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  1. We started sailing in suites (Royal) to get a separate sleeping space from our son. Our first 2 were on Disney. Great pampered experience but no separate dining, or club or pool. We, too questioned the value of paying so much more for just a bigger room and Butler. The next Suite was on the Summit, while Luminae was under construction. It was a great price compared to Disney and really not much more than our Concierge on the Reflection in the Med (it was Southern Caribbean route). We weren’t expecting a separate dining room so it was a great perk to be able to dine in any specialty restaurant or Blu at no additional fee. We’ve sailed twice more in Royal suites in M class and love Luminae, included specialty dining, in room bar and all 4 perks that have always been included. Micheal’s Club, the concierge, Butler, reserved theater seating and special events are nice, but probably less utilized by us than other suite passengers. Now that our son is 16 and probably only a few years left traveling with us, we are going to try out adjoining rooms to get separate bathrooms as well as sleeping spaces. The higher suite pricing is making us hesitate, but we’re trying an Aft Corner Sky Suite (adjoining concierge sunset veranda) on the Reflection next. Hard to give up the suite life! I think when it’s just my husband and myself traveling in a few years, we’ll likely book Aqua since we liked Blu as much or better than Luminae. Maybe even lower categories on E class since they have the 4 dining rooms I’d love to try (and I’d like to try an IV just to decide for myself) and the suite pricing is even higher than M and S class (at least on itineraries we’re interested in). If it fits your travel budget, I wouldn’t hesitate to try it. But, as others have stated—it might be hard to go back!
  2. Such a shocking reminder that tomorrow is never promised to any of us. I will be forever grateful for her innumerable contributions to this community. Rest In Peace and sincere condolences to her loved ones. She will be sorely missed😢
  3. We travel with our teenage son and have booked a Royal Suite for 3 past cruises. He likes to stay up late, sleep in and usually grabs breakfast/lunch in the buffet. He tolerates dinner in Luminae with us, but always leaves as soon as he’s done. Sharing a smaller suite would have never worked, even a Celebrity Suite. On our next cruise (Reflection) we are in an aft Sky Suite (S1) with connecting (by vestibule) Sunset Verandah that happens to be concierge class. We were assured that his reservation is linked to ours and he can eat in Luminae (when he wants). That’s really the only Suite Class “perk” he’ll use. Our booking came with 4 perks; his booking came with choice of 2 perks (internet and gratuities, we’ll get him beverage package with OBC hopefully). We did have to pay “double” for his cabin since it’s single occupancy, so worked out to be close to price of Royal Suite, but worth it to us to have 2 bathrooms and private sleeping quarters. I plan to ask for a key card to his cabin as well as ours so we can keep him under close supervision, though. We had originally booked cabins on the Apex with a S3 Sky Suite connected by vestibule to an inside cabin for a similar price but for a shorter itinerary. We decided to go with the Reflection based on the itinerary since we could still book connecting cabins, yet maintain our access to Luminae. Hope that helps you to make your choice.
  4. Olympia no longer exists on Constellation. Tuscan Grill, Qsine (may or may not have Le Petit Chef post-revolution) and Sushi on Five are the only pay extra restaurants currently.You’ll love Luminae (can order off Main Dining menu as well)-the service is stellar.
  5. I am not techie enough to use on-line translators, but if my high school French serves me well enough I can paraphrase most of it: Thank you for your review, I am following it with interest. We are cruising for the first time on Celebrity after 4 cruises on MSC in the Yacht Club. We’ll embark in Venice on 4 August for the Greek Isles. We’ll be in cabin 11031 and hope it will be quiet. We were told by our travel agent the Classic package covers drinks up to 10Euro. We drink only a little alcohol but do enjoy specialty drinks and coffee, and I like white wine now and then. Do you think our package would be sufficient or should I upgrade to Premium? We have gotten used to the yacht club which is all inclusive with a minibar. Our last question is do you know the prices for laundry? Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions and give advice. We also reserved the Hotel Olympia in Venice; they will pick us up at the airport. If you are going to Barcelona, don’t miss La Sagrada Familia and Las Ramblas— they are splendid. In Rome we did a city tour with a guide who picked us up at the port and spoke French and English for 50 Euro per person. Happy Cruising
  6. We sail Constellation from Barcelona to Venice July 18–following with great interest! I will. We are staying in Venice for two nights. I don’t know if it will be helpful for someone flying out the same day as debarkation. If we were, I would use Celebrity transfer to airport.
  7. We sail Constellation from Barcelona to Venice July 18–following with great interest!
  8. Enjoying the blog—we board July 18 with similar itinerary but some different ports. Hoping the same entertainers are on board in 2 months (likely? or not 😔). We have sailed on Summit twice, but not the Constellation— it’s looking very familiar though!
  9. I checked it out this morning. We are booked on a port intensive cruise in July. None of the 3 port excursions I had booked with Celebrity months ago (to use up our onboard credit) are in the listing for discounted excursions, so I can’t cancel and re-book. Hopefully that means they are full or confirmed to go and I won’t be scrambling to find something at the last minute. I’m glad I booked without waiting for a sale or we wouldn’t have gotten to do what appealed to us the most in each port. I’m also happy with the private excursions I’ve arranged/committed to in 4 ports, so there is really only one port we don’t have plans for—at least I can get 20% of one excursion if I do. I like arranging everything and paying in advance so I’m over the sticker shock by the time I’m on vacation and can just relax and enjoy with no worries about big bills at the end. Probably don’t get the BEST deals that way, but I got over that source of anxiety a long time ago when I lived in Korea and never got the BEST price no matter how hard I bargained.😂
  10. The only times we have sailed on NCL ships were charters by Sixth Man (music promoters out of Atlanta). They organized at least the 2 NCL cruises above and have been doing these charters for well over 10 years. I don’t know how far in advance they coordinate with NCL, but it seems like something that has to be done BEFORE NCL releases bookings to the general public/travel agents. If NCL cancelled already booked cruisers for all Sixthman’s charters, no one would ever sail NCL! Especially if they only offer $25 onboard credit to those who get cancelled! Glad it was resolved to your satisfaction, but Celebrity needs to factor customer loyalty into the equation when chartering a ship that is already partially booked.
  11. Virgin no longer flies out of PHL. I hate flying in/out of Newark so their loyalty programs do nothing for me and I'm certainly not a millennial. I've stopped allowing merchants to sign me up for loyalty programs (when it's optional)--just another invasion of privacy tracking my purchases and targeted direct marketing. Trying to stay off social media for the same reasons. I have enough spam in my life. Nothing is "free"--you pay for it one way or another.
  12. I am currently disillusioned with loyalty programs based on my experience with American Airlines. I get points not only by flying, but also with credit card purchases and paying my electric bill! Yet everytime I go to use those points, there is some “fine print” exception that excludes what I want to use them for! As for Captain’s Club—not only do the dollars we’ve spent on my sons cruisefare (4 out of the 5 Celebrity cruises we’ve taken/booked he travels with us) not count for anything towards our status, there isn’t a single perk offered at ANY level that would make me book Celebrity again if I did not enjoy the previous cruise we had taken. So....value, level of service, quality of food/facilities and itineraries are where Celebrity needs to invest to keep a loyal customer base. Captain’s Club perks are just icing on the cake—not meant to be eaten alone, and unlikely to disguise a burnt or stale cake underneath.
  13. I was able to switch our booking in a Celebrity Suite on the Edge in June 2019 to a connecting S1 and deluxe inside stateroom on the Apex in June 2020. Saved us about $5k, same itinerary. Hoping feedback from the Edge sailings favorably impacts the Apex. Meanwhile we booked a 10 day Med/Adriatic on the Constellation in a Royal Suite in July 2019 that cost the same as our Edge booking. Win/win. Thanks for all the info from these boards!
  14. I doubt that they would bump you out once already booked. We were only 3 booked in that type cabin. We were offered to upgrade to several suites in the Move Up program....strictly voluntary on our part. Bid at the lowest end for all and ended up in a Royal Suite. It was worth the extra to get the Suite perks, but would have liked to try the Family Veranda out. Should be really great after the “revolution”.
  15. I have a cruise out of Barcelona booked in an Edge Celebrity Suite June 22. Originally I had booked a Caribbean cruise over my 15yo son’s Springbreak in April at opening day prices but just could not get excited over the itinerary. We re-booked the Edge Med cruise while on board the Summit in July at an even higher cost. I choke every time I think of making the final payment in March...it will blow our travel budget for the year. We have sailed in a Royal Suite on the Summit twice (we also had a similar suite on the Disney Magic) so it’s hard to give that up, but any higher category than Celebrity Suite on the Edge is simply out of our financial reach. I hate that Celebrity has a 2-tiered suite system—too many class divisions as it is. After stalking these boards over the past 2 weeks (I generally don’t get deterred by the negative reviews, but pay attention to details that matter to us), I really have to re-evaluate whether I can justify the cost. Traveling as a party of 3 (61yo me, 64 yo DH and 15yo son), we prefer separate sleeping quarters and 2 toilets/sinks if not 2 full baths. We spend a lot less time on our balconies than some (DH hates eating outdoors) and are always seeking shade—DH and DS sunburn and I dislike heat—so I think we could deal with an IV rather than traditional balcony and lack of loungers/tables on balcony is not our issue. However, the “convertible sofa” in the Celebrity Suite looks like a trundle. No way my 6ft 235 lb son will be comfortable on either half of that! Plus the bedroom door/wall is translucent-not great for sound and light control (DS is a night owl who sleeps in whenever permitted like most teenagers). I hope to re-book for the same cruise a midship S3 (along MC track) if any of the connecting Deluxe Interiors were available to book with it (TA is checking this-none available on website). If access to the Retreat/Luminae for the Interior occupant is an issue, I’m hoping they would allow my son to be booked in that room—he’ll prefer spending his time on board at the Cellar, main pool and OV cafe anyway. DH and myself wouldn’t mind trying out the 4 dining rooms if we want to eat together as a family as well. If that can’t be done I think booking 2 side by side AQ cabins is another way to go—swapping Spa/Blu for Retreat/Luminae access works just as well for us. Either option would give us fully separate sleeping, 2 full baths for a much lower cost (even adding on Go Best and Single Supplement for one room) than Celebrity Suite. In the future, unless Edge and Apex (as well as fleetwide higher tier suites) prices come down, I’ll be exploring other cruise lines. All that being said, I can’t give up checking out the Edge for myself just this once!
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