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  1. After originally 10 Princess cruises,where do you think I got my sarcasm and style from,lol.
  2. Probably the main reason for more legroom in economy is that the plane wouldn't make the trip with the usual sardine payload.
  3. Our friends used that transit hotel on the way from LHR-ADL.Apparently theres a pool there also which they made good use of.
  4. I was thinking you'd both come to a concensus.Now's the time to get something done about it.While it's still being built.
  5. Are you an optician by any chance,lol.
  6. Funny enough,the water we drink has already been thru peoples bodies.The processed outfall from sewage works goes straight into the rivers.
  7. Yeah,it's so bad ,us Londoners glow green in the dark,lol.
  8. That's a pennypinching cutback.They were there last year,QE worldy seg Sing to CT.
  9. I'll never forget LHR-HKG-AKL in 2013 landing ontime 6 hrs before Diamond Princess sailaway.A 27 hr journey.Stayed awake till bedtime and surprisingly little jetlag the next day.It will be a long time before that one will be nonstop.
  10. You mean the ship might be shut as well,OMG.
  11. Those prices are as cheap as chips.I drink Pinot Grigio Rose and that is £16.Who needs a package at those prices.
  12. Being a new ship it could be when the pipes burst in the corridors,lol.
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