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  1. As I said previously,cancer treatment is not being denied everywhere.My Sister in law is being treated at Southend and was offered major surgery in London,but declined that option.
  2. Nah,HP said South.Has to be Nelson Mandela House,SE15.His name was Uncle Albert.
  3. Colchester is more like Suffolk.Probably the more genuine Essex.Dagenham down to Southend was just the overspill of EastEnders after the war,with all the bomb damage forcing them to relocate.Hence,Estuary English.What part of South London did you live in?
  4. How do you know he was a Londoner.Did he sound like Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins?
  5. Barry Manilow just announced live on GMB that he is doing a collaboration with Gary Barlow.I must be psychic.You Iona peeps might be in for a treat.
  6. Our neighbours just dropped off a homemade apple sponge and a bottle of plonk.Lovely people here,we get homemade jams from other neighbours,all from their fruit trees.
  7. I guess we drove here with the last 6 tins, lol.My OH loves them,I'm not that keen.We have loads of pease pudding as well,she uses it as an alternative pie crust,quite nice.We were due to fly back last week and would have been in Haven,Bognor with all the family this weekend.Cheers,Brian.
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