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  1. Several very nice ports, but many passengers are very passionate about Israel and any substitution is not appreciated. Israel for many is "home" not simply a destination. r
  2. The HD told me that the passenger was put off the ship at the next stop.
  3. I shared the concern expressed by you and others until I tried another line after more than 100 cruises with Celebrity. The crew and perceived value kept me coming back to my "home" at sea. But things started to change for me. I was very happy that I finally decided to cruise on a true luxury line and in a smaller ship. Fortunately we don't live in a one size world and we can choose as our perceptions and wants change.
  4. In the past I booked 3 cruises that Included Israel and one time we actually made it. It was a wonderful experience. One time the stop in Israel was cancelled two days prior the scheduled visit when unexploded missiles were found at the port in Haifa. The tour companies told Celebrity that they wouldn't be available for touring and that it was unsafe for Celebrity to visit at that time. There was a virtual rebellion on the ship. One passenger yelled at the Captain in the theater that the Captain didn't want to go to Israel because he was an anti Semite. A group of Baptists left the ship to fl
  5. More and in my opinion, better entertainment on Crystal. They have two different shows per night and a free dinner show on many itineraries. Celebrity is gambling that they can still fill the ships with higher paying customers that require little if any benefits. I can really understand their strategy.
  6. Removing the Happy Hour saves them money. Don't need to pay for staff or entertainment. I will miss meeting other passengers in the Sky Lounge. To me its more social than about drinking. But I understand why Celebrity is taking this step at this time.
  7. You don’t need a separate restaurant on a Crystal ship since you can visit each specialty restaurant once at no cost. Additional visits are $30 pp which is far less than Celebrity. The food in the MDR, IMHO is superior to Luminae. You don’t need to go to Retreat to get a drink or for conversation as there is more passenger space per guest and drinks are free . Entertainment is far superior. No question which line I would take if prices were close.
  8. You might be correct, but I'll believe it when I see it!
  9. Zeniths no longer have access to MC/Retreat.
  10. Caught my error in ship too late to correct. I am taking Apex TA to Amsterdam.
  11. Since 1999 I've found Celebrity to be a good value for me. They had a wonderful crew, good food and entertainment. When they added tiers to the loyalty program with increased benefits I saw a real value in staying with Celebrity. There is still a wonderful crew, but for me Celebrity has not been the same experience. They reduced benefits and increased prices to the point where don't represent IMHO the same value to me. I've found that the overall value to me of other lines is a appealing. For example, the price difference between Celebrity and Crystal has narrowed to the point that on some c
  12. Will the Suites get "This Smells Like My Orgasm" candle? I guess that you wouldn't be allowed to light it aboard the ship unless they would allow it in The Retreat.
  13. Didn't notice anyone from my age group on the video. If they had they would have announced a "Burial at Sea" program.
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