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  1. We are booked B2B2B in January 2022. TA said they would be booked as 3 separate cruises and Princess would join them so they know were on for 3 cruises.
  2. The credit card I wanted to use (2% cash back) doesn't allow prepayment. I didn't know that until I started paying for our world cruise. So check if you plan to do this. I called our TA each Monday for 8 weeks having her charge a set amount. It had to post to my card before I could make a payment - usually by Thursday. Then I'd make a payment and start again the next Monday.
  3. Thank you. It does look interesting and I'm following your roll call to learn more about Viking Ocean. I read your blog during last year's cruise. Thank you for doing that. We booked our "test" cruise on Viking today - In Search of Northern Lights for Jan 2023. We've been on one Viking River and have another one booked for late this year. So we have some Viking experience but want to experience VO.
  4. Like you we thought we wouldn't go on a world cruise until 2025 or later. But when we saw the HAL 2019 itinerary we knew it was perfect for us. It hit lots of our bucket list places -- Machu Picchu, Easter Island, Taj Mahal, Petra. It didn't spend much time in the Med but instead went up to Norway and it went completely around the world - starting and ending in Florida. We are still looking for our next world cruise but haven't found one that peeks our interest yet. So my advice is watch all cruise lines for the itinerary that speaks to you. Don't eliminate any cruise line until you've
  5. We were booked on the April 2 Amazon cruise. As of Monday they were not changing the final payment date. We cancelled and rebooked for 2022.
  6. The itinerary doesn't come up for me either.
  7. We were there in 2019. We bought tickets including transportation online. We walking from the dock to Central Station and took a train to the station that the busses to Keukenhof are located. It is beautiful, not to be missed. Very easy to do on your own. Others from the ship booked a private tour. Also very easy.
  8. I hope it's not an Eastward WC. Traveling east is a pain in the a.... You never get a good night's sleep. Once we traveled east and they changed the clocks in the afternoon instead of at night. It was ok for a trans Atlantic but not a WC.
  9. They have all been sold. Announced on HALs FB page.
  10. I don't know who you're cruising with but all Viking Nile cruises were cancelled for the rest of 2020. Ours was to be end of December.
  11. We packed some delicate items in shoe boxes and then used those boxes to store extra toiletries on the top shelf of the closet. The box keeps everything together and makes it easy to pull it down off the shelf.
  12. You need to find out where the two ships dock. My best guess would be they don't dock near each other. Larger ships dock about 3 miles from the riverboats. I'd ask the Viking "desk staff" to get you a cab that will take you to the Princess ship. They are usually very helpful.
  13. I am new to Regent and will be booking an Amazon cruise in the next few days. I need a sponsor. My email is meribethaa at yahoo dot com. Thanks.
  14. Post all you want -- everyone here cares what happens to your parents. They could be my parents. They could be us one day. We care.
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