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  1. Very nice and tasteful in my opinion.
  2. Most certainly not "offensive", but in my opinion tacky. Offensive would be my picture wearing a speedo pasted on my door. There is a difference between "offensive" and "tacky".
  3. I honestly don't care what you do to your door. Just giving you my own opinion about it. Others may disagree or agree and that's fine since we all have different tastes. That's why crayons have many colors and Baskin Robbins has so many flavors. The world would be a boring place if everyone was the same.
  4. I don't see the problem with the Louvre transfer. It gets you to the building and you have plenty of time to look around or arrange a private tour. I'm sure they sell good guidebooks and may have an audio guide.
  5. Take one dollar less than you are willing to lose.
  6. Usually serve cold snacks 5-6 and hot snacks 6-7.
  7. The card you will receive before you board the ship is called "Seapass Card". This card unlocks your cabin door and is used anytime you make an onboard purchase. Security will scan your Seapass card whenever you get on or leave the ship. Some ports also will require you to show your Seapass card when you enter to embark the ship. Some ports also require a photo ID like a drivers' license. A few ports want to see your Passport, but that it relatively rare.
  8. "Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder", but IMHO this is just tacky!
  9. It must have moved within the sight of security cameras from the time it was picked up at your cabin. Do you know if the video has been checked?
  10. You check a box saying that you read the terms of the Cruise Contract before you can print your Express Pass. You must scroll down the contract before you can check the box. The terms and conditions are spelled out clearly. Most people, I guess never read before checking the box. Whose fault is that?
  11. They will send instructions to your cabin. If you are staying on the ship you usually meet at the Passport Bar and go off the ship as a group . We've usually, but not always met the Customs and Immigration Officers either on the gangway or as we got off the gangway. After a quick check you return to the ship. If you are leaving the ship you use the Transit Pass to skip the lines to reboard. Some times they take your old Sea Pass card, sometimes they don't. If you have a very large group you may meet in the Sky Lounge rather than the Passport Bar. Really easy, especially if you're staying in the same cabin. As I said: You'll get complete instructions delieved to your cabin. You may also have a group meeting. Expect to be invited to the Concierge Lunch in the MDR.
  12. I love D"Orsay and recommend a visit. Wonderful restaurant behind the clock, at least it was there when we visited several years ago. I'm doing a Berlin On Your Own in a few weeks. You are less rushed at the sites and save $$ over other ship sponsored tours
  13. Just a word of advice from an old man. Problems do happen and it's how you handle them that can make a difference in your mental health. At one time I would ran around acting angry and frustrated. Now I tend to be very calm and always address the problem by saying to the person who is handling it: "What can we do"? Or, a flight cancelation I usually say to the person: "I understand you're having a frustrating day". You'll be amazed what you can get by understanding the problems created for the agent.
  14. You can go on line and get tickets in advance. The Louvre might be a walking distance or at worse a short metro ride from where they leave you off. They will have the Paris on Your Own tour when you board the ship.Problem solved and you will save $$$.
  15. The ship usually offers a Paris on Your Own Tour. Could you take this and go to the Louvre? We really don't know why the tour was cancelled only guessing that it failed to meet the minimum number, but there are other reasons a tour might be cancelled.
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