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  1. It is the standard 2nd Evening Chic night menu.
  2. I've never seen a special menu for the holidays, but the ship is beautifully decorated and there may be some caroling. I've seen Santa give gifts to children.
  3. Does anyone have the prices for dry cleaning?
  4. I would only take the newest ships regardless of line. When I saw that Celebrity was launching a new ship "Millennium" for the Millennium we decided to take it for the New Years cruise. We enjoyed the experience and the following New Year took the new Summit. I really don't remember when we first heard about Celebrity, but had been cruising since 1977 and were familiar with the various lines.
  5. As a very frequent Celebrity I can tell you that knowing who the Captain is can make a difference in the choice to take a particular cruise when ere are several options. Haven't seen Capt. Tasos since he went to Solstice and will book Equinox to see him again. It's all about relationships. Some Captains elevate my cruise experience, some do not. Honestly there are a few Captains I avoid and some I look forward to seeing. I know quite a few top cruisers who feel the same way.
  6. Booked atFuture Cruises so put $200 down. They wanted $317 extra to protect the $200. Sometimes the numbers work, sometimes they don't.
  7. Shirley Jones and Frank Shorter were speakers. Regis Philban and Richrd Roundtree (Shaft) were passengers. I believe that fellow passengers respected their privacy. In fact Regis said that when he did an interview program with the CD. Said he did the program because people were very respectful.
  8. For cruises 10 days or longer gratuities is the best choice. You also need to price the no perks option and to see how much you are actually paying for the free perks. For my Silhouette TA it would have cost me $1100 for $750 in perks.
  9. The people who check you in wear Celebrity name tags. This would lead most passengers to see them as Celebrity employees even if they aren't. Officers from the ship are also present.
  10. All passengers should be treated with respect whether in a top suite or inside cabin. For most first time cruisers the initial impression of the line begins at check in. Mary Beth needs to be replaced!
  11. I was on that cruise! The Chef, who left for Princess, told me that the shipment of NY Strip never arrived and he went to the market in Barcelona to replace it. They were also out and he shopped in Malaga. He knew that the meat was tough but thought he could tenderize it. Didn't work! Said that he'd never purchase inferior meat again.
  12. Actually most of the male Captain's introduce themselves and are called by their first name by both passengers and crew. For example: Capt. Leo, Capt. Tasos, Capt. Nick, Capt. George, captain. Alex, Captain Mike.
  13. Tasos sent me a message confirming that he will be aboard Equinox in November.
  14. You must sign and date the laundry slip. That' means you entered into the contract. You're dead in the water!
  15. "Man (or woman) overboard"
  16. Welcome to the cruising world, it can become quite addicting. The problem for some is not that they have become "jaded", but that they remember the quality of meals before recent cutbacks. There are many positive improvements in cruising over the years, but the quality of food served in the MDR is not one. I don't know why changes have taken place but I can speculate. All cruise lines want and need to add to their bottom line. On Celebrity its meant more specialty restaurants with higher charges; special restaurants for Aqua Class and Suite passengers that they pay for in higher fares. The MDR is a rfee venue and is a consumer of revenue, not a producer.
  17. Condolences to his friends and family. I always appreciated his efforts on behalf of the Cruise Critic community.
  18. I believe you should ask the specific tour company you plan to use what they will accept for reservation and payment.
  19. Perhaps they used the same supplier in Vancouver? If it is, they need to change. The first cruise on Eclipse loaded supplies in Vancouver and Millie most probably was resupplied after their Transpacific also in Vancouver. Hope you and the gang have great Alaskan cruises.
  20. Really don't know. I do know that the Executive Chef on the Millennium for my Japan cruise told me that he had rejected lots of produce. The first three pallets were good, but rotten fruit was buried in the stacks. He rejected the entire delivery and recommended a change of supplier.
  21. There was a sharp difference to me. Food greatly improved on the second cruise. That's why I suspect an underlying problem that we don't know about. I wish that they would add screen names to the name tags used for the Cruise Critic gatherings, or provide space for one to add it, so that we can meet people who we really want to meet. After so many years of posting I was looking forward to meeting you and some others.
  22. There was a Health Inspection between the two cruises and Eclipse scored a 99.
  23. Equinox will be a "new" ship when you cruise. It's been the "Ship of the year" several times and is highly rated by past passengers. Captain Tasos will be joining the ship in November and then stay 3 months on, 3 months off and then returning to the ship. Capt. Tasos is very popular with passengers.
  24. I'm always exciting when I see that Kenny is the Executive Chef on my cruise. He is really outstanding and as passenger friendly as any chef in the fleet! He is currently on Eclipse and I was on the cruise that is the subject of most criticism. I must agree that the meals in the MDR were substandard, but they vastly improved on the next cruise. Not an excuse, but something might have happened on the April 17th cruise that we don't know about. I can only speculate, but many crew changes took place and this included the kitchen staff. I've been on cruises when shortages occurred due to shipment errors. On one Japan cruise shortages were caused by the Executive Chef refusing delivery of sub standard product. I'll be in Silhouette on June 16th and be able to see if my first cruise on Eclipse was a one time experience, or a trend.
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