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  1. I indicated some airlines. The US airlines have run some of their 757 over to Europe on a fairly regular basis pre-covid. Not certain about now. There are also some new long range A321 that some of the European airlines, like TAP, are now using on some of thin transatlantic route. With the Canadian airlines the A321 able to do transatlantic are only with AriTranat. Air Canada has them on order. Both Air Canada and WestJet have run 737max to Europe. The narrow body aircraft tend to be rare over the Atlantic but some airlines do use them from time to time.
  2. You probably don't want to do that. If you book your flight on one ticket then if there is a missed connection the airline is responsible for rebooking you (at their cost) and depending on the reason for the missed connection hotels etc. They will also check bags automatically. If you book two separate tickets then your responsible for the onward connection.
  3. You do also have the option of connecting in Canada. Both Air Canada and WestJet fly into Barcelona. Most people find economy. That is what most of seats are on the aircraft. In the economy cabin there are usually some rows of seats towards the front that have extra leg room but otherwise the same. Your buying economy and then when you pick your seats paying extra for one of these. Premium economy is a completely different product. The seats are wider and very similar to what in the US on domestic flights would be called "First class" or in Canada "North American Business Class". Usually there is a better meal. This tends to be a fairly small cabin so it will sell out early. The international business class on most airline will be a seat that will open up into a flat bed and comes with a high end meal on china with a table cloth etc. The US airlines sometimes fly single aisle aircraft and on those you could get a seat that is closer to premium economy. You may also want to consider connecting in Canada. Both Air Canada and WestJet fly into Barcelona. If your ok with a regular economy seat and just want extra leg room It sounds like what you want is one of those economy seats at the front with extra leg room. On United they call those economy seats with extra legroom Economy Plus and it has a seat pitch of 34" vrs the 31" in most other economy. You can see them in the front or on exit rows. https://www.united.com/ual/en/us/fly/travel/inflight/aircraft/787-10.html Air Canada has a little video showing you what the different types look like. https://www.aircanada.com/us/en/aco/home/fly/onboard/cabin-features.html#/
  4. Parking is one level below the cruise ship terminal. You would access the terminal by elevator. I have used it a number of times going to conventions and other events at Canada Place. I have never parked there more than a few hours. Near the elevator there are some spots for electric charging and a good number of 23 hour reserved spots (likely for some of the business in the office tower). I never looked for handicapped spots, but there are likely a few but not many. The parking is the entire length of Canada Place it can be a very log walk. It can be quite a long walk. If I was traveling with someone with a walker I would drop them off near the elevator, go park and then meet up with them again at the elevator.
  5. The OP is going to be routed into the international pier with only international flights and avoid Canadian customs going to Europe. Coming back the OP will clear US customs in Toronto, bags will be automatically transferred (unlike most US gateway airports) and yes, they will end up in a pier that only have US flights. As for hotels it all depends on what the cause of the delay is. The few times I have been stuck in Toronto I have always had AC put me up in a hotel. Unfortunate but its the same issue with virtually any airline these days in North America.
  6. Entering the Schengen region normal practice is for your passport to be stamped and to be stamped again when leaving. They look virtually the same one have an arrow showing arrival the other an arrow showing departure. The exist one they don't look that closely since your leaving the region. That process is usually much faster.
  7. The Air Canada option sounds good to me. Toronto and Montreal are setup to streamline international transfers. That includes connections to the US. Coming back you would clear US customs in Toronto and Montreal, and your bags would automatically be transferred. If you come back through New York or Chicago, you will need to clear customs and security again. Other thing to keep in mind is Tokyo has two airports. Haneda is close to downtown. Narita it a longer train ride and just outside the city. Both work quite well for getting into Tokyo but you should take into account the difference.
  8. You might as well put your loyalty numbers on the ticket. Don't go in expecting to get any, if you do consider it a bonus. Usually with those deeply discounted tickets the number of points/miles is reduced from a more expensive ticket. You can put two or more loyalty numbers onto the reservation. It will get credit to the programs as appropriate. AA can be credit to AA program or one of their partners like Alaska, British Airlines loyalty program. Delta can be credited to the Delta program or one of its partners like WestJet or Air Frances program.
  9. The Spanish flu never went away. Many died, those that serviced became immune and lived on. The vaccine just helped dramatically improve the survival rate. Before COVID mask were normal in Asia. In countries like Japan, if you had a cold or the flu it was considered responsible behaviour to wear a mask when around others. Same thing for anyone handling food.
  10. I have been traveling for work this year. Around 4 airline trips in western Canada or Ontario or Quebec. The first two were maskers were still mandatory. The second the masks were optional. I sticking to using the masks. Before COVID after getting back from a trip always had a good chance of picking up a cold or flu or some other bug. Now add COVID to the mix. I am finding using the mask I just don't get sick as frequently as before.
  11. In the unlikely event that happens don't forget to keep the receipts to claim back from the airline. I think the claim limit is $2,300 CDN but you should check if it happens.
  12. Typical lie-flat international business class. The A330, 787 and 777 all have equivalent international business class seats. Air Canada also regularly uses the A330 on domestic service, however the food offering is not as good. as on the overseas flights. Here is a blogger that recently did a video on the 777 from Montreal to Athens. The seats and service are virtually identical with the 330. He did pre-order the vegan meal, the normal meal offering is much better and served on proper China.
  13. In the case of larger airports in Canada, they use computer technology to avoid it. So if you flying Sweden->Toronto-> New York, you will clear US customs in Toronto and the bags are automatically transfer US Customs in Toronto is show photos of the bag on a screen and they can have the baggage system bring them up for inspection or release them to the next flight. Same would happen if it was Sweden->Toronto-> Vancouver. If Europe they do immigration when you first land, then customs at your final destination. The baggage tags have a green strip on the side if they originate locally and no color code if they are form outside the customs zone. Nothing would stop US airports from using the same computer systems they use in Canada other than the cost of upgrading the airprot.
  14. Depends. Terminal 1 is streamlined and simple. Terminal 3 is not as simple but still better than before. If your coming in on one terminal and leaving on the other then it is painfully and you need to handle your baggage. If you flying Air Canada/United your in terminal 1. It is handled behind the scense. If your flying WestJet/Delta/American your in Terminal 3.
  15. There are a number of things that are illegal in the US and are legal in Canada. If it is one of these then it would be looked at quite differently. For example marijuana is generally legal in Canada.
  16. In most parts of the world it would be transferred behind automatically. If the transfer was in Toronto you would go through US customs and the bags would be handled behind the scenes. The US airports are the exceptions.
  17. The biggest factor for you is if your a US national or not. I know they sometimes feed us Canadians into the same lines as US nationals even if the signage does not indicate that. Where the Platinum status helps is if you miss your connection and need to go on the standby list for a different flight. Those standby lists are usually processed just before boarding and status helps. As others have posted they are not going to bump someone off the flight that has a confirmed seat.
  18. JetBlue does serve Vancouver. I think it is the only Canadian city they fly into.
  19. I had a HSBC account for a number of years. At some point want to simplify things and dropped it. HSBC for ATMs uses "THE EXCHANGE Network". The Exchange network is also used by most credit unions in Canada. The EXCHANGE Network also extends into some part of the US. If it is one of these machines you get full banking including the ability to do deposits etc. When all combined they are one of the largest networks of ATMs in Canada. HSBC Canada is based out of Vancouver. Left over from when they first entered the Canadian market by buying our the Bank of British Columbia. I hope they get taken over by someone like Vancity instead of RBC.
  20. Türkiye is one of those countries where you will only know if they stamp your passport when the day comes. I remember being on the NCL Jade several years ago. The day before we arrived the cruise director give a presentation on what to see and someone asked about that. He said, there are arrival cards you may be required to fill out or not. It all depends on if they remember to bring the cards to the port or not. They may want to stamp your passport or not. Depends on how interested they are that day. If it is time for tea, then likely won't. Despite that it is a great country to visit. Look forward to the next time I go back.
  21. It is going to be a non-issue for cruise lines. Close to shore cruise ships use diesel and out at sea they under bunker fuel. Both those are refined from crude oil. Oil refineries will always be able to buy crude oil from Africa, the Middle East or North America. They may not like the price, being demanded. Cruise lines may start playing with surcharges if it gets bad. The real "fuel shortage" concern in Europe is natural gas. Natural Gas is used for heating, cooking and electricity production on land.
  22. Both WestJet and Air Canada are going to start offering flights from Vancouver to Florida non-stop. However that does not mean onward connections would be any better. If you try flying from anywhere in the region to their (Vancouver, Seattle, Portland) your going to have the same problem. Jet Blue is not a bad airline.
  23. The reason they ask is they are looking for illegal activity. Gambling is not illegal. Winning is not illegal. Lottery and casino winning is not taxed in Canada. Not clear why you would try to hide it.
  24. Obviously highly recommended but not required at this time. Was on a WestJet flight flight today and the crew were all wearing masks. About the half the ground staff and perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 the passengers. Some foreign airlines may have requirements imposed by their home country or corporate policy as well.
  25. Blanket-fort man is a bit extreme. Weird also. Hopefully he did not suffocate or otherwise deprived of oxygen under the blanked. Eye shades are usually good enough for me. All of Air Canada widebody's have mode lighting. After the meal service they turn off the lights are slowly over several hours the colour of light and brightness will slowly change and become brighter close to when they do the breakfast service. I think most airlines have the same feature on their newer aircraft.
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