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  1. Hey,Uncle Les,you were confusing jellied eels with pie and mash,although you can get stewed eels with the latter.This is going to get a few comments,lol.
  2. I was a plumber for 45 years,they're out of my tool kit.Not really,I've just mastered the art of screen shooting.
  3. I assume you mean credit and not debit card.We use Santander zero with no fees and close to the current market exchange rate.This is no longer issued to new applicants,but Halifax do a Clarity credit card with the same conditions.I would take a bit of local currency but use the card where possible.Regarding private tours,best to research and book online before you go.
  4. Totally agree mate,I'm not Italian.
  5. There seems to be quite a few of us in your neck of the woods.When we visit inlaws in Basingstoke,there's a lot there also.Keep up the missionary work,lol.
  6. Can you rent jeans and a West Ham shirt for informal nights,lol.PS it was a wind up.
  7. No worries,not offended,just banter.You're probably right about the "cheating" system.Where I come from the banter in a pub would probably result in a mass brawl in other areas,lol.
  8. Sorry guys,couldn't resist it.Saw a tiny bit of red when Uncle Les mentioned cheating poms.I've no interest in test matches,just the 1 day seemed good.Back to watching F1. Good luck.
  9. I have the latest technology to help you guys win the ashes,I can post you one if you like.
  10. It's when P and O trolls gather and walk the earth in perpituity.
  11. Be prepared,it's full moon tonight.
  12. I googled Stokes,I thought his relos might have been 10 pound poms.They are all Kiwis with a bit of Maori blood thrown in.He got the caps thru residency.Imagine the result if his old man hadn't gone to the UK to coach rugby all those years ago.But would he have got the experience staying in NZ.
  13. Yeah,who needs gold,diamonds,oil,rubber, when you can win at cricket,lol.
  14. My body is like a temple,oops, I meant the bloke inside it,Budha.
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