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  1. You obviously don't know the people who serve as CC Hosts/Hostess. They would say "thanks", pocket the tip and give you nothing that you weren't entitled to.
  2. I did indeed misread their post. They will not receive Elite benefits on the 2nd part of the B2B.
  3. Prefer kids to adults who drink too much or break rules by smoking in non smoking areas. I always report smokers, but that's another thread.
  4. You will receive Elite benefits on the second cruise if you earn the points following the first cruise. Just tell the CC Host/Hostess early during the first cruise so that they have time to check. This happens many times.
  5. Orator

    B2B question

    I walk to Bayside. Just leave the port area wand walk on the Bridge.
  6. Orator

    B2B question

    You can take the shuttle to the port entrance and walk to town. Train station is a sort walk, just follow those carrying luggage. You can get a train to Rome, but be sure to get back in time to the ship. If you are a high stress person you might want to stay in Civitavecchia You will use the Transit Pass to reboard. You will be instructed where to pick up your new Seapass card .
  7. Orator

    B2B question

    Remember that on Celebrity a B2B is treated as two separate cruises. Any non refundable OBC will be lost since and any refundable credit will be refunded. You will need to create to register for internet using a different user name. The information of other posters is spot on. As indicated you will receive specific directions and transit passes in your cabin toward the end of your first cruise.
  8. No cause for concern. Just go to Guest Relations and ask the time and place and just show up. Usually, but not always held the first sea day in the morning.
  9. Unless you have lots of OBC that is non refundable take the advice to book a private tour. I took the Celebrity 2 day bus tour since I had lots of OBC, but encountered large, large crowds at The Hermitage. People on private tours reported little or no crowds. One couple told me they had access when the Museum was closed to visitors. That alone is worth the extra expense!
  10. If in any doubt just send it in and let Celebrity decide. Many, including me have reported unexpected surprises.At one time they denied credit if you received anything from Celebrity. Now they are granting the difference between what you get and the shareholder credit.
  11. I've been asked for it several times on two different ships.
  12. I would prefer that every female Zenith member be presented with flowers t the CC Celebration rather than me receiving the home brew wine. An invitation to an Officers Table to me cheapens the invitation making it appear that the invitation was a requirement as a perk rather than you are invited to a table because the Officer wants you at their table. Seems cold and impersonal.
  13. LLP's answers reflected what she sees as her responsibility to her Board and Shareholders. Interesting that when a suggestion, like a laundry package was presented she jumped all over it and so would I as a CEO. Laundry packages would create another income flow that would boast the bottomline. Encouraging spending whether in the shops, or excursions, or by using Choice Air would also expand revenue, especially among some who just needed some points to get to the next level. However, when a question would create an outflow of revenue she was careful to give a politically correct answer that would indicate a negative response without actually saying "no". LLP is a bright, articulate and in person very gracious. Her answers were just as I anticipated.
  14. Guess we should now avoid booking cabins next to storage lockers since the noise will now increase as Stateroom Attendants retrieve footstools.
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