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  1. I have reservations for the Quebec City to Miami cruise and agree with those who suggest that Crystal should announce plans ASAP so I can plan ahead. Perhaps they could issue a FCC to those who would like to book another Crystal cruise. Waiting may limit the choices of passengers . I recognize that all cruise lines would like to hold onto cash for as long as possible.
  2. Is it true that in Winter south Florida becomes a province of Canada?
  3. Generally works at Al Bacio and is a bar server.
  4. Heard from a crew member who is still aboard Millennium. She reports that all is well and the crew has become much closer. She is now meeting many from different departments. Crew in passenger cabins and they are not sharing. Thinks that she has been treated well
  5. I believe that those suing are looking for a settlement and they really don't want to spend years in Court. I believe that unless the lawyers for Celebrity believe that a winning case could be made by those who are suing, Celebrity should not make any offer of settlement and they should make it clear that they will go to trial. I believe that in Florida the loser can be responsible for all litigation costs.
  6. I would agree that your level is really not an "achievement" in one sense of the word. While it does take some effort, it doesn't take courage or skill to reach any level of any loyalty program. There is however another meaning of the word that simply says theat "achievement is simply the process of achieving something". In that sense reaching a loyalty level is an achievement. The first definition applies to heros that should be honored for their sacrifices for the common good and we have many examples today. Thanks to all those who serve!
  7. I've seen very few Zeniths wear their pin They even keep their. Zenith Seapass card out of sight until it is needed. I don't know why some can't avoid making negative comments about status.
  8. Iam Zenith with Celebrity and would be. Diamond withRoyal Caribbean and that's fine with me. For those who say the the benefits are minimal if you are Elite or Elite+ I guess it depends about how you use benefits and value them. I always appreciated the additional internet and laundry and most specially the speciality teas and coffees at Al Bacio.you also may receive more invitations to special events, like sail aways if you are Elite+. Whatever your status is, to me it's all about the experiences you have while reaching the higher numbers.
  9. Haven't seen this discussed,but staffing can be a major problem for all lines. I was speaking to a friend who goes online with many crew on various lines and some say that they are finished working on ships. I see this as a potential problem for all the lines as experienced crew might decide to stay home and switch careers. The cruise lines would still need to fill the vacated positions if they want to continue to offer outstanding service. It would be, IMHO a mistake to use this opportunity to save some dollars by reducing staffing. They have made this mistake before and it showed in a reduced cruise experience. The other alternative would be to replace experienced workers with new and inexperienced crew. Of course some lines could "raid" others for the best crew. Any thoughts?
  10. They have suspended the dividend and I expect the stock holder benefit to go away as well.
  11. The CEO of Norwegian announced last night on CNBC that with new funding they are good for 18 months. if you called your TA to cancel they should have explained your options. They should now try to resolve your issue with Celebrity.
  12. The key fact is that YOU cancelled before the announcement was official.You lost the game of chicken. Since you cancelled before Celebrity they own you what your contract requires.Surprised that your TA didn't charge $100 cancellation fee as they normally do. Really sorry that this happened to you. celebrity might have done some goodwill, but they are not required to do anything.
  13. They often go up. However, go down more often after final payment. Lots of cruisers, including me will wait until the end before booking.
  14. Adding Oceania to Azamara makes sense. They could also add Regent to their Silversea position. The rest make no sense to me. Money is usually not a problem if the investment community believes that they could realize great profits on their investment.
  15. My cancelled cruise are available next year at more than double the prices. I suspect that they will come down as the cruises near, but I would accept the offer for the same category on the same cruise in a nano second.
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