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  1. Good idea,have a row with the Mrs,you can sleep in the car.
  2. No,there were dogends everywhere,completly the opposite from Singapore.I think the tax is aimed at stag,drug and sex tourists and we are caught in the flak.
  3. Amsterdam welcomes cruise passengers,they make lots of money from them,regardless of eating lunch ashore or not.The locals do more "damage" dropping their dogends everywhere.
  4. Posting from Marella Explorer with city terminal wifi in Amsterdam.I really can't understand Carnivals attitude.8 Euro extra passed on to passengers,no big deal.Customer satisfaction is worth more than principles.
  5. After breakfast this morning,we waited ages for the lift up to the 7th flr.I said to the Mrs,I read a story on CC where a couple got stuck in a lift and missed the ship,wouldn't it be funny if------bang, we were stuck on our floor.After pressing the alarm for ages and being cut off every time,eventually reception said the fire brigade are on the way.After half an hour the door opened and 2 minutes after that the FB arrived,made us look right idiots but they were sympathetic.Complained to reception about lack of comms in the lift.Bottom line,the HI has all the facilities but are in need of a total refit.We've still got to get all our bags down yet in the only remaining lift,lol.Perhaps I can do a 1st live from a lift.
  6. Cheers mate,I can't believe how buzzing the city is,West Quay today was heaving.Lovely city.
  7. Where we are,we could buy 6 bottles of Peroni for that,lol.
  8. I worked with a bloke who used to be an army pe instructor.He got married in a kilt and in the evening attempted a back flip,normally successful,but after numerous scotches,he ended up upside down in a crumpled heap with all his wedding tackle on show.
  9. The Med has been in the high 30s thru July and August,your story is disgusting that they didn't provide water at least.You wouldn't leave a dog out in that.Hopefully in Sept it will improve with the kids back at school etc.
  10. Hi Andy,just checked in at the HI,Vic to SH in 2 hrs inc stop at Winchester,National Express.Asked about zipline,they just kept saying,sorry sir guests are not allowed to dry washing from our rooms,it lowers the tone of the area.Perhaps we are getting our wires crossed somewhere along the line.
  11. But a true Scotsman wears nay pants and eats Scots porridge oats.
  12. I've been called a bar steward quite a few times.
  13. I read somewhere that various attachments are available.
  14. We could have a WHIPround and get her a pair.
  15. Just make sure the ink doesn't cost twice as much as the printer,lol.
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