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  1. Great attitude! We all have much to be grateful about. Hope you can fill your bucket list when it is safe to cruise.
  2. I've been on many trips leaving the ship and heading to FCO. Never a problem and booked flights after 1100 AM. But who knows how you'll be during COVID-19 requirement? Have you been to Rome before? If not, enjoy a few days.
  3. I would rate the chances for passage higher if they had co sponsors from the other side of the aisle and from places other than Florida.
  4. Agree with the posters who want strict rules and enforcement. Perhaps the health and life of your flight attendant friend could be saved if airlines really enforced face mask regulations. I wonder if contact tracing would indicate who passed the virus on to you and if they failed to do as required could be successfully sued for damages?
  5. I don't see why a Zenith would book any of the recent sales that included drink packages and Internet. These are perks that Zeniths get free as benefits. They allow no substitutions and the price is often reflected in the price. I recognize that most are not Zeniths and might be attracted by the offers.
  6. You bring back many happy memories. I believe that Sitmar had three ships: Fairsea, Fairsky and Farwind. Also had e best pizza at sea.
  7. Two more small world stories. The first night we were seated at a large table and we were the only two. The next night the table was filled by other passengers. We introduce ourselves and one of the passengers had a familiar name. He was an NFL running back with the Washington Redskins. It turned out that his High School football coach served as an usher at my wedding. We had lots to talk about! The next story involves a frequently Celebrity cruiser who unfortunately is no longer with us. A group of Zeniths were gathered in Michael's Club before our rooms were available. A Suite passenger entered by himself and we invited him to sit with us. Long story short he was the next door neighbor of the now deceased Zenith and they had NEVER met!I remarked that their houses were either large or the fact they never met was a sign of the friendliness of their neighborhood.
  8. We took our son on a cruise to celebrate his 21st birthday and within 5 minutes of boarding he ran into a fraternity brother. Neither knew that the other was on a cruise. Later on the same cruise he spotted his math professor. Needless to say he had fun with his frat brother and avoided his professor.
  9. In 1976 we celebrated our 10th anniversary on Fairwind. This was our first cruise and still one of the best.
  10. Guess I'll, see her when I get old. She is certainly not performing on Celebrity ships now. Just googled her and it seems that she has had a baby. I wish her well.
  11. Quite good, but he hasn't changed a single word of his act in more than 20 years. Love Jayne Curry and the original Tenors of Rock.
  12. I miss the conversations with my cruising friends. The times we spend together on a cruise are very special.
  13. Joined in March, 2002 and a relative newbie when compared to some. I've met many posters on board and some have become real friends. I now plan cruises based on what some of my CC friends are booking. There seems to be more anger expressed today than in the early years where people seemed to be more focused on information sharing. This might be a function of size and demographics. I often go to the Crystal board and see the information sharing and civility that the Celebrity board exhibited in the past.
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