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  1. Simon goes back a long time with Celebrity and was an outstanding HotelDirector. He's most qualified and should make an real contribution. I wonder if his brother will rejoin Celebrity?
  2. Thank you for the information. Just made a reservation for my December cruise.
  3. Check with your TA. People have reported different experiences on these boards.
  4. I would go to the Roll Call for your cruise and see what others are doing. You might be able to find some private tours being formed that you can join. I would also check what tours are available through Celebrity.
  5. The newspaper is free and takes from the bottom line. The ads for products may contribute to the bottom line. Would anyone pay for the paper with day or two old news?
  6. They added extra points to your account so just accept them as a gift and don't question.
  7. My email from Celebrity always says 25 points and Elite Plus.
  8. Glad that you started the thread. There are always a few who question motives. I had a question about Bo1953 and some recent posters found it inappropriate or took away from the thread. Well, threads often have a life of their own and take off in all directions. Report a post to the Moderators if you believe that that post hijacks the thread. They have the final authority to remove offending posts. I simply was interested if Celebrity returned to social media monitors. I would like to see that. Once again I believe that what Paul did as a volunteer was wonderful.
  9. Cruiseerf: Did you get in touch with the Shoreside Concierge?
  10. This is a fair observation, but Celebrity is far from alone in using "beautiful people" to entice customers to use their product. Using people like me would be a turn off to the target audience. Bo1953: Please forgive this question but I'm curious: Are you now a spokesperson for Celebrity? I know in the past Celebrity had people in their office who reviewed and commented on social media. You write well and appear to know the Celebrity product. I think that its great if Celebrity has asked for volunteers or has added staff to clarify policies and keep people informed.
  11. Contact ConciergeShannon@celebrity.com. I leave next Wednesday on Eclipse and was contacted yesterday only after I wrote to the Shoreside Concierge. Sometimes I've heard from them a month before the cruise. They are wonderful people. Shannon is Shoreside Concierge for Reflection.
  12. I've booked many flights using Choice Air. Only once I could not select seats and that was with Ethiad Airlines. Sometimes the lowest price posted is not the lowest price when you consider fees. As others have suggested you need to do your homework before booking.
  13. In your case it's a non factor. It would only be a factor if you were gonig to the airport from the ship or going from the airport to the ship.
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