning round trip transport and being clear about your needs. Sure the tour companties do tours but they are also all kinds of hungry so simple tranfers should be possible as well.
  14. I am still not convinved the water at Sol Y Mar is clean and clear.. unless they dug out the shallow muck which is Sandy Bay. I don't rememeber if anyone has offered a review which includes swimming. While the sand in West Bay is free, little else is and everything is more expensive in West Bay. West End offers Half Moon Bay and if you stay on the Ginger's side of the bay you avoid boat traffic. Ginger's or Sundowner's will offer food and drink.. and perhaps loungers at a price. The problem is the expense of tranport.
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