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  1. Some can't have sugar. What are the best no sugar added treats?
  2. Equinox is a fine ship! Captain Manetas is currently in command and he will be rotated with Captain Tasos, who was previously on Solstice. I believe that Capt. Tasos takes command in November. Both Captains are GREAT! Quality starts at the top and Equinox certainly has quality at the top!
  3. I board for a B2B when you disembark for my first Crystal cruises so I will be following your blog. Have a wonderful series of cruises.
  4. I'm afraid that signs, notices and casual comments really wouldn't modify behavior.Several years ago Penn State conducted a study of how much time it took people to vacate a parking space. The study concluded that it took considerably longer for one to vacate a space when someone was waiting for it than if no one was waiting. I believe that some people tend to be highly territorial and they tend to be even more territorial when others want to invade what they see as "their" space.
  5. On some TAs in S class ships I've seen card and game players use the MDR, deck 4. Must have made arrangements through the Events Coordinator. I've also seen card and game players use the Sky Lounge during the day. This works if they don't mind the noise from activities. Conference rooms can also be used if not reserved. Unfortunately, the dedicated Card Room is being eliminated in favor of cabins in the renovations. Problems can be avoided if card players, crafters and gamers would speak to the Events Coordinator to reserve space.
  6. Deck 5 Port side, Aft.. If you go into Tuscan Grille you've gone too far.
  7. Much of the answer to this question will come with the next earnings report and the follow up conference call. There was a sharp reaction to the downside following the last report when RCL reported lower than expected bookings and increased fuel cost . Blamed lower bookings on hurricanes hitting during the prime booking season. Personally I believe that Celebrity is healthy and will remain so unless and until market saturation is reached. No problems so long as there are new cruisers to replaced pass passengers who move on. In fact, Celebrity benefits when Elites and above are replaced by new cruisers since the new cruisers don't require additional benefits.
  8. Need a ride from Heathrow to hotel near Piccadilly Then a pickup from hotel to ship in Southampton. What car services would you recommend? We will lave two larger checked bags and two carry ons and 2 personal bags as per airline regulations.
  9. I've done several Panama Canal cruises with Celebrity and they've always had an expert lecturer that lived in Pamama. On several cruises they also had Mickey Live who was fantastic!
  10. As I've said in a past post I have only experienced Celebrity in recent years. Based on what I see is now the focus of your question I would say that participation on Roll Calls, at least on Celebrity is largely based on the length and demographics of the passengers. My last cruise was a 7 day Equinox cruise and Roll Call interaction was minimal. My next cruise is October TA aboard Silhouette and there has been a tremendous amount of participation. People have organized excursions, organized a crafting room, poker run, slot pulls, cabin crawl, card games, to name just a few. My guess is that the same factors operate on other lines as well.
  11. I'm not in a position to comment since in recent years I've only been on Celebrity. I will most certainly yield to your experience since they are your 3 favorite lines and you have experienced all of them. What is your answer to the question given your experience?
  12. Many of the activities, such as Top Chef Competition, Smithsonian Lectures and Breast Cancer events came as a result from partnerships that Celebrity had with others. As these partnerships expired so to did the specific events. Perhaps future partnerships will lead to some new activities.
  13. I most certainly agree with the comments posted. I'm not much for the organized activities except the lectures. I would try to return to the days when the names and topics were published in advance so that if interested a passenger could do some background reading prior to the cruise. The growing problem with adding new activities is place to hold them. Evidently Celebrity has decided to reduce public space in favor of private space and more cabins. At one time Michael's Club was used for activities. That ended when it became a Suite venue. The renovations of the S Class ships will reduce the size of the Sky Lounge by half and the Card Room will disappear. This will potentially cause card players and crafters to gravitate to al Bacio and the Oceanview Cafe causing more seating problems at peak times. The Activities Staff has also been reduced to save costs. These trends make additional activities almost impossible unless they replace existing activities. I feel sorry for those responsible for activities who are trying to do a good job, but have had one hand tied behind their back.
  14. Most certainly not! Verizon has been a long time contributor to this forum. They are very frequently Celebrity cruisers. I believe that it's quite natural for a person who may have an association with their screen name to begin in the way they began. I believe that they were quite frustrated at the time they started this thread. The message to them has been clear: Bring your concerns to people on the ship who can help and not to Cruise Critic. I believe that the management made a good will offer to time and they turned it down. I accept that they were no looking for any type of compensation and just wanted to correct what they found an intolerable situation. Hopefully they come back and tell us how if the situation was resolved.
  15. I don't blame the CEO for any cost saving cuts. She follows the marching orders from the parent company, RCL and the Board. She does what she needs to do to meet performance goals set by her superiors. I currently have one Celebrity cruise, October 24th SIL TA on my schedule and a B2B on Crystal Serenity starting November 24th. I will book Celebrity if I know friends are on board or if there is a really good price for an intenary I want to take, but I will be looking at the true luxury lines to recapture what I once found on Celebrity. Either things have changed, or I just changed, but I no longer consider myself loyal to the extent that I only consider spending my cruise dollars on Celebrity.
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