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  1. I think it's a flat price including people carriers,so you could get 8 people at a good price each.
  2. That's only for a no deal scenario.I got one when we drove back here in March,only 6 quid,just incase.Got a 6 month reprieve now,lol.
  3. Prebook a taxi online.Drops you off in the centre of town and if you can get others to share,a lot cheaper.
  4. I think you're worrying too much.I wear short sleeved shirts all the time,they are smart enough.
  5. That must have been Cunard,they cost you an arm and a leg.
  6. Just be careful of rubber soled hikers on wet metal surfaces.OK on stones,but I knocked myself out when I slid on an aluminium expansion joint in the pavement,in a downpour in Vancouver.
  7. Hi,I had to google Kathmandu shoes,they're the same as the hiking shoes I bought for a cruise,cos I was always sliding on the deck in trainers.Perfect for climbing hills in thick mud,no good in civilisation.I was running for a hoho bus in Vanvouver in a downpour.My foot landed on an aluminium expansion joint in the pavement.I done a half back somersault and knocked myself out for a few seconds.I soon recovered when somebody mentioned an ambulance,100's of dollars,no thanks,lol.Bottom line,rubber soled hikers on wet metal,no.
  8. I'd forget about that idea.You'll get a lot my inconvenience than convenience in your convenience.
  9. The Emerald Princess went downtown Stockholm a few years ago,via all the islands.She is over 1000ft long.
  10. Hi,joking aside,as a recently retired plumber,I can vouch that prevention of LD is at the top of the list now regarding design and installation of all systems and old systems in the public sector have in the main been brought up to standard.Cheers,Brian.
  11. That's got to be a better talking point than boring old norovirus,though.
  12. Hi,we used the red buses that were outside the ship.If you get a combo ticket,it includes the harbour boat trip.Also keep your ticket as it gives you 10% off all the other Baltic ports with the same company,cheers,Brian.
  13. Seems like I was right then, post #7. Give me a coconut,lol.
  14. OK.I'll rephrase.They drive past a cul de sac on the way to Suez,lol.
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