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    I fly them all the time. They are mainstream airline these day. Flights are generally on time in the summer. In the winter all airlines in Canada need to deal with weather. Your will find the inflight service comparable to the major US Airlines or Air Canada. As for the credit cards. Yes, if you book on the Canadian websites in CDN$, with a US$ credit card the bank will do the conversion to US$. When you do the booking on WestJet you can add your Delta loyalty program number to the flight and you will earn with Delta. In Canada the front Cabin goes by different names than the US. Air Canada calls it business class. WestJet calls it Premium. It basically the same kind of seat as what the airlines in the US call first class with similar service to First in the US. For WestJet the 737 have 3 premium (aka First Class) rows at the front. The WestJet 787 has an international business class. premium cabin and economy. The 787 mostly operate between Canada and Europe or Japan. It is very rare they use those domestically or to the US.
  2. There are a few exceptions. However for the most part transatlantic flights are almost always cheaper as round trip with a Saturday stay over. If you search online you want to pick the multi-city option and get both outbound and return priced on the same ticket. United, TAP Air Portugal, Swiss, Lufthansa and Air Canada are all star alliance partners. That means you credit miles from any of these airlines into your United loyalty program. The one thing to keep in mind is if your booked into the cheapest fare you may be getting very few miles. Some low fares may only give you 25% or 50% miles. There may even be a few rock bottom fares with 0. If your trading in points, on United all Star Alliance (including TAP and Air Canada) operated flights should be available for you. 220,000 is a good amount of points. you should be able to get something with that. You may even be able to business class with that number of points. Usually the points don't include taxes and fees. With international travel those can easily be a few hundred dollars.
  3. Typo on my part. Should have been "not allowed".
  4. If your handicapped you are allowed to sit in the exit rows. Bulkhead yes.
  5. Your suggesting that extra step adds value in the process? Ok. Most other parts of the world they have found that to be not worth the extra inconvenience.
  6. It depends. If your in Business or Premium seat selection is free. If your in economy it is also free if it a more expensive ticket (what WestJet calls EconoFlex). The lower cost economy fares have a fee for advanced seat selection. At checkin there is no fee. Should also add with Canadian carriers (including WestJet) if your traveling with children under 14 the airline is required to seat you together with your kids and is not allowed to charge seat selection fees. Sometimes that works online sometimes you have to call in.
  7. The US is the only country I have been to where you stand in line to do an ID check with TSA. Then once you do the TSA ID check you go into the next line to have bags x-rayed. Most other countries don't do these ID checks there. In Canada the ID check is done by the gate agent as you board. In some places like Germany they use kiosks and don't even bother with that. The Clear sales people can be quit annoying. I am not saying it is scam, just that the people they are trying to sell the service don't get it. You standing in line holding a Canadian passport and they are trying to convince you to get out to line to go a kiosk to sign up for a service you don't qualify for.
  8. I have also gotten in the habit of always doing the Arrivecan app. Having the express arrivecan lane helps when it is busy. When it is not busy as you say it does not matter.
  9. You should not fell compelled to buy anything. I find US airports very unpredictable. Some are extremely disorganised with how they do the security checks. Most US airports also do this weird passport/driver license check just before the security check. At the airport there are these marketing people trying to sell membership in clear. Some weird express security subscription. However it is a bit of scam, in they get you out of line to fill in out an application at near the end it asks if your a US citizen and rejects your application if your not. Then the sales rep looks confused and sends you to back of the line again. It is uniquely US things. In other countries security can be faster or slower. Really depends on the country and airport.
  10. Perhaps banks behave differently in the US than what I am use to in Canada. Banks have little desire to see money go into the hands of scammer and have no problem yanking it back from them. If the OP signed some paper it should have said what it was for. If they did not deliver then it is pretty clear justification to undo the transaction.
  11. Perhaps I am miss reading the OP story but it sounds like, the OP was told her tickets had been changed and was not able to use them now. It is fairly simple, the OP paid for a flight from point A to point B. If the airline is saying the ticket can't be used then the OP should be getting her money back. The details about how someone hijacked and repurposed the ticket is interesting but that is the airlines problem to solve not the OP. Clearly the airlines does not have adequate safeguards in place.
  12. They are not buying tickets, they are buying air travel. If they are denied boarding or the airline tells them the tickets are not good that is sufficient to dispute the charge.
  13. I would phone the credit card company again and talk to a different agent. Tell them it is not a legitimate merchant and you want to dispute the charge as you did not receive the service you were charged for.
  14. Skytrain is not going to be overly crowded heading out of downtown to the airport. Most traffic is heading into the core. Also being a Saturday it is going to lighter than a weekday. At the airport it is going to be busy. Many of the flights from Asia and Australia arrive early in the morning and a good number of those passengers are connecting onto the US. Add in the local and cruise traffic. It is busy but the lines tend to move quickly. You don't need to leave at 5AM. I would head out around 7 AM and then grab breakfast at the airport once your past security and US customs. If your in the US departures area there is a Starbucks and a sit down restaurant (named after the local hockey team) around gate E81 if you want a proper breakfast.
  15. The way this works is when a travel agent (or some other entity that is kind of acting the same way like a cruise line) books a flight they are in control of the ticket until around a day or two before when control transfers to the airline. Under rare cases the airline will take over control earlier. So Air Canada is going to tell you to go talk to NCL. This is the published economy fare structure at Air Canada for flights to the US: https://www.aircanada.com/ca/en/aco/home/book/fare-options-and-fees/to-the-us.html#/ The special deal NCL and Air Canada negotiated is going to be based on these, there could be some special "NCL" specific conditions that we don't know about. If you are in Basic then you can't make changes. If your in Standard you can change it at the airport or in advance but it costs money. If your in a higher fare class the change may be free. If Air Canada reschedules your flight then that opens up the ability to make changes for free.
  16. Yes, you can short check your bags to Vancouver and not have them tagged to fo onto LAX. If the flight from YVR to LAX is the not the last leg on your ticket you should expect all subsequent legs to be cancelled. The one tricky thing about short checking a bag is you may not be able to do it at an automated kiosk. You probably need a human to do it. The airlines are not doing a great job of training their front line people to deal with these "special cases". The check in agent may need to ask ask someone for some help if they don't regularly do it. Yes, your basically manipulating the fare rules. If you do it very infrequently and if asked by the airline you say, "well my plans changes" nothing will come of it. If your doing it regularly the airline concludes your regularly trying to game the system, then yes they may decide not to sell you any tickets in the future.
  17. The Lufthansa business class within Europe is just a regular economy class seat with some upgrades. The Air Canada flight would be proper business class all the way. Also you want to consider your return flight. On your return you will want to make you connection in Europe or Canada. That avoids having to deal with bags at the connecting airport.
  18. It is weird. For me it tends to be the flight from Vancouver to Victoria that from time to time does not post. I usually have to identify it as missing and then it shows. Every other flight for me usually shows up, sometimes it takes longer than other times.
  19. The only thing I would add is frequently on air line reservations I have seen Terminal M show up and yes that is the Main terminal as others have stated. When you exist customs you can go upstairs in the terminal as posted above. Or you can head outside, walk past the line up of taxi and the line up of busses and access the street are escalators that will take you up to the skytrain. Most of the signage in the terminal I believe say something like "Train to City" . Either option will get you there.
  20. If you book ahead of time and miss you sailing but arrive on the same day you go into the line up waiting for the next sailing with everyone else that just showed up that day. There way be a wait if it is busy. The reservation price can sometimes be a bit cheaper or more expensive that the terminal rate. Usually the difference is only +/- $15. If you miss your reservation and have a discount you will charged the difference. If you arrive early then it is the same thing. You can go on the earlier sailing if there is space and you pay the difference.
  21. The flights they cancelled were mostly to the US or international so they would not end up with their aircraft standard in foreign airports should the pilots walk out. Most of the airlines have unions. They threaten to go on strike from time to time. Personally I have been a bit happier with Air Canada customer service as of late but they all have the same risk of strike.
  22. If your staying downtown and want to buy low cost new I would suggest taking skytrain out to Metrotown Station. It is a large mostly higher end shopping center, however they have a Walmart and Real Canada Super Store. Both those stores will have lower cost (and lower quality goods non-brand name) product.
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    There are some exceptions, but most flights from the states or Canada are overnight. If you leave the 4th, you would be in London on the 5th. In North America when unions go on strike it is unusually until a new agreement is reached. If Europe it is not uncommon for unions to go out for just 24 hours our sometimes even for one or two hours. If it is a one day strike I would expect them to be back at work on the 5th.
  24. Saskatoon and Calgary have similar conditions. Singapore Airlines recently stopped flying into Vancouver. They still fly into Seattle. You could do the same thing you plan to do in SFO in SEA.
  25. I lived in Saskatoon for 13 years flying for business every other month. Flying in/out of Saskatoon is not particularly "risky". Your just as likely to have a flight be canceled due to weather in Calgary as Saskatoon. I would not be worried about your bags missing a connection in Tokyo. Taipei, Tokyo-Narita and Seoul are all airports where international connections are common and you do not clear local customs or immigration unless your staying in the country. The US is not setup for international connections. You enter the US with your bags then exit the US again. There are so few people making international connections at US airports they don't go out of their way to make it smother. Personally i would chose flying from Saskatoon to Vancouver or Calgary then off to Narita or Taipei or Soul over going through the US especially if I had to overnight in the US. If I had the time I would rather add the extra night at the final destination before boarding the ship than an airport hotel somewhere in between. Singapore airlines has a fantastic reputation for inflight service. I have not been on Singapore but have been on EVA, Cathy Pacific, ANA and JAL. The Asian airlines generally have great in flight service. To answer your question is there are problem with flying from Calgary to San Francisco, picking up your bags. Overnighting and then catching a flight the next day. No. You will be charged some baggage fees on the Calgary to San Francisco flight if it is not on the same ticket as an overseas flight. But it can be done. Your will clear US customs in Calgary and arrive at a domestic gate in San Francisco. If your going to drive to Calgary, you may want to look into the WestJet flight from Calgary to Tokyo.
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