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  1. I don't know how well KLM IT systems are. Some airlines are good at letting you rebook online or in their mobile app when that happens. Other airlines you have to talk to a human and that is where the problem is. They just don't have the staff levels they need to manage those situations well.
  2. I use to live in Saskatoon. When I did I would fly international for business regularly. I would not be overly worried. Your likely going to have three flights to get there. First thing is you want everything on one ticket. That way if you miss a connection, the airline is responsible for rerouting and rebooking. I would avoid going through Europe, it just makes everything longer than it has to be. With the issue with Ukraine and Russia, the western airlines all have to fly a few extra hours around Russia making everything much longer. Flight delays out of Saskatoon are more likely as the day progresses. Far less common on the first flight of the day. Out of Saskatoon to Asia I have usually connected in Vancouver. Typical pattern is Air Canada has an aircraft that arrives late evening into Saskatoon, stays overnight. Early morning it goes to Vancouver and is timed to connect to all the late morning flights from Vancouver to Asia. Your probably then going to have to make a connection in Japan or South Korea. I would avoid China. There is also a number of flights to Asia that leave Vancouver around midnight. That would be another option. WestJet is starting up Calgary - Tokyo (Narita) flight. I don't know what the timing looks like.
  3. You don't want to do that. If the Athens-Rome flight is on a separate ticket then your responsible if something if something is late. As LTH28 said you want to go Ohio.-Athens and Rome-Ohio. The other thing I would do is wait about a month or so. Most airlines release flights for booking around 300-356 day out. You will have more choice and options. Also you should look at some of the non-US airlines. Air Canada for just over $1,000 return, however they have only published fares up to around April 10th. You would need to come back in a week for your dates.
  4. With legacy airlines like TAP and KLM you don't want to go into it with the attitude that a refund is even an option your willing to consider. You want to go in with the attitude you paid to fly from Rome to Lisbon. If TAP canceled the flight, that is TAPs problem to solve to your satisfaction. They still need to get you from A to B even if that means they need to buy a ticket on another airline for you. You may find it helpful to suggest alternative flights that you are willing to accept. The TAP call center and people at the airport should be able to do rebooking like this at no cost. Even your TA should be able to do it if you booked through a TA.
  5. Well Canadian airports all start with "Y". Airports that start with "Y" are always in Canada (with the exception of one US airport that is violating the rule for some reason). That only leaves two letter to play with. We have no shortage of similar airport codes.
  6. At the end of the day what matters is what British Airways has in their computer system. They are the ones operating the flight. American Airlines is simply reselling it. Your TA should be able to sort it out.
  7. If it is all on one ticket that means there is a single airline that issued the ticket. The ticket can include flights operated by other airlines, that is not a problem. When it is all on one ticket the airline the issued the ticket is responsible for getting you to your end destination. AC, Lufthansa Group and United operate as a joint venture between North America and Europe. Not a big deal if you mix and match them. If it is on one ticket it is checked through. If you buy two separate tickets than it is not.
  8. So out of those those airports which is your preference? Ottawa, Montreal or Toronto. I would keep everything on one ticket. When you do that if there is a delay the airline is responsible for rebooking at their cost. If your in Ottawa the first leg is going to be Air Canada, WestJet or the Air France bus to Montreal. In the summer Air France is also going direct. I would avoid connecting through the US. You can do it but it is a pain if you have checked baggage.
  9. BA has a couple of different models of 777. They have the 777-200 and 777-300. They also have different layouts. This website will have some recommendations and this is the likely configuration on that route if it is a 200: https://www.seatguru.com/airlines/British_Airways/British_Airways_Boeing_777-200B_2.php I rarely fly BA these days so I can't tell you where the electronic boxes are. If they put the effort in last time they refurbished the aircraft that be under the floor. I would not be overly worried about it. It is always good to follow the rules however if you get on there and it does not fit under the seat they will likely find some space in the overhead bins somewhere for it. These widebody aircraft have a lot more bin space than your use to on the small aircraft and with free baggage more people are checking bags.
  10. Lisbon airport has some draw backs but, a 3 hour connection there is a much better option than 1 in Heathrow. What is the next stop for the cruise after Marseille. You plan be would be to join the rest of the cruise there. The train from Paris is also a nice option. Both Air Canada and Air France should have flights from Toronto.
  11. That is a good jump. If the reservation has free cancelation you may want to check again when you get closer. Vancouver downtown prices are high there is always a chance for some discounting to happen as it gets closer. I believe some (or perhaps most) of the Quick Silver shuttles also stop at the River Rock Casino/Hotel in Richmond on the way. Richmond would usually be a bit closer but you would pay more for a taxi/uber. This is a skytrain station so the subway is also an option.
  12. To get from the airport your driving through Seattle. Your subject to rush-hour traffic and all of that. I would try to get a hotel in Vancouver. Your not going to see a dramatic difference in cost between hotels in Seattle and Vancouver. The downtown hotels within a block or two to Canada Place (the port) are expensive. As you move out from their the price does go down a bit. If your comparing hotels are you doing it in the same currency?
  13. What airlines are you flying? If it is Southwest you may want to also look at the option of flying into Bellingham. Bellingham is located halfway between Seattle and Vancouver and Quicksilver has a few stops there. Draw back is few flight. Advantage is few flights, and people in lineups.
  14. No shortage of options. Every major European international airline is going to fly between Israel and the US. Within North America this is Air Canada and a number of US airlines. Dubai will add extra time, in your flying east to turn around and fly west.
  15. Unless there is a cost saving I would do two separate one. When you buy a ticket, your paying the airline that issued the ticket and are playing by that airlines rules on changes etc. That first airline is then reselling all the other flights to you. For example if you first flight on the ticket was Air Canada,, you have Air Canada as the airline your dealing with for changes to any subsequent flights including the return one.
  16. Yes. Air Canada (or WestJet or the US airlines) will charge baggage fees between the US and Canada unless your connecting overseas. Air Canada and Qantas are the only two non-stop options between Vancouver and Australia. Air New Zealand would also be an option with a connection. They have a first fee bag on overseas flights. That said, coming back from Australia, I am assuming your going home and not trying to go through Vancouver. That gives you a few more options.
  17. Yes, it is. Downtown Victoria by North American standards has a fairly old downtown. All the buildings refurbished and has an old world vibe. Lots of independent restaurants. Some are farm to table type. Here is the promo video:
  18. The cruise line has access to special negotiated rates that are un-published. So it may be the same flight as you see on expedia with the rate NCL is paying will be quite different. For this reason the conditions around the ticket are also different and unpublished. They generally don't book into the ultra-low-cost airlines. Your likely to be on Air Canada, WestJet, AirTransat or one of the major foreign airlines. There is nothing wrong with unpublished fares, but you should know what your getting into. I have an RBC Avion card and AMEX miles card. If I try to book on Avion or AMEX (even paying cash with no points) I can book into special unpublished fares that each of the banks negotiated. Many cases it is cheaper but without aeroplan points as an example.
  19. Both WestJet and Air Canada are about the same. There are non-stop flights with both airlines. Air Canada partners with United and you can credit miles to your United loyalty program. WestJet partners with Delta in the US and you can credit miles to the Delta program if you collect miles.
  20. This is the cruise ship facility in Nanaimo. They have a nice building, connected to a pier designed for cruise ships all the space for busses, etc. Today it is also used a heliport for passenger flights to Vancouver. https://goo.gl/maps/mbXZSP57X84w6Ue86 Living on Vancouver Island, I get over to Vancouver on a regular basis. I have ever been on cruise that docked there once and that was the NCL Jade or NCL Jewell (can't remember which one). When they have used it for cruise ships the harbour authority has run free shuttle buses into downtown Nanaimo since it is next to an industrial port, but they did also let people walk in/out if they stayed in the designated area. The location Heidi13 suggested is this one. It is possible as empty cruise ships have be serviced in that drydock. But it is active shipyard. I don't know. https://goo.gl/maps/JRzz8vZ3pikj1ZtN6
  21. The Air Canada web site is bad for flipping into US$. The black bar at the top has the currency. Set it to CDN. If it changes as you browse change it back. It tends to work better if you have an account and are logged in, but you sometimes need to keep putting it back.
  22. Victoria has pre-clearance but for ferries. They do not have pre-clearance at the airport. Seattle is typical of US airports. If your flight arrives at the same time of some widebody flights it can be a zoo going through US border control. If it arrives at the right time the place is empty and your on the other side with no issue. You go through customs in Seattle. Yes, 75 minutes is tight but it can be done if everything goes to plan.
  23. I assumed that birth would have ships going into or out of drydock. Being the largest civilian dry dock on the west coast they have had cruise ships in and out at times. I guess it the timing worked they could reconfigure it for a cruise ship to discharge passengers. It is in the middle of an active ship yard. I don't know.
  24. I like the Robson Wine & Spirits store. That said it is a slightly more expensive. As martincath said, the BC Liquor Stores generally have a very good selection and are usually the best deal in town.
  25. Air Canada would be another option out of Portland, through Toronto. You would have one connection. In Toronto coming from the US going to Europe you stay in the international concourse and there is no customs/immigration. Coming back you would clear US customs/immigration in Toronto but unlike US airport bag are automatically transferred. I would assume some of the US airlines also offer one stop options.
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