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  1. And Uk cannot refare without a booking penalty....
  2. Freestyle machines... Will that mean no bringing soda on board ?
  3. I suppose that drinking chocolate that was on the soda and more is Not on the classic soda package anymore.
  4. Yes there is a kettle it's a British standard from a UK port , like wearing a Tux ....
  5. ... Easy come easy GO ....don't highlight it..
  6. This sailing will be from Southampton ,99% of Brits will be wearing formal wear also known as black tie .
  7. Hi And are Medallions membership colour coded yet ?
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46721456
  9. I see Venice has decided to tax tourists more now as "Cruise passengers are easily identified " Between €2.50-10 depending on time of season . https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-46721456
  10. So it seems Rotterdam will take the ship's that do not go to Amsterdam . And Rotterdam will benefit from extra mooring fees extra tourism . Also Amsterdam will receive tourists from the ship coach excursions from Rotterdam .(that won't be paying €8) So Amsterdam will lose the tourist tax ,mooring fees, tourism. Doesn't seem like a good decision to me.
  11. Thanks .As I have pondered this question as we have not changed our normal routine since the new rule changes
  12. Is it possible under the New rules to do 1 mini bar and 1 coffee card? we used to swap the mini bar for 2 coffee cards. has Anybody done this yet Thanks
  13. UK princess closed today open tomorrow. it would be nice to find out the results though adam7392 please let us know
  14. Totally Agree ..So many cruise companies out of Southampton and more ship's ... Princess is So over overpriced compared to those I wouldn't want to change either but might have too after 38 cruises and yes Alot of Blue cards on the cruises we did but again you have to keep them or you move to the next cruise line . we might just join them . It will always cost less to keep a Happy customer than recruit a New one .
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