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  1. For waterside for kids - Wyndham Kunuku Resort or Coredon Mangrove Beach Resort
  2. From about a year and 1/2 ago One way from the port Mambo - $25 Blue Bay- $30 Porto Mari- $50 Cas Abou- $60
  3. This is not in Curaçao.
  4. bup1224


    You do NOT go over the Juliana Bridge to get to Pirate Bay! It's about a 7 minute taxi ride from the port. You do have to go over it to get to Mambo if you take transportation from the port.
  5. bup1224

    Ostrich Farm?

    I live on Curaçao..yes the Ostrich Farm is open.
  6. Contact either Red Snapper or Miramar for a sunset cruise (they are private companies)
  7. You can easily snorkel from the beach here in Curaçao. Taxis are kind of expensive here. Take a look at Pirate's Bay Beach which is not far from the port.
  8. The beach with the turtles is Playa Piskado
  9. I would take Chogogo off the list. If you are looking for a resort with decent snorkeling, check out a day pass at Avila or the Marriott. Taxis to the beaches such as Lagun and Porto Mari are expensive here.
  10. I certainly hope you can come back! I would say Marriott or Avila.
  11. I live in Curaçao and beg to differ, snorkeling there us usually very good, I snorkel there often.
  12. Contact Tyrone Brunken with Afro Guide Curacao
  13. bup1224

    Bike Rentals

    You can also rent bicycles at Van Gogh Druve Thru Coffee in Punda/Pietermaai
  14. bup1224

    Bike Rentals

    You can rent bicycles at Curaçao Bikes in Punda on Madurostraat, they are more like trolleys so to speak.
  15. I live in . Busses are on a very limited schedule here on holidays. Shops (at least some of them) in our downtown of Punda will be open, perhaps with limited hours. Most beaches are open.
  16. We love him! I customized a tour when older relatives who don't swim visited us...it was phenomenal!
  17. Definitely contact Tyrone Brunken with Afro Guide Curacao.
  18. Punda is perfect for shopping. Visit Copperstone o Hanchi Snoa 9 (same street as the synagogue) and you will find local art, also meet the artist Dhanarts (Melissa is her name).
  19. Please do not do any underwater seatrek here in Curaçao, they have destroyed much of our coral, including a coral restoration project. You won't find fine white sand at most of the beaches in Curaçao, Mambo is a manmade beach area with a breakwater and probably the calmest water.
  20. There is not a ferry that goes to the Sea Aquarium. You will have to take a taxi or the public bus. If you take the public bus, you will need to do so from the bus station in Punda, which is across the Queen Emma Floating Bridge and about a 10-15 walk from the bridge.
  21. I am so happy you enjoyed your tour with Tyrone. He is definitely very knowledgeable and a fabulous person, we are blessed to have him as a friend
  22. Actually taxi fares in Curaçao are regulated by the Curaçao government.
  23. Just to note, De Visserij is only opened Friday- Monday.
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