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  1. None this cruise four times. Excellent. If you go to HAL roll call for Eurodam, page 3, March 9, 2019 sailing, you will find everything you need to know, over 3000 posts
  2. If I understand what was said in this thread will I earn an extra Mariner Star, 1 to 2 Star ?
  3. Sorry you upset a fellow CC member. This happens to me a lot; I try to be very satirical on my posts but with millions of viewers out their, things happen. One time I offended someone by saying my first cruise was years ago either on the Ninadam, Pintodam or Santa Mariadam. Chris was a tough Captain.
  4. Thanks. Not the Twilight Zone. The RedneckBob Zone!
  5. Your traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A Cruise into a wondrous land with only boundaries that are imagination. That’s a signpost up ahead, your next stop. The Miss Your Cruise Zone. The last thing you ever want to see on your upcoming cruise is arriving at the port, you rush through the terminal, run onto the dock and see this magnificent ship pulling away as a chorus of passengers on the Lower Promenade Deck are singing, “Na Na Na Hey Hey Goodbye. I believe I summed it up.
  6. I also keep old menus. Many of the folks on this cruise critic probably don't know that way back in the late 70's and early 80's HAL would give each passenger all the menus on a 7 day cruise on the last nights dinner in the MDR. Boy have things changed with the variety of selections!
  7. Lets bring this topic full circle. I didn't mean to talk about the cuts to the boats over the years or one might say. "death by a thousand cuts". As spoken by TAD..., per inflation over the past 31 years we are getting a great product for the price. Now if they start charging for eating in the Lido or MDR that will be a problem. Or if HAL charges for each roll of toilet paper used I will bring my own triple ply paper; Oh, I shouldn't had said that. Last time I posted such a statement I was flamed for being the cause of the pipe blockage on the boat. It was a joke ! C'mon Man (or Woman}. need to be politically correct.
  8. Correct. I believe some of the reasons cruising is cheaper is there are a lot more boats and passengers out there sailing the oceans then back in 1988. Also HAL has added some extras for their loyal people such as free Pinnacle dinners, half off other restaurants, free laundry, etc, etc etc. This makes cruising even a better bargain. But I also know there have been lots of cuts. Many may not know this but years ago and I mean years, everyone in a suite got to have a dinner with the Captain at one time. One time it was held by the Lido pool another time in the old Hudson Room. Though we were not in a suite we were invited to one of these affairs. No one would tell us why we were invited to the Captains dinner with all the people in the suites even though we were in Room 776, inside, bottom deck. At the dinner the Hotel Manager told my DW that we were invited because we were "Suite (Sweet) People"
  9. I think I need a PhD from MIT to do this analysis. But I do have a good start, have file folder on every cruise we took since 1976. Maybe I get out my old calculator, an abacus.
  10. But not that much. Being a frequent cruiser on HAL I have lots of extras that did not exist 30 years ago
  11. Thanks for the analysis TAD2005. I was just about to run the numbers myself and you are spot on. In 1987 we sailed on the old Noordam, 7 day cruise in the Caribbean cruise, departing 12/10/87 for $1,100 pp. It was a high end Oceanview cabin. This December 11, 2019, a 7 day cruise on the Veendam, high end Oceanview is $750 pp. Now I know things have changed but not based on pricing. By the way nice to met you on South Pacific cruise last March.
  12. Hi y'all, Redneck Bob hear. Just the other day I was clearing out, getting rid of or just dusting off some storage boxes in my barn. I opened one box and low and behold there was this Cruise Brochure, Holland America Line, Caribbean cruises 1988-1989. It looked brand new! I opened the brochure to see what ships were around and the prices. HAL has four boats in the Caribbean for the winter of '88-'89; old Noordam, Westerdam, Nieuw Amsterdam and Rotterdam. None of the ships had cabins with balconies; only inside and outside w/windows. Excluding costs for free airfare the Oceanview cabins started at $1,270 pp to $1,795 pp, 7 day cruise. This was the "Economy Fare" between 10/15/88 and 12/10/88. I guess we don't know how good we have it today!
  13. Comparing HAL vs Celebrity is difficult since what I think may not what someone else's think. But I have been sailing on HAL for almost 40 years and the changes have been abundant. Just started selling on Celebrity 6 years ago and find you get your bang for the buck; recently sailed on Celebrity in October and will sail in April 2020; balcony for approx. $160 per day per person but includes drinks, wi fi, prepaid tips and a huge cabin credit. No way HAL can beat this!
  14. Not really. Facial recognition should be in all terminals at PE soon. It is interesting not seeing any US Customs Agent at the port terminal.
  15. Take your photo prior to cruise on your device and attach it to your reservations. Then you print your boarding pass which is very similar to airline boarding pass. after you go through security at terminal a Celebrity agent scans your boarding pass that includes photo
  16. Hi y'all, Redneckbob hear. I don't know if this has been talked about so hear goes; just completed a 11 day cruise from Port Everglades on Celebrity. No more waiting in line to checkin. Do checkin on line and get one of those boarding passes like flying on plane. When your status is called, just board boat, go to room to drop off your belongings, room key in box next to door. When you arrive back in PE, they have this face recognizing device that you look at and five seconds later you are on your way. No more US Custom Agents, unless you have something to declare. Once left ship five minutes to get out of terminal. I guess technology is a good thing.
  17. What, another hate Hal thread. That makes the fourth thread of this type in the past two weeks. That means their are more hate HAL threads than Dress Code threads. I know, I don't have to read, but it is quite entertaining. Have sailed HAL for over 40 years and believe me their have been plenty of changes both good and bad but as I said in the first hate HAL thread 2 weeks ago; "as long as I am on a boat at sea, nothing else matters to me" or something like that.
  18. Well, you sound like me. RedneckBob hear. I admit that I am a little late to this thread and did not read all the posts but hear is my take. A successful cruise for me and the Misses is if the boat return to port afloat. Don't ask to much, just get me home. Since my first cruise years ago, can't remember which ship, either the Ninadam, Pintodam or Santa Mariadam, there has been lots of changes, both good and bad, but never to date had a disappointing cruise. Sure I might like the way the Captain is driving the boat but we always make it to our destinations, maybe sometimes an hour late or a day late or never. SO what. I am on a boat at sea and that's all that matters to me. Maybe I should get a t shirt with that printed on it. "That's all I have to say about that" (quoted Forrest Gump)
  19. Excellent thread. Having sailed on HAL for over 37 years I agree with every post except I would like to add one more thing. The best thing for me is that HAL lowers it standards to allow someone named RedneckBob to board the boat.
  20. Ditto; let see I can get free Diet Cokes and bottled water on Oceania and I only pay $300 a day per person for a balcony while on HAL I pay for the drinks and pay $130 a day for a balcony. Economic 1 on 1! Say hello Walmart.
  21. Could not said it better other than the thrill is gone. I find people want to talk about other things than cruising. I can't believe how people talk about so many personnel things hear, like medical conditions, don't like my job, and on and on. On our recent South Pacific cruise I set up some great tours and everyone was pleased. Have in the past tried to set up tours and was like crickets out there; more interested in not upsetting their dog while they are gone. Oh well.
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