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  1. They did have a dedicated fryer for fries but you should make sure before ordering.
  2. Thank you so much for posting this. We are considering the Encore for Alaska in 2025. Did you find the ship to be overcrowded? We usually sail on smaller ships so we are a little intimidated by its size. I’m glad you enjoyed your cruise!
  3. My experience with gluten intolerance on NCL was great. But you have to be vigilant, especially with unknowledgeable staff. Especially if your wife has celiac. Be careful of cross contamination at the buffet. I just avoided it. You should contact special services in advance. Your wife will be assigned a dietary advocate onboard who will help her to eat safely. They are worth their weight in gold! I thoroughly enjoyed my meals. I at at Teppanyaki and they made my meal first, with gluten free soy sauce. I also ate in Moderno, ale Bistro and Cagneys . Your wife can have really great meals with a little advance planning.
  4. I didn’t know they offer lunch. Good to know.
  5. Yes the hotel is per person, but if you deviate one day, they drop the cost of transportation to the pier. However, this cost of transport to the port and from port to airport on the return trip is, I believe, built into the per person hotel rate. We did this in Hawaii, but we booked our own flights. We took a taxi to the hotel and I’m pretty sure the driver took “ the long way”. If I had to do it again, I would book everything through NCL just for the peace of mind. But YMMV.
  6. The bid offer is often higher than calling and upgrading. Be sure to check what an upgrade would really cost (by doing a mock booking) before placing a bid. If it’s less just call NCL and upgrade. I’ve done this successfully in the past.
  7. My two dietary coordinators were fabulous ( on two different cruises). In fact after my last cruise, I wrote NCL and told them she deserved a promotion. They are worth their weight in gold!
  8. This is absolutely right. My experience being both gluten and dairy intolerant with NCL was great, but be careful of wait staff who are uneducated. One time at lunch in the Haven restaurant, I was told by a waiter that I would be fine if I didn’t eat any sauces. This was really ignorant. I had contacted special needs in advance. Question everything! If you’re not sure about something don’t eat it. I would also avoid the buffet. Too many ways for cross contamination. I did eat at Teppanyaki, Cagneys, and Moderno. I had no issues. You can have a wonderful cruise but you have to be vigilant.
  9. Hi from Tennessee ( originally a Long Island girl). We’ve been to Canandaigua several times. Lovely little town. We especially loved the wineries and the Rheinblich restaurant. And of course,the Riesling!
  10. While I don’t have celiac, I am gluten and dairy intolerant. I suggest you contact the special needs department prior to sailing so staff is aware if your wife’s celiac disease. She should be able to preorder meals the night before for each day in the MDR. On the first night make sure that the staff is aware. The first night in the MDR can be hectic and staff might not have been notified.
  11. I have hip and foot issues. Not sure if it would help you, but Vionic has some really nice supportive shoes. I’ve had a pair of their walking shoes for several years now. Wear what makes you comfortable.
  12. I am hoping for a YouTube video walk through post dry dock. Nothing as of yet. We are sailing on Pride next March for partial Panama Canal transit. Can’t wait!
  13. Don’t be like me in Bermuda and leave your DL onboard. Had a hairy few minutes at the Bermuda security booth while they checked with the cruise ship. They weren’t nice about it either. I was a newbie so I didn’t realize my husband could have boarded the ship and got my ID. And no, they didn’t offer that information 😡
  14. You can always bring your own gluten free bread onboard as long as it’s prepackaged.
  15. Im loving your review. It’s great to see the ship and all of the wonderful pictures. We’ll be sailing on Pride next March for a partial Panama Canal transit. Thanks so much for doing this.
  16. I’ve made salmon Wellington at home. It’s really easy with frozen puff pastry. It’s really delicious. If it’s still on Carnivals menu I’ll definitely try it.
  17. I am both gluten and dairy intolerant. Your friend should contact special needs department before sailing to let them know. Items mentioned in previous posts may NOT be dairy free. Please make sure to ask before ordering.
  18. Looks like a Samoyed. I used to have one. It shed like crazy!
  19. Carnival no longer offers it-at least on my cruise in March next year. Does anyone know of a private company that offers it?
  20. Contact special needs department before sailing to let them know you are celiac. I would advise eating in the MDR where they will bring you a menu the night before so you can choose meals that are safe to eat. I would constantly reiterate that you are celiac, especially the first night when things can be a bit chaotic. Question everything! I would avoid the buffet and other venues like Guys burgers and Blue Iguana. Too much risk of cross contamination. I am gluten intolerant. I have not sailed Carnival, but have sailed NCL and they were wonderful. I think there might be more information on the cruising with special needs board. Or do a search for celiac. I hope this helps.
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