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  1. I have enjoyed many an hour at the Martini Bar but sometimes it gets a bit too rowdy for my DW. While I don't mind it, I usually default to her decisions. The Passport Bar is one where we have not spent a lot of time. We do try and go there when we hear entertainment in the Grand Foyer that appeals to us but usually find it too crowded as folks beat us to it. We do not mind the dark atmosphere at the Ensemble lounge and can usually be found either in the big chairs near the entract to Michael's Club / Retreat Lounge. We found sitting in the large chairs on the pathway across from the bar just too distracting with all the foot traffic going to Murano's, Blu, Tuscan Grill, etc...
  2. Unless they are embedded in the fare you paid, or you pre-paid them before sailing, they are charged to your account on a daily basis. You will see one day where they are charged twice to account of the last day of the cruise when they close out accounts. Since you are from Canada I assume they were included in the fair you payed for your cruise. Prior to July 1st. The YC gratuities were $18 a day per person. Cruises booked after July 1st will pay $20 a day per person.
  3. I wonder if you could ask your wait staff to order it for you for the next evenings dinner? Loving your pictures. I am amazed at how you manage to catch so many beautiful pictures without any humans in them on crowded ships. It seems there is almost always someone in the pictures I take no matter how how I try and avoid it.
  4. We always ask our TA to pre-pay our gratuities. Then once aboard we tip additional at our discretion based on service received, or not received.
  5. I remember someone saying that they were blocking travel routers, which is essentially the same thing and I had problems getting mine set up in February but that may have just been impatience on my part. I am sailing again in September and will once again try my travel router as I'll have two weeks to play around with it.
  6. I am pretty sure my DW would also see it as something other than an act of kindness or chivalry as well.
  7. Well, it looks like you are out of luck there. Celebrity is becoming 'Royal Lite' as someone else so aptly put it. Short cruises to an amusement park. Here's hoping the move to more 'shore based themes' does not mean that Celebrity ships will go the way of the Icon and become a Disneyland at Sea.
  8. This is not 100% correct. To receive you Elite / Elite + discounts pre-cruise you have to call, or have your TA call, Celebrity. You cannot do it on-line only over the phone. No, what you may be able to do is call Celebrity and see if they will cancel your current purchases and repurchase with your new discount. No, You cannot stack discounts. See with one is better and go with that. Call to receive your Elite / Elite + discount. They have not incorporated it into the online system yet. Remember, if you purchase something pre-cruise with or without your discount and it becomes available at a greater discount, e.g. Flash Sale, Holiday Sale, Black Friday sale, etc.. you can cancel and repurchase at the greater discount/lower price.
  9. Odds are 1 million to 1 she will. And Gen Z will have her matching one on.
  10. I have had similar issue when eating out a lot due to the increased salt content in the food.
  11. We love sailing the S-class ships and the Ensemble Lounge is one of the reasons why. It is our favorite hangout. The entertaiment there is usually very good and not overly loud. During the day it is also a very quiet and comfortable place to hang out and read of listen to your own musice over you wireless headphones or ear buds. Not to mention that it is very convenient to Michaels Club/Retreat Lounge when we feel thirsty and the bar is not open.
  12. We did not have that issue in our Aqua Sky Suite on Millennium. We were in the one adjacent to the Penthouse suite on deck six. I assume during Revolutionizing her, this was one of the things they fixed.
  13. For future reference if you open them on your phone, go to edit, click 'crop", click 'rotate', and rotate them around, and then save, they should post correctly.
  14. I have never seen US outlets recessed. They have always been as shown in the picture above. Only the European outlets were the round recessed ones.
  15. @GenerationX Happy to be fllowing along on yet another of your adventures with Gen Z and wish you bon voyage as you embark on this birthday adventure of making memories for a lifetime with your daughter.
  16. The last suites to book and the most likely one you will receive would be an accessible sky suite. These come with all the same Retreat benefits as a regular sky suite and the biggest difference is in the accessible features, the most notable of which is that it features a shower without a tub and the shower bottom is open to the whole floor of the bathroom. Many people who do not need the accessible shower obtain extra towels to build a 'water damn' around the bottom of the curtain to prevent water from going all over the bathroom floor. The basic rule when signing up for a guarantee is you need to be willing to accept the worse room in that category.
  17. Say hello to Celebrity Reflection. Have sailed her multiple times. Read balconies. Not a single Infinite Balcony on the ship.
  18. You and hundreds to thousands of others of us.. I would not even make them pay for my cruise.
  19. I thought the MDR was open for breakfast for all passengers on Celebrity? remember the last time we sailed in Concierge we had breakfast in the MDR before we left the ship.
  20. Do you mean submarine sandwiches? I do not recally seeing sub sandwiches on the YC menu on Divina. I could very well have overlooked them as not a fan of pre-made sandwiches, exception being the egg salad sandwichs as the Family Mart type locations in Japan.
  21. But we have not always sailed in sutes. When we do not sail in suites, I normally get ready for dinner around 5 pm. I go up to the Sky View Lounge and have a couple of drinks and then get drinks for my wife and I to take to dinner, she will do one glass of wine at most usually. We normally showed up around 6:30 pm for dinner and had no issue finishing in time for the evening show, if we chose to attend. So I guess 3 three drinks is about right. However to me it was more about the atmosphere as well as being able to have a single place to socialize with like minded people, loyal Celebrity cruisers. Well said. I agree 100%. I believe it is only "incovenient" if you want it to be. We found, when not in a suite, we could get an hour to an hour of half of socializing in prior to going to dinner. It was simply a matter of what was important to us. We adoped to the way Celebrity runs their operations versus asking them to adopt to our preferences. I felt it more of a compromise on our part.
  22. @snowglobe We're on the Sydney to Honolulu leg of this cruise. Have never sailed on Solstice before but have sailed on every S-class except her at least once. I take reviews with a grain of salt as I know some people like to nit pick on little things more than others and we all have different taste buds so food reviews are interesting but I do not choose my cruises based on them. You can almost always find a quite space to relax on the S-class. The Library on Deck 10, The Card Room on Deck 9, Team Earth on Deck 7, The World Class Bar and Ensemble Lounge on Deck 5, Cellar Masters on Deck 4, and the Passport Bar on Deck 3 have various times during the day and night where one can sit and relax in relative quiet and comfort.
  23. But is the food good? We'll only have two sea days and I'd hate to miss lunch in the YC Restaurant if the brunch food is not as good.
  24. I keep seeing comments like this and am wondering - if the dining venue's open at 1730 - 1745, that gives half an hour before and potentially half an hour after dinner to stop at a bar and get a drink. When they were having it only in the Sky View Lounge, I would go and have a glass or two while my DW was finishing getting ready, get one for me and one for her to go, and take them to dinner with us. Convient, not really, doable - absolutely.
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