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  1. Whoops sorry. Didn't mean to offend Diamond. It was your last line that I saw humor in. I'm thinking top deck sail away is most certainly enhanced while I am enjoying a Miami Vice so alcohol certainly enhance my cruise. Good day.
  2. I was washing my damn hands to it today lol
  3. John thanks for continuing to post. It's been nice to read something to take my mind off some of our issues.
  4. Hmmm, I'm leery. Remembering you could buy GM stock at a great price before bankruptcy. I'm looking at JC Penney stock but have decided even at bargain bin pricing it's not worth it as they will likely fail.
  5. So you have your own pods? I love being a passenger on your reviews as so many others do. Safe travels brother. In advance, Welcome Home! You may not recognize it.
  6. We're a group of four and will be using Ground Link. Royals partner evidently and expect them to be there when we are.
  7. John, where were you getting meat pies? Are you talking about a 4" Jamaican meat pie or empanada?
  8. Another thank you here! We're set for Dec 1st sailing and your review has done nothing to dampen our spirits and we are looking forward to many things on that cruise. I find it hard to believe but I'm excited that Coco Cay is our last day. Really looking forward to it as it seems the enhancements they've made are top notch. Between your great wit, cruise pics and most importantly your dog pics you're easy to follow. Appreciate you taking the time to answer questions along the cruise.
  9. Two hours at Maho is plenty to me as there are so many beaches that are much better than Maho. Maho to me at least is for a drink and plane watching more than enjoying the beach but like you, that is just my opinion. The drop off was severe and you better be a good swimmer if you go in the water at Maho as it goes from knee deep to real deep in a second and we weren't comfortable with that. One thing to watch out for at SXM is ship time vs local time and when we were there Maho was our last stop and the driver was concerned about leaving early enough to beat the drawbridge. If we don't get out before the drawbridge we won't make our ship he told us. We made the bridge and I have no idea if it still the same way now or not. But our tour left before us at the start due to a misunderstanding on the time. It was a new tour and booked on Viator but they made up for it and made our day great! We did Orient and Maho that day. I can't wait to return in December.
  10. Not to be snarky by any means so please don't take it that way. I will only book a cruise using a T/A Kind of the opposite of my feelings about using Expedia. I will never book a trip of any sort utilizing them for anything other than a car rental. Due to past experiences.The T/A can and has managed to keep us right with RC over a few cruises.
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