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  1. Ça fait plaisir :-) Nous aurons surement l'occasion de se rencontrer un de ces jours (We will eventually meet one of these days)
  2. I praise it because we love the cultural aspect of it ( and the dance aspect is like a giant tapestry of song and dance). You have to look at the historical significance of the event. The american indian (First Nation) have their Pow-wow, the Maori of New-Zealand have theirs, etc. It celebrate what they are and the respect they have for what they were and what they will be. Same goes for the Hawaiian who have their own version - the LUAU. See the 2017 or 2017 event on youtube and decide if you wish to attend. The cost is minimal (about 25$ per night - 3 hour show). Event is held from the first week of july to the third (final dates are set around the month of February but they will not vary much) . Wish Windstar would make a Special Event. We saw the local one in Reatea with Wind Spirit (it overnight there). We were the only WS passenger to attend - And we missed the deck BBQ 😉 We're going this July. :-) (and report back with photos) if you have question just send them Cheers Daniel See the FB version on Tahiti TV - Great routine at 1:48:00
  3. Absolutely. Weather is also unpredictable, which is the major reason they leave late or not at all. It is always a good idea to give yourself some options.
  4. And, good wine selection at Carrefour. :-)
  5. try this: https://www.terevau.pf/en/schedules/ As for wine, there are 2 or 3 place in town. One of them: http://terredevigne.com/vins We'll be in papeete mid-july, not on WS this time. We'll be attending the Heiva. Maybe we'll meet people fron the CC group. Cheers
  6. Go across the road to the bar/restaurant (les Trois Brasseurs) and have a drink before boarding. Take the 14h20 ferry if you can (as a safety measure, there is also a ferry at 15h50 just in case)
  7. The Flying Clipper got its masts this week. It look very nice. Can't wait to see the sails. Look for photos on Facebook.
  8. Good day If you are staying Pre-cruise or post-cruise in Papeete in July, tickets for the amazing Heiva i Tahiti 2019 are on sale staring today. Follow the link: https://www.heiva.org/en/event/heiva-i-tahiti-2019-2/ If there is one show not to miss, its this one ! From July 4th to July 20th
  9. Going on a cruise starting or ending in Papeete in July? If yes and your schedule permits, try attending the local Heiva i Tahiti. You'll be amazed !!!! https://www.heiva.org/fr/event/heiva-i-tahiti-2019/ Web site in French (the english one was in the works) Cheers!
  10. We know of one company that does offer whale experience. Moorea activities centre. Whale seasons are late July to Dec. They don't chase the whale, they let them come to them.
  11. Are you in Papeete a Sunday? Most shop are closed and many restaurant not opened. You're in France and the same labour laws applies here.
  12. While Seatrade is in full swing in Miami, a French delegation from polynesia is attending the show. Lots of talk about Ponant and Silversea increased présence in Polynesia. Not a word about Windstar. wS and Gauguin Will gave neigbours very soon. https://www.tntv.pf/m/La-Polynesie-representee-au-plus-grand-salon-consacre-a-la-croisiere_a31557.html
  13. It was on FB live (still available) and on their web site. And they have not finished unveiling new / updated area. Another dining venue is also in the works https://www.windstarcruises.com/starplus/
  14. dandee2

    Go Oahu Card?

    We were 2 couples travelling. While the book as a number or restaurant coupon, we managed to save over 250$ on the attraction we wanted, for the time we were there. here is my saving
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