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  1. https://www.cruisecritic.com/news/4728/
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=57&v=WCVv6EaxEDc&fbclid=IwAR2ccBIDMOULL5PgLYvWW4MZiMNqruAU0MgTuoJB3upJlzquxT-xBhHNr-o
  3. Some happy workers https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=533427734116870
  4. Good day, Day One: We took a taxi to Matira Beach in the morning and we told the driver to come back in 3 hours to bring us to Bloody Mary's. He came back about 1h30 later to bring us back to the pier in Vaitape. We got to the pier before dinner. You can arrange that at the pier in the morning with a driver. Day Two. Took a private Combo tour ( https://boraboraexplorer.com/tours/motu-island-4x4-trip/) around the island in the AM. Just before lunch were were brougth to a small Motu a few distance awa from Matira for a polynesian lunch. We stayed a few hours and they brought us back to the ship with ample time to change and get ready for the short trip to the festivities on the private motu. We did not spend the day at the motu. There a few restaurant and beach bar at Matira.
  5. Us too, the Private Island dinner was on the second night. Just in case, we planned our Motu lunch on the first day so not to interfere if WS had a change of plan. We were covered both ways. We had lunch at Bloody Marys on the second day (had to try this place). We had fun, did not spend big $$$ (had burger and a few drinks). We enjoyed it. I would put pictures up but it would spoils all the fun. have a great time.
  6. Agree with Ducklite. You can browse this week flyer from Carrefour to give you an idea of prices for groceries and everyday items. https://en.calameo.com/read/004508499613b727b35c9?page=1
  7. And maybe, maybe, keep fare a wee bit more accessible for canadian !
  8. UPDATE: According to a message received from the Carrefour store in Papeete "The sale of alcohol in Polynesia is regulated: sale authorized until 20h from Monday to Saturday and until 12h on Sunday" Cheers Daniel
  9. La Cave de Tahiti : Closed on Sunday Carrefour : Open on Sunday http://www.carrefour.pf/ Champion : Open on Sunday http://www.championtahiti.com/ (don't know if they have restriction on selling alcohol on Sunday)
  10. Price are reasonnable (from about 12$+ a bottle) Here is a sample at the local Carrefour at the Pacific Plaza. Also a few other wine shop downtown Papeete (La cave de Tahiti). BTW, Tahiti is NOT a French colony but a Territoire d'Outre-mer (Oversea territory) with their own Assembly, President, Budget and Laws. France is responsible for Education, Security and some subsidies.
  11. I'm just saying this as if you look at Sin Marteen it took roughly 18 months to be able to look a bit like it used to be. France and the Netherland contributed a lot in the rebuilding.
  12. Considering the Hurricane, this might take place somewhere else as the Grand Bahama Shipyard might have been hit also.
  13. Businesses such as a cruise line have contract with outside suppliers. If there is enough demand they will ask the suppliers but they don't want to be stuck with extra bottles (I have no idea for price as I don't drink tequila). Not as much an issue when you have 5ooo passengers on board.
  14. Brodosplit is looking at a new buyer for the Flying Clipper LOL
  15. And make sure you're not visiting an island on a Sunday . . . Most place will be closed
  16. Just saw this article in a French maritime news. Sterling Design Internation working on developping another type of cruise sailship. That would be the second design firm offering such product in the last few months, the other being STX with its silentseas prototype. Wondering if WS will eventually get a newbuilt like those. However, with the work to increase the size of the triplets, that would be still years away. https://www.meretmarine.com/fr/content/face-aux-enjeux-environnementaux-sdi-mise-sur-les-paquebots-voile
  17. Ponant is buying Les Croisières Paul Gauguin.Even as a subsidiary of Ponant which thus expands its range, Paul Gauguin cruises will remain an independent company, with its own brand, led by Diane Moore from the headquarters based in Bellevue, near Seattle. Ponant maintains its own commercial structure in the United States, run from New York by Navin Sawhney.https://lemarin.ouest-france.fr/secteurs-activites/shipping/34763-ponant-rachete-les-croisieres-paul-gauguin
  18. Ponant is buying Les Croisières Paul Gauguin. Even as a subsidiary of Ponant which thus expands its range, Paul Gauguin cruises will remain an independent company, with its own brand, led by Diane Moore from the headquarters based in Bellevue, near Seattle. Ponant maintains its own commercial structure in the United States, run from New York by Navin Sawhney. https://lemarin.ouest-france.fr/secteurs-activites/shipping/34763-ponant-rachete-les-croisieres-paul-gauguin
  19. All the above are good. You won't get 4G on the smaller islands.
  20. Windstar has a Twitter poll today. Windstar Cruises We just announced a brand new Cuadro 44 Restaurant by Anthony Sasso opening its doors on Star Breeze, Star Legend & Star Pride in 2020. Our 3 small ships will have 3 restaurants, one Café, 2 bars in addition to 24-hour room service. Do you think we should open another restaurant?
  21. Best bet is to get a SIM card either at Vodaphone or Vini when you get to Tahiti. 2GB for about 60$ and you can top-up with a recharge card. Staff at these stores speak anglais and will install the card for you. Works on all the islands. Local cafes may have internet/wifi but they may not (island time :-) ). We were there in July (18 days) and it was fine (Hotmail/Facebook). Don't expect to send large amount of Data (video) or watch movies. Here is one link: http://www.vini.pf/mobile/international/vini-travel-card And it is also available for purchase onboard Air Tahiti NUI (if it's your airline). As you can see, the French Polynesian Franc (FCFP or XPF) is similar to the US$ - just delete the last 2 numbers ie 5300XPF = 53$ Have Fun :-)
  22. I can attest to the quality of our guide at the Moorea Activities Centre. It was our 2nd time there. Great fun. BTW, we missed the arrival of the humpback whales 2 weeks ago. The day we left, a rare white humpback as spotted between Tahiti and Moorea and a whale shark was encountered. This is one of the snorkling spot on the seadoo excursion and a friend who decided my ride was a good spot to rest tired wings.
  23. As for pearl, we just came back from 2 weeks in Tahiti and Moorea (we did the Wind Spirit cruise in 2017). Pearl quality and prices varies but the market is pretty sinilar. Most of the time you can get good and great looking Cat. B and C's. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/travel/activities-and-interests/the-lure-of-the-black-pearl-a-buyers-guide/article22412822/ Here is a few prices from around Papeete last week
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