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  1. We booked a forward suite on deck 12 (on NCL Jade) in 2018 as an upgrade. Not only was the pitching motion more pronounced, we could hardly use the forward deck because it was so windy. I think the OP made the right call to decline.
  2. Im really sorry to hear this. I sailed on Jade and POA and they were both awesome. I’m guessing they are understaffed since the pandemic. I hope NCL remedies this. In a situation like this, it pays to do your research on what foods you can and can’t eat. When I first became gluten intolerant, I googled everything ( is it gluten free?). Some if the answers surprised me- like soy sauce has gluten, but buckwheat doesn’t?? I used to write a blog on being gluten intolerant. I did an extensive write up on my experience with NCL. I’ve since found a way to be able to eat gluten ( I am not celiac) but I still try to help others whenever I can who are going through the same struggles. Ask questions about everything. Mistakes in communication or lack of staff knowledge in can result in unpleasant digestive symptoms. Mistakes happen. Don’t be afraid to speak up. If something feels or looks wrong, don’t eat it. Most things can be made gluten free. You just have to ask. I’m hoping your cruise on the Getaway goes much better for you!
  3. Contact special needs department before sailing to let them know. You will be assigned a dietary coordinator once onboard who will help you to choose your meals in advance. Just ask to see them. I was able to eat at almost every restaurant with advance planning. They are really good at making just about everything gluten free.They will work with you and give you suggestions. I avoided the buffet due to cross-contamination but if you choose to go there let the chef know and they can prepare fresh food for you or can walk you through the buffet and tell you what is safe. I wouldn’t trust just winging it. Be careful of untrained staff. Always tell the server that your pre-prepared meal is waiting for you once seated. If there is an issue, ask to speak to your coordinator. I had Jocelyn on my last cruise in 2018. She was awesome!
  4. Contacting guest services in advance ensures that there will be enough gluten free items onboard for all that need it. It also alerts the person in charge of special dietary issues that they need to meet with at your first meal after you board. You just need to alert your server to go and get them. The staff is wonderful when it comes to celiac disease but you have to give them a heads up. I was able to eat in almost every restaurant onboard with a little advanced planning. I was told to avoid the buffet due to cross contamination. If you do go to the buffet, talk to the chef in charge; they will make you fresh food. Al’s, be aware that not all staff is properly trained. Always double check that your food is gluten free before eating it.
  5. Big band, or Rat Pack would be great. I guess they’re trying to appeal to a wider audience but there’s a time and place for other music. JMHO.
  6. We wrote our butler a letter in advance with a list of afternoon snacks that we wanted. We also ordered off of several specialty dining menus. I’m sure with advance notice you could be accommodated. It depends on the butler. Some are more willing to do what you ask than others. It’s certainly worth a try.
  7. Someone said take a picture of your passport photo ( if you have one).
  8. I was able to book Teppanyaki before I boarded the POA in 2016. Maybe that’s changed?
  9. Yes that’s my experience also. But Gary really has it down to a science. Great advice!
  10. I would have asked for them, but that’s just me 😁
  11. In this case I would speak to a manager. Go up the chain. If they can’t fix it I would definitely push for compensation.
  12. Neither my husband or I can take Paxlovid due to medication interactions. We are both vaxxed and boosted. I’ve had it twice, but my husband has never had it. We recognize that cruising poses a risk. Personally I would just self-quarantine in my cabin and not notify medical unless one of us got seriously ill. But it’s a personal decision whether or not to report it. Covid is no longer a pandemic. But it’s still out there. I’m more worried about catching nonovirus than Covid on our next cruise.
  13. The butler can do a lot for you. When we sailed in a suite we wrote a note for our butler outlining snacks we wanted delivered. They can bring pretty much anything you ask for. Our butler arranged a lovely dinner on our balcony, complete with white tablecloth. This article might help: https://frequentfloaters.com/what-are-the-things-you-can-request-from-your-norwegian-cruise-lines-butler-service/
  14. Lots of great info on the Alaska board https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/33-alaska/
  15. I totally agree. We sailed POA in 2016. Truly an amazing experience. Food and crew great; scenery spectacular. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.
  16. Take Bonine with you. Yes you can get it at the desk but if you have your own you can take one before you board the ship. It works great for me but YMMV.
  17. Loved your video. Thank you for posting it.
  18. NCL was amazing with my gluten intolerance on two sailings. I have booked the Bliss for Alaska in 2025 whatever line you choose, be sure to contact their special needs department in advance so they are aware of your sisters celiac. This is really important. She should be assigned a dietary coordinator ( this varies by ship). Advance planning is key here. Also, be vigilant. There are a lot of untrained staff who are unaware of food allergies as @dd57 stated. Your dietary coordinator will work with her to make sure that she can eat safely. I had some amazing meals on NCL. The only thing I found lacking was desserts. I only had fruit as a choice. I’m hoping they have gotten better with that.
  19. I took bonine before a helicopter ride in Hawaii. I had no issues with motion sickness.
  20. I had an acrylic nail repaired in the Jade back in 2016. She didn’t do so great a job but she did match my polish. I wouldn’t recommend it. Get your nails filled before you go.
  21. Our Bliss cruise in May of 2025 is going to glacier bay.
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