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  1. if he was clever enough to figure out the taxes then he was clever enough to know that there was a commission of $9 from PayPal.
  2. I'm sorry for your bad experience yet another reason to book head with a reputable tour operator. There is only one public access to the beach from the road (between Bananarama and Paradise Beach Club) You may have been able to tell Foster's your driver was being a pain and that you only wished to walk through. I'm not sure how sticky Foster is about things like that.
  3. I am not sure what you mean by better beach. Tabyana is on West Bay Beach which is the premier beach on the island. It's one of those picture perfect c clear blue water, fluffy white sand with reef snorkeling steps from your lounger places. I have not been to Turquoise Bay but I understand it's hard packed sand, and the reef is too far out to snorkel, you have to take a boat. If quiet is really important choose Turquoise Bay.
  4. You don't mention snorkeling .... Mayan is farther away from the walk-in, boat free, reef snorkeling. This also makes it farther away from the Tabyana (day trip cruise ship only) part of West Bay. Just for giggles ~ Paradise Beach club also has a pool and is closer to the snorkeling. It could be distance doesn't matter with the whole of West Bay walkable in about 20 mins. :0) Website with a snorkel map
  5. Indeed you can. https://www.mahoganybaycc.com/
  6. It maybe a 15/20 min walk to the bus boarding spot. Once upon a time, there was a website with good info on directions.. sadly looks look they gave it up. You will have to ask when you get to town. I am a solo female traveler and have never had any trouble on the island. I have heaps if travels sense and have been on some extended holidays (8weeks) to fair dodgy places. What I mean is, I can not tell you if you will be safe, I always have been. West Bay has plenty of security, if you have any doubt about safety, go there.
  7. There are two ports on Roatan. Which port does your ship use? The minibus runs from the middle of Coxen Hole to West End, they are all kinds of safe, they are on a schedule of every 15mins, they stop anywhere along the route so time to West End varies, figure at least 20 mins. The big worry is space on the bus, the locals use the minibus as a means of getting from point A to Point B.. with five in your group it may be a challenge or you may have some dirty locals from the locals who have NO money and you have paid for a cruise to get to the island. Another option is collectivo taxi, one would have to walk all the way out to the main road. If you speak Spanish and if you have haggle skills you could get them down to something reasonable per person. The problem here is you would need a taxi back and those guys are not going to be denied knowing you have to be back to a ship. http://tourismroatan.com/about-roatan/getting-around Ahhh better yet... take c-legs advice with a Bodden Shuttle to Sol Y Mar. Wait, is it only sand you seek? I am still not sure Sol Y Mar is swimmable.
  8. Guest 2000

    Sol y Mar

    Please do tell us your impression when you return... is the beach swimmable? is it shallow and mucky? what is the scoop on snorkeling? Thanks so much!!
  9. This review of Maya Key is not great. It may be worthwhile to ask about the current road conditions on the TA Roatan board, at least three of those members live on the island. If easy access to snorkeling from the beach is your goal.. West Bay, where Tabyana is located, is a very good choice. As said above West Bay is a healthy 40 mins from Mahogany Bay. This thread has heaps info about West Bay. I also recently found this web page , it has a fantastic West Bay snorkel map. If travel time is more of a concern than good snorkeling... Mahogany Bay Beach is nice, plenty of shade and a whisper of snorkeling from the far pier.
  10. Holy Hannah! Infinity stopped day passes all together? Once upon a time, their passes were the most expensive, then they shifted their prices and became competitive, now not at all. One does wonder why. Enjoy the island!
  11. I am so sorry for this experience... perhaps you will be back to the island. I would bet dollars to donuts you were on the windward side of the island. Instead of the lagoon-ish bathtub calm side. The Roatan Marine Park runs from one end of Sandy Bay to the other end of West Bay. I truly believe the best snorkeling is within the marine park.
  12. Depending on the time of year and how many ships are in, while on the beach, getting away from the crowds is fair impossible unless you chose a beach other than West Bay. Paradise seems to have a bit more beach front, but they also sell more day passes. Paradise and Infinity both have a pool, this would give one a break from the chaos of the beach. The ocean can be seen from Infinity's pool, it can not from the Paradise Pool. Snorkel gear can be rented from any of the dive shops or the guys n the beach but I don't use other people toothbrushes you can bet I am not going to use a public snorkel in a third world country. :0) Of the three options, I would choose Paradise. Bananarama is small and a zoo on the best of days. Infinity shares a property line with Tabyana and the floating plaything attracts heaps of kids and noise.
  13. If you do not wish to....there is absolutely no reason to take a ship organized excursion. There are various ways to get about without having to deal with the unregulated taxi, one of those is private tour with one of the many reputable companies. Click through the threads here, the tour company websites (Bodden and Rony come to mind but there are others)or Trip Advisor for the many options on entertainment. Once you decide what you wish to do we may be able to better help you with transport. https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g292019-Activities-Roatan_Bay_Islands.html
  14. Linda, this is really good information and I very much appreciate it.
  15. Guest 2000

    Sol y Mar

    If you arrange a private driver with Bodden then he will ferry you at any time you like. Or are you saying Bodden has group transport to and from Sol y Mar? If so, I recommend contacting Bodden with their group transport scheduling.
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