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  1. Hi sis,we don't have internet in UK and rely on a dongle and have to isolate also but will try and post from somewhere,cheers,bro.
  2. Sorry to hear that,those beach huts look quite cosy.We've walked past some in Eastbourne,quite a few mod cons in them.4.5 hrs to Calais and 1.5 home from Folkestone.Glad the snow stayed where it was,lol.Last year in December it was a bit slippery but unlike us, Europe has a megafleet of gritting trucks.Cheers,Brian.
  3. These are photos as promised.There's was a great view over lake Lucerne but a bit awkward my oh leaning over me at 80mph taking shots.
  4. I'm more like Micheal Caine in the Italian job,lol.Another 6 hrs today to Thionville,a stones throw from Luxembourg with the cheapest fuel in Europe for the final leg.Thru part of Belgium and back into France.Didn't see 1 French plod either,they must be hiding from me.Cheers,Brian.
  5. Arrived in Chiasso,no problems,didn't see any plod the whole journey.6th floor apartment not quite as quaint as Tuscany but has all the mod cons.I suppose I'll have a few voddies.The Gotthard tunnel thru the Alps is 10 miles long and reaches 35c in the center.The views either side are amazing though.I'll try and post some snow capped Alps photos tomorrow,cheers,bro.
  6. We got here in the dark,this is the view from our terrace this morning with Siena over the rooftops.Sunbed redundant,lol.
  7. Yes,a border town called Chiasso next to Como.Getting cold already, single figures,driving thru the Alps tomorrow into the Alsace.Only 4 hr drive today.Not as equally spaced as I wanted but a lot of rentals are closed so have to make do,cheers,bro.
  8. Hi all,just to say we made it ok after 500 miles and 8 hrs.Having a few voddies and cooking up gammon,mashed spuds and beans,cheers,Brian.
  9. Cheers sis,the last supper,Italian fish and chips and lamb chops for my OH.Just before, our neighbour brought round homemade puff pastry with toms,mozz and olive.Also the moistest banana cake.Will post from Tuscany hopefully,lol.bro.
  10. Cheers,it's invisible on my screen but moved the cursor around that area and it popped up,weird.
  11. I meant stake not fillet steak,lol.Where's the bloody edit button now.
  12. At least we don't burn each other at the steak any more,argueing about what date Easter falls on.
  13. Hi sis,used to do it in 3 average 8 hr stints,but have been doing 4 6hr stints the last few years.Getting older now and like to sight see in a bit of daylight although this time is the exception.The Christmas markets used to be lovely,cheers,bro.
  14. Cheers,thought the weather was turning here yesterday.Cold and wet 21c,lol,but was the first time I've wore long trousers since March.Nice and warm again today.8 hr drive to Tuscany tomorrow.Brian.
  15. My submarine's more impressive when it blows it's ballast tanks and surfaces.
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